Hunger eradication key to achieve sustainable development – High Power Led Flood Lights

Sustainable development will not be achieved unless hunger and malnutrition are eradicated, the United Nations food agency warned on Thursday in a new report.

A woman purchases vegetables at a local market.[FAO]

“We cannot call development sustainable while this situation persists, while nearly one out of every seven men, women and children are left behind, victims of undernourishment,” said José Graziano da Silva, director-general of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). LED Ceiling Lamp

FAO stresses the need to address the flaws in the current food system so that hundreds of millions of people in developing countries have the means to produce or purchase the food they need for their own consumption and income. High Power Led Flood Lights

The report – entitled Towards the future we want: end hunger and make the transition to sustainable agricultural and food systems – is alsoprepared for the UN Sustainable Development Conference (Rio+20), which will be held in Brazil next month. Led High Bay Lamps

“The quest for food security can be the common thread that links the different challenges we face and helps build a sustainable future,” Graziano da Silva said.

“At the Rio Summit we have the golden opportunity to explore the convergence between the agendas of food security and sustainability to ensure that happens.”

The report urges governments to establish and protect rights to resources, incorporate incentives for sustainable consumption and production into food systems, promote fair and well-functioning agricultural and food markets, and invest public resources in public goods, especially innovation and infrastructure, among other measures.

The report also provides recommendations to help farmers who


Local students surprise retiring principal with flash mob – Led Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. — As Oak Grove Elementary Principal Cris Flippen gets ready to hangup the chalk, all 500 students at the school wanted to send her outwith a bang – and a smile. So Tuesday morning, during whatshe thought was just their annual awards assembly, they surprisedher with a special flash mob performance of the hit song”Smile” by Uncle Kracker, complete with singing,choreography, and props. “I think that it was obvious that I was completelyshocked,” said Flippen. High Power Led Flood Lights

“Mrs. Howell, our fabulousmusic teacher, has not even been able to have music because of ourSOL testing inside her room – so that they were able to getthis together was just unbelievable.” Students and teachers spent the past four weeks putting it togetherin secret – learning lyrics and dance moves in music class,making signs in art class, and practicing in their regularclassrooms. “The students definitely embraced it,” said GloriaHowell, Music Teacher at Oak Ridge and one of the minds behind theflash mob. “And for all 500 of them to keep it a secret,that”s pretty amazing.” It showed in Flippen”s tear-filled eyes. “I told the students that we would know if we were successfulif Mrs. Led Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

Flippen had to get a tissue and she had difficulty gettingher thoughts together at the end,” said Howell. “So Ithink we were successful.” If that weren”t enough, the students also gave her a book andbox full of their ideas for how she should spend her retirement. One student suggested she “go out for ice cream and win thelottery.” But whatever her future holds, Flippen says she goes into ithumbled, blessed, and with a big smile on her face. “This is why my job has been fabulous for 37 years,”said Flippen. “Working with creative people like this andchildren.”. Led Fluorescent Tubes

Local men will die if task force recommendations on prostate cancer screening are abided by

Local men will die if task force recommendations on prostate cancer screening are abided by

On May 22, 2012, The Vindica- tor published a syndicated commentary written by Dr. Virginia A. Moyer that criticized routine screening for prostate cancer. Dr. Moyer, an academic pediatrician and chair of the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, mentioned in her commentary that “screening men of any age for prostate cancer using the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test” is not recommended. She goes on to mention that “many men are harmed as a result of prostate cancer screening” and that screening is not recommended because only “one man in 1,000 screened will avoid death from prostate cancer.”

This logic is astounding to us as urologists caring for the people of the Mahoning Valley. We cannot feel more strongly that these recommendations will harm men in our area and feel compelled to rebut the claims of the USPSTF. The disease of prostate cancer is not the same from one man to another and thus making a claim that applies to all men is wrong. We do acknowledge that there are some forms of prostate cancer that do not require to be treated. However, in our work as doctors on a daily basis we, unfortunately, see men who were not diagnosed with prostate cancer in time and will therefore die from this disease. The academic and theoretical world is often much different than the practical world, and to generalize that this disease is nonleathal and does not need to be found early to the entire population is extremely irresponsible and dangerous of Dr. Moyer and the USPSTF. LED Ceiling Lamp

Since the introduction of PSA in 1986 the overall death rate from prostate cancer has declined significantly — up to 40 percent in some studies. In short, early detection saves lives. Even if it were only one life in 1,000 as claimed by Dr. Moyer, that one life can be, and absolutely should be, saved very easily. The USPSTF report quotes studies and makes the assumption based on these studies that prostate cancer screening does not save lives. Many of the studies mentioned have innumerous flaws and the conclusions of these studies are based on bad science. One study was designed in 1990 and compared those who were screened and those who were not. However, the “unscreened” group was, in fact, truly screened and this contaminated and skewed the results making it appear that screening does not make a difference. Another study performed in Europe did show that screening for prostate cancer does save lives but the USPSTF did not include the update to this study in their recommendations. Thousands of articles have been written regarding the extremely complex and controversial subject matter of prostate cancer screening and treatment. Despite these studies, there still exist controversy. Until the time that this issue is definitively resolved and better tests become available, doctors should continue to utilize the current methods of screening for prostate cancer to allow for detection in the earliest possible stage. Led Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

