Mccain hopes suu kyi can visit us after getting passport – Triple Sim Card Mobile Phone Manufacturer

WASHINGTON – Senior Senator John McCain said Tuesday he lookedforward to someday welcoming Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi to the USCongress after the Nobel laureate and opposition leader was issueda passport. Her National League for Democracy said earlier Tuesday that SuuKyi, who spent much of the last two decades locked up in her Yangonhome by Myanmar’s former junta, was issued a passport as sheprepares to travel abroad for the first time in 24 years. “I’m very glad that she’s got it. We look forward to greeting herhere in Congress,” McCain, the ranking Republican on the ArmedServices Committee and one of the primary shapers of US policy onMyanmar, told reporters. PDA GSM Mobile

He did not provide an expected date for a Suu Kyi trip toWashington, but US lawmakers have invited her in order to receivethe Congressional Gold medal, the highest US civilian award, whichthe House of Representatives bestowed on her in 2008. “We look forward to the presentation,” said McCain, who visitedMyanmar in January and met with Suu Kyi as well as governmentleaders. “We’re very proud of her and we hope that this progress willcontinue in Burma,” he said, referring to Myanmar by its formername. McCain stopped short of describing Myanmar’s reforms as the dawningof a new day in the Southeast Asian nation, but said it was”possible,” adding that he supported a suspension of existing USsanctions on Myanmar instead of a full abolition, as some of hisSenate colleagues have suggested. Triple Sim Card Mobile Phone Manufacturer

US authorities last month ruled out an immediate end to its mainsanctions on Myanmar, saying it wanted to preserve leverage to pushthe regime on ending ethnic violence and other key issues. Suu Kyi, 66, plans to visit Oslo next month to finally accept her1991 Nobel Peace Prize in person, and has plans to visit Britain,where she lived for years with her late husband and their two sonsbefore she returned to Myanmar in the late 1980s. Suu Kyi began applying for her Myanmar travel documents soon aftershe was elected to parliament in landmark April 1 by-elections,which were seen as a key test of reforms under the newquasi-civilian government that came to power last year. In April, Washington invited Myanmar’s Foreign Minister Wunna MaungLwin for a formal visit later this month as part of US efforts toencourage reforms. China Wristwatch Mobile Phone


Saudis had key role in stopping al-qaeda plot: experts – China Female Body Piercing Jewelry

The FBI said investigators were examining the explosive thatappeared to be a revamped model of the bomb employed in theChristmas Day plot of 2009, in which a plastic explosive hidden ina Nigerian man’s underwear failed to detonate on a plane headed forDetroit. The plot hatched by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was uncoveredat an early stage and at no point was the public in danger,according to the White House and government agencies. “The device was for use by a suicide bomber on an airliner,” a UScounterterrorism official told AFP on condition of anonymity. “At no point were any airlines at risk.” News of the plot was revealed just days after the one-yearanniversary of the raid by US Navy commandos that killed Al-Qaedachief Bin Laden at his Pakistan hideout. Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Sets

“I congratulate the CIA for thwarting this reported plot by AQAP todestroy a US-bound airliner using a specific type of bomb that isof new design and very difficult to detect by magnetometer,”Senator Dianne Feinstein, who heads the Senate IntelligenceCommittee, said in a statement. The FBI said the improvised explosive device was seized abroad andwas “very similar to IEDs that have been used previously byAl-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in attempted terroristattacks, including against aircraft and for targetedassassinations.” Like previous attempted AQAP attacks, the explosive wasnon-metallic to avoid detection, officials said. “While similar, a preliminary review of this device shows that ithas some significant differences from the device used in theChristmas Day attack. It is clear that AQAP is revamping its bombtechniques to try to avoid the causes of the failure of the 2009device,” the counterterrorism official said. China Female Body Piercing Jewelry