Men at highest risk for prostate cancer are those men with a family history of prostate cancer, veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, and African Americans. However, all men are at risk for developing prostate cancer within their lifetimes. In accordance with the American Urological Association guidelines, we recommend that all men discuss the pros and cons of prostate cancer screening with PSA with their physician and strongly urge these men to have an annual PSA and digital rectal examination beginning at the age of 40. This approach has saved many men’s lives in the Mahoning Valley. Without PSA and early detection of prostate cancer we will see more men who present to our offices who we can do very little to help. Led High Bay Lamps

Daniel Ricchiuti, M.D., Youngstown and 13 others.

Other signators to the letter are: Sudhir Baji, M.D.; Bradford Black, M.D.; John McElroy, M.D.; Mark Memo, D.O.; Richard Memo, M.D.; Paul Musselman, M.D.; Richard Nord, M.D.; Sunil Parulkar, M.D.; Robert Ricchiuti, M.D.; Vincent Ricchiuti, M.D.; Michael Scolieri, M.D.; Christopher Stiff, M.D., and James Stille, M.D.

Bekaert xinsteel break ground for new plant in xinyu – E40 Led Street Lamp – Led Flood Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer

May 30, SteelGuru – Bekaert and Xinsteel broke ground for a new production plant in Xinyu in Jiangxi Province of China.

The new plant, called Bekaert (Xinyu) New Materials Co Limited, will be located in Jiangxi Xinyu High Tech Industrial Park Development Zone and will cover 75000 square meters. It will house the spring wire manufacturing platform which is now located in two separate factories.

The plant is expected to come into operation in the third quarter of 2013, and will serve domestic customers mainly, with spring wires for various applications. LED Ceiling Lamp

Bekaert formed a partnership with Xinyu Iron & Steel Co Limited (Xinsteel) in December 2011 through the set up of a 50:50 JV, with the aim of combining their complementary technologies and applications to open up new opportunities in the markets. E40 Led Street Lamp

Mr Xiong Xiaoxing chairman of Xinsteel said that “This new plant is a substantial step in our strategic partnership, and will create more business opportunities for Xinsteel in partnership with Bekaert. I am confident that our partnership will bring both of us leading positions in our markets.” Led Flood Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer

Mr Mark Goyens president Bekaert Asia said that “t is particular meaningful for the establishment of Bekaert Xinyu New Materials Co Limited and marks another big step forward in our long term China strategy since 20 years now. It also shows our commitment as well as our determination to better serve our customers in this market.”

Ipod of thermostats now available from the apple store – Led Track Light Fixtures

I’ve been wanting a Wi-Fi thermostat for my house for a while now and was trying to decide between the Nest Learning Thermostat ($249) and the Ecobee Smart Si thermostat ($215). Although the Nest was my preference (more on that in a second), it’s been sold out since its announcement in October 2011, so I almost purchased the Ecobee Smart Si out of necessity. But I’m glad I waited because Nest is now in wide distribution from the Apple Store and Lowes. High Bay Led Lights

Nest appealed to me because co-founder Tony Fadell is widely considered to the “father of the iPod” having overseen 18 generations of the ubiquitous device during his Apple tenure. Fadell started working for Apple February 2001 as a contractor designing the iPod and planning Apple’s audio product strategy. He eventually became Senior Vice President of the iPod Division succeeding Jon Rubinstein in 2006. Nest is dead simple to use. It watches your behavior as you adjust its temperature settings for the first few days, then it takes over from there. Once Nest has learned your heating/cooling rituals it programs itself and takes over from there. Led Track Light Fixtures

Each time you change the temperature Nest learns your preferences and adapts accordingly. And if it’s ever a little too hot or cold and your lying on the sofa or in bed, it’s trivial to adjust the temperature setting from your iPhone or iPad using the Nest Mobile app for iOS (free, App Store).. RGB Led Flood Lights

Byod what the people think – LED Light Bulbs E27 Manufacturer – Led Spot Lamps Manufacturer

A recent article about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement gaining strength due to the capable tablet generated over 200 comments from readers, proving how volatile a topic this is. Many comments denied the existence of BYOD because the commenters had not seen it in practice where they work. Other commenters set them straight, as their companies have employees bringing their own devices to work. Commenter techconc details how BYOD is working at the large company where he/she works: I work for a relatively conservative Fortune 500 company that has been very Windows centric on the desktop, etc. for years.

My comments are surely anecdotal, but I’m seeing a similar trend at other companies as well. With regard to tablets, though Android is an option now, it’s pretty much exclusively all iPads for tablets. Just this past year, they’ve offered Androids and iPhones for phones in addition to Blackberry. BYOD devices are now allowed as well. I’m seeing a 9:1 preference for iPhone over Android. Blackberries are essentially being phased out.

Right now, iPad usage is just for management, but it’s just a matter of time before this gets rolled out to a larger audience as those who use them have been very happy. Though, they way they’re used, they might as well be netbooks because they come with bluetooth keyboards, etc. LED Light Bulbs E27

as standard issue. It sounds like phones are a big part of BYOD, with BlackBerry on the losing end. Tablets are showing up but primarily for management, lending credence to other commenters who stated emphatically that you can’t do ‘real’ work on tablets. LED Light Bulbs E27 Manufacturer

Many folks have a genuine concern about how their personal data will be kept separate from work information on devices brought to work. Commenter jondrew detailed how his company is handling the separation of work and personal information. I work for a large corporation that has just deployed BYOD for iPhones and iPads. Led Spot Lamps Manufacturer

You get a free client on the app store that acts as a “container” for corporate info. You can access email, calendar and limited forms of web browsing. I was part of the pilot program that tested BYOD. I don’t have an iPhone, but do have an iPad.

After several months, I ditched my company BlackBerry. While accessing corporate email on my iPad is not quite as easy as BB’s push email, the larger screen and virtual keyboard make it much easier to respond, open attachments and whatnot. The downside is that in order to use this system you have to agree to allow corporate IT administrative access to remotely wipe your device if lost or stolen, and have to agree to surrender your device in the event of some sort of IT incident so that it can be examined. I don’t know how other companies handle this sort of thing, but while less than thrilled to accept those Ts&Cs, I really figure there’s nothing on my iPad so secret or personal that I really care.

I hardly ever bring my laptop home anymore. Between access with my iPad and being able to remote in to my laptop with my home computer through the company network I have all the access I need for 90% of my work.

There are things that are not fully baked yet. There are some Flash/Java issues that the client does not handle well (or at all in some cases). The iPad (and I would venture to guess most tablets) are virtually useless for anything but the most basic of spreadsheets. No playing with my 10 and 20 meg pivot tables here. Even a client like Onlive’s Desktop, which gave me access to a full virtual Window’s Desktop with full capability Office Excel was of limited use due to the touch screen interface and the small screen size.

And while I’ll go “commando” on a 1 or 2 day trip with my iPad only, anything requiring longer stays or visits to sister corporate sites requiring full access to the corporate network requires bringing my laptop along. That being said, I use my iPad (and feel free to insert the tablet of your choice here) everyday at work for note taking (Evernote/Penultimate) and other work tasks. Many of my colleagues drag their laptops from meeting to meeting (and a power brick too most of the time) and I just have my iPad with a smart cover and stylus. Like I said, its a work in progress.

But I’ve been in the game since the big Green Screen P/CM desktops and IT has always been a work in progress. The comments show that many who believe tablets of today are incapable of doing real work do believe that Windows 8 slates will change things. Tablets running Windows 8 are not on the market yet but many have faith in them to take over the BYOD tablet space. Commenter rkwalters@ summed up this feeling: I have found all to this point lacking in being able to leverage Office 365 or Sharepoint web apps. Right now the problem is the browsers, they are just not fully functional. Crippled as it were to fit the existing form factor.

I have tried multiple Android tablets and even the iPad. Now I will admit that it has been 4 months since my last test, so there may be one that actually will do what my client needs but as of yet I am still looking and / or waiting for Windows 8 / Windows RT. While many are waiting like the previous commenter for Windows 8/ RT to hit the enterprise, it is evident that there is some confusion on how these new tablets will work with legacy apps. Commenter danbi responded to one reader making the statement that allexistingWindows apps will run on all Windows 8 tablets: You are naive to think that you will save any money by staying locked to Microsoft. No software you already have will run on Windows RT tablets.

Not a single application. It uses different CPU architecture, has no emulator for your Intel CPU (because the ARM CPU is way less powerful for this), has completely different Windows API (WinRT, instead of Win32) etc, etc.. You best bet is to diversify your installed base. Buy iPads (or Android tablets, if you wish — iPads are just safer bet), then ask your software vendor to provide software for them. There are over 70 million iPads around already and zero, none, Windows RT tablets.

If your software vendor will ever write tablet version for their software, it will first appear on the iPad, then possibly on Android tablets and if those people have nothing else to do, on Windows RT. Or, they may start with Windows RT if you are willing to pay them a lot of money. Your other bet is to avoid non-x86 Windows platforms and settle for thicker, heavier, with less battery runtime tablets — than those your competitors will use.