President Barack Obama was briefed about the plot in April and wastold by his deputies that lives were never in danger, said CaitlinHayden, deputy spokeswoman for the National Security Council. “While the president was assured that the device did not pose athreat to the public, he directed the Department of HomelandSecurity and law enforcement and intelligence agencies to takewhatever steps necessary to guard against this type of attack,” shesaid in a statement. AQAP has been linked to the 2009 Christmas plot and is alsosuspected of orchestrating a 2010 attempt to blow up cargo planesheading to the United States with explosives concealed in printercartridges. The latest conspiracy confirmed AQAP as a mounting danger that hasgained ground due to unrest in Yemen, officials said. “It is our assessment that the threat from AQAP is growing due tothe territorial gains the group made during the political standoffin Yemen that lasted from early 2011 until this past February.Those territorial gains have allowed the group to establishadditional training camps,” the counterterrorism official said. China Fine Gold Jewellery

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the United States had to stayalert to the threat posed by Al-Qaeda. “What this incident makes clear is that this country has tocontinue to remain vigilant against those who would seek to attackthis country and we will do everything necessary to keep Americasafe,” Panetta told a press conference after talks with his Chinesecounterpart. The Department of Homeland Security said the latest plot”demonstrates our adversaries’ interest in targeting the aviationsector,” adding it would continue to use a “layered approach toensure” public safety. “These layers include threat and vulnerability analysis,prescreening and screening of passengers, using the best availabletechnology, random searches at airports, federal air marshalcoverage and additional security measures both seen and unseen,”DHS spokesman Matt Chandler said.

Security at airports and on US-bound airliner flights was tightenedsince the failed Christmas Day bombing, when spy agencies wereheavily criticized for failing “to connect the dots” amongintelligence reports. Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was sentenced in February tofour consecutive life sentences for his botched attempt to blow upNorthwest Airlines Flight 253 as it approached Detroit, with 289people aboard. Hijacked airliners were also used to carry out the September 11,2001 attacks on New York and Washington in which nearly 3,000people were killed.

Gilbert seeking to soothe pain after killings; 911 calls released – Portable Speaker For Iphone Manufacturer

As families prepare funerals and investigators pour over evidence,Gilbert police hope to begin a community conversation later thisweek that can start the healing in the aftermath of last week’srampage that left five people dead. Massacre in Gilbert: stories, photos Town officials were working on details Monday, but police said theywant to discuss the shooting that left a quiet Gilbert neighborhoodand the surrounding community traumatized. Underscoring theirintent to use the meeting to allay residents’ fears, policeindicated they likely will restrict media attendance. Word of the meeting came as police released chilling recordings oftwo 911 calls from the house on Tumbleweed Road where the shootingtook place and a third call from a neighbor who witnessed part ofthe grim aftermath that claimed the lives of Lisa Mederos, 47; herdaughter Amber Mederos, 23; and Amber’s 15-month-old daughter,Lilly.

Jim Hiott, Amber’s 24-year-old fiance, was also gunned downbefore the suspected shooter, border vigilante J.T. Ready, isbelieved to have killed himself. In a 911 call made around 1:07 p.m. Wednesday — just momentsbefore her death — Lisa Mederos can be heard telling a policeoperator before the first shot was fired that Ready was “goingballistic in the house.” In the recording, Lisa, who identified Ready as her boyfriend,calmly asks for help with a “domestic violence” incident.

“What is it he’s doing?” the dispatcher said. “What is it he’sdoing, ma’am?” The next sound is a gunshot. As Lisa tries to answer thedispatcher’s question, she suddenly says, “Oh, my God. He’s .. PDA GSM Mobile

” Lisa screams after a second gunshot, and the call abruptly ends.When dispatchers tried to redial her number, the call went toLisa’s voice mail. Ready had apparently flown into a rage because Mederos, who was hisgirlfriend and the owner of the house, and her daughters wanted himto move out, and they had confronted him at a family meeting aboutit, said Hugo Mederos, Lisa’s ex-husband and father to Amber andBrittany Mederos. “The whole family decided that,” Hugo told The Arizona Republic on Monday. “That’s one reason my daughter (Amber) showed up, togive her mother support.” Brittany, 19, the lone survivor, was in a bedroom when she heardthe shouting and the gunshots. Portable Speaker For Iphone Manufacturer

She called 911 from her bedroom at1:09 p.m. The police tape of the call depicts a sobbing young womanwho is uncertain of what has happened and is apparently unawarethat Ready was dead at the time she was calling. Nonetheless, she answers a police dispatcher’s detailed questionsfor nearly 10 minutes, maintaining enough composure to identify thecar Ready drove, where guns were located in the house and where shewas hiding. “There were gunshots, and my mom and my niece and my sister are allon the floor,” Brittany told the dispatcher. “They were fighting.They were screaming. China 10 Inch Touch Screen Tablet PC

I was in my room, and now they’re all dead.” Ready had been living with the Mederos family and was unemployed,Brittany told the dispatch. “He goes to the border with his guns,and they go and try to find Mexicans and narcotics,” she said. “Hedoesn’t work at all. He just sits at my house.” Brittany mustered enough courage to stay on the line answeringquestions until police officers at the scene ascertained that Readywas dead and they made their way to her in her bedroom.

A third distress call came at 1:13 p.m. from a neighbor, BuddMoyer, who reported hearing six gunshots before walking outside. Hesaw two men, one who appeared to be dressed in a law-enforcementuniform, “dying on the front doorstep.” “It looked like both of them had blood coming from their heads,”Moyer told a police dispatcher, adding that he thought Ready was aBorder Patrol agent. Ready was a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a heavilyarmed vigilante group that patrolled the desert along the Mexicanborder. He was also preparing to run for Pinal County sheriff.Police had been called to the home five times since 2009: once whenAmber threatened suicide, once when her car was burglarized, oncewhen Ready reported suspicious activity in the neighborhood, andtwice for incidents of alleged domestic violence.

Hugo Mederos said Monday that Brittany has since gone intoemotional “lock-down mode.” “When she left the house, she didn’t even know she had gone overtwo bodies,” he said, referring to Ready and Hiott. Hugo said he has not spoken in detail to Brittany about theincident because she is so traumatized. “When she’s ready to talk,I’ll talk about it,” he said. The community meeting may be held Thursday evening.

It would bejust hours after private services for the three members of theMederos family, which are scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday at VineyardCommunity Church in Gilbert. Ready’s body was released to Abel Funeral Services in Phoenix,according to a Maricopa County medical examiner spokeswoman, butthe funeral home said the family does not want to release anyadditional information. Details were not available about funeralservices for Hiott.

Republic reporters Michael Kiefer, Srianthi Perera and Michelle YeHee Lee contributed to this article.

Happiness model could help people go from good to great – Neodymium Speaker Magnets

“Although the Declaration of Independence upholds the right topursue happiness, that search can be a never-ending quest,”said Kennon Sheldon, professor of psychological sciences in theCollege of Arts and Sciences. “Previous research shows that anindividual’s happiness can increase after major life changes, suchas starting a new romantic relationship, but over time happinesstends to return to a previous level. Through our research, wedeveloped a model to help people maintain higher levels ofhappiness derived from beneficial changes. The model consists oftwo major components: the need to keep having new and positivelife-changing experiences and the need to keep appreciating whatyou already have and not want more too soon.” In the recent study, Sheldon, along with co-author SonjaLyubomirsky of the University of California, Riverside, firstsurveyed 481 people about their happiness. Six weeks laterparticipants identified a recent positive change in their livesthat had made them happier. Neodymium Disk Magnet

Six weeks after that, the psychologistsevaluated whether the original happiness boost had lasted. For someit had, but for most it had not. The psychologists then tested andconfirmed their model for predicting whose boost had lasted. “The majority got used to the change that had made them happyin the first place,” Sheldon said. “They stopped beinghappy because they kept wanting more and raising their standards,or because they stopped having fresh positive experiences of thechange, for example they stopped doing fun things with their newboyfriend and started wishing he was better looking. Neodymium Speaker Magnets

A few wereable to appreciate what they had and to keep having newexperiences. In the long term, those people tended to maintaintheir boost, rather than falling back where they started.” Due to genetics and other factors, individuals have a certain”set-point” of happiness they normally feel. Some peopletend to be bubbly, while others are more somber, though individualsvary in a range around their set-point. Sheldon’s research suggestshow people can train themselves to stay at the top of theirpossible range of happiness. “A therapist can help a person get from miserable to OK; ourstudy shows how people can take themselves from good togreat,” Sheldon said. Neodymium Block Magnets

Sheldon also noted that the best life changes don’t necessarilyequate to new purchases. Although a shiny new possession can boosthappiness, that purchase has to be experienced anew every day andappreciated for what it brings to have any lasting effect onhappiness. “The problem with many purchases is that they tend to just sitthere,” said Sheldon. “They don’t keep on providingvaried positive experiences. Also, relying on material purchases tomake us happy can lead to a faster rise in aspirations, like anaddiction.