CFWhitman adds to the Windows 8 tablet discussion: Windows RT tablets running on ARM processors will have similar strengths and similar weaknesses as Android and iOS tablets. Only Windows tablets that run on x86 processors will have the advantage of additional options to run regular Windows applications. On the other hand, those will have the same limitations that they have now, i.e., it’s inconvenient to try to run programs that were written for a mouse/keyboard interface with a touchscreen interface.

For Windows tablets to gain an advantage over other tablets because of regular Windows software, Windows x86 based tablets would have to become as small, light, and fanless as ARM tablets, and you would probably need an option to convert them to keyboard use when you wanted. Many examples were given in the comments on companies using BYOD already, and even a surprising group that has adopted the tablet. Boy, you must work at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. At my company’s last IT directors meeting virtually ever single administrator was there with an iPad.

30+ people. …in IT. The arguments both for and against BYOD were too many to count, but dracodos made a compelling argument for leaving BYOD alone.

I still don’t get it, this whole BYOD bothers me, to the point that i recently TOOK OFF my work email from my personal phone and disconnected my personal tablet from my works Citrix enviroment. I honestly prefer to do work @ work. The job will not implode if i’m not avail for a bit, especially when it’s off hours, lunch, etc.

Of course i’m also NOT a CxO or manager I use my work phone for business calls but since i don’t do it often, and have a huge pool of minutes, i don’t mind. i don’t give anyone at work my personal phone number anyway! Only the service desk knows, which is the way i like it. I am willing to test some things on my personal phone and tablet, and i do. But otherwise i don’t use it for those purposes. I have a work laptop that i use for site visits and keep at home, in case i can’t get to work and/or don’t want to use a sick day. maybe one day they’ll move us to Ultrabooks or even the TF Prime with a keyboard dock, that would be nice! Maybe I like to have the separation from work and home, its what keeps me sane and a father! Keeping work and personal life separate is a compelling argument against BYOD, and many also believe that employers have an ulterior motive for allowing workers to bring their own gear.

The whole point about BYOD is not to make your life easier, not to give you the freedom to pick your favorite (or most fashionable) device, it is not to undermine M$, nor even to destroy RIM and their superb (if dated) business devices. None of the above, nor the other stories you’ve heard. BYOD is simply a way for employers to pass the ever-rising cost of devices on to their employees; they’ve noticed that people are happy to pay stupid money to get the latest toys, and realised that they might as well cash in. Not only will you pay hard cash that the boss should be paying … you’ll be making it even easier for them to track down your every move. You wait; those same employers will soon be *encouraging* you to join the FB they hated last year … now they know they can keep even closer tabs on you.

So what do you think? Is BYOD a plot to get employees to save company money by supplying work tools? Are tablets capable enough to be used for real work, or are they toys for managers? Does your company allow you to BYOD, and if so how do they implement the program? If tablets are used, are keyboards part of the package or slate only? Leave your thoughts in the comments to help us all figure out this relatively new situation. ZDNet readers are a savvy bunch, and this discussion will benefit many. Related: BYOD: IT’s brave new world (video) The ABCs of BYOD for the SMB iPad 2 as a serious writing machine (how-to) Typical day in the life of the iPad 2 ThinkPad Tablet vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as laptop replacement Post-PC era or not, we are firmly in the mobile era.

Chinese companies de-listing from american exchanges face more litigation risks marsh

Chinese companies, which are increasingly de-listing from U.S. exchanges, need to review their directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability insurance program to ensure they are sufficiently covered from the very litigation they are seeking to avoid, according to new advice issued by Marsh Wednesday. High Bay Led Lights

According to Marsh’s Risk Spotlight, navigating the complexities of taking a company private can expose directors and officers to increased litigation risk from disgruntled shareholders, and existing D&O liability insurance policies may not offer appropriate protection. Led High Bay Lamps

“Many Chinese companies are choosing to de-list from U.S. exchanges due to an aggressive shareholder litigation culture and onerous reporting requirements,” said Stella Tse, Asia Leader for Marsh’s Financial and Professional Risks Practice. “However, during the de-listing process, shareholders frequently dispute the cash consideration offered in an effort to ‘bump up’ the price by alleging breach of fiduciary duty and insider trading, among other claims.” China Led Ceiling Panel

“It is critical that companies considering de-listing review their options early. Once the decision has been made to de-list or go private, executives need to ensure that their D&O liability insurance program provides enough protection both throughout and after the process.”

The complexity of the business, legal and regulatory environment surrounding de-listings significantly increases the litigation risk. Most D&O liability insurance policies cease automatically on change of corporate control, usually defined as a merger, sale or any event that results in a change of over 50% of the voting power of the board. This is typically the case in taking a company private.