Hence, many purchases tend to be only quick fixes. Ourmodel suggests ways to reduce the ‘let down’ from those purchases.For example, if you renovate your house, enjoy it and have manyhappy experiences in the new environment, but don’t compare yournew decor to the Joneses’.”.

Endangered species, languages linked at high biodiversity regions – China Metal Numeric Keypad

“Results indicate that these regions (hot spots and highbiodiversity wilderness areas) often contain considerablelinguistic diversity, accounting for 70 percent of all languages onEarth,” the researchers report in this the May 7 early onlineedition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Moreover, the languages involved frequently are unique toparticular regions, with many facing extinction.” Currently, biologists estimate yearly losses of species at a rate1,000 times higher than historic rates. Linguists predict that bythe end of the 21st century, 50 to 90 percent of the world’slanguages will disappear. “Paul Ehrlich likened the loss of species to removing therivets in a plane’s wings,” said Larry J. Gorenflo, associateprofessor of landscape architecture, Penn State.

“How manyrivets can you remove before the wing falls off and the plane fallsout of the sky? Similarly, how many species can you lose before anecosystem fails? Unfortunately, stopping species loss in a world of7 billion people is extremely challenging. “We conducted this study to understand more about the peopleliving in areas important for biodiversity conservation.” Previous research indicated a connection between language diversityand biodiversity, but the datasets were geographically imprecise.Now, Gorenflo, working with Suzanne Romaine, Merton Professor ofEnglish Language, Merton College, Oxford University, U.K.; RussellA. Mittermeier, president, and Kristen Walker-Painemilla, vicepresident, social policy and practice, Conservation International,used recently compiled global data showing the geographic locationsof more than 6,900 languages compiled for geographic informationsystem (GIS) applications by Global Mapping International. Theyused the locations of hot spots and high biodiversity wildernessareas compiled in GIS form by Conservation International.

“We looked at regions important for biodiversity conservationand measured their linguistic diversity in an effort to understandan important part of the human dimension of these regions,”said Gorenflo. The researchers first looked at diversity on a regional level.Locations with an exceptionally high number of species unique tothat location that also has a loss of habitat of 70 percent or more– hot spots. Comprising only 2.3 percent of Earth’s surface,intact habitat in the 35 hotspots contain more than half theworld’s vascular plants and 43 percent of terrestrial vertebratespecies. In these 35 hotspots, the researchers found 3,202 languages –nearly half of all languages spoken on Earth. These hotspots arespread throughout the world’s continents with the exception ofAntarctica. Industrial Keyboard With Touchpad

They also examined linguistic diversity in five high biodiversitywilderness areas, whose remaining habitat covers about 6.1 percentof Earth’s surface and contains about 17 percent of the vascularplant species and 6 percent of the terrestrial vertebrate species.These regions contained another 1,622 languages. As in the case ofthe hotspots, many languages are unique to particular areas and arespoken by relatively few people, making them susceptible toextinction. “What ends up happening when we lose linguistic diversity iswe lose a bunch of small groups with traditional economics,”said Gorenflo. “Indigenous languages tend to be replaced bythose associated with a modern industrial economy accompanied byother changes such as the introduction of chain saws. In terms ofbiodiversity conservation, all bets are off.” If losing species biodiversity is like losing rivets from anairplane, losing languages can also have a profound effect.According to Gorenflo, losing these languages can lead to the lossof a lot of environmental information that becomes inaccessible asthe words, culture and language disappear. China Metal Numeric Keypad

“I think it argues for concerted conservation efforts that areintegrated and try to maintain biodiversity and culturaldiversity,” said Gorenflo. He suggests that without cultural and linguistic diversity, whichis increasingly appears to be tied to biological diversity,biodiversity loss likely will continue at alarming rates. “In many cases it appears that conditions that wipe outspecies wipe out languages,” said Gorenflo. The researchers do not know why areas of endangered speciesconcentration and endangered languages coexist. Possibly indigenouscultures, supported by their languages, create the conditions tomaintain species and keep the ecosystems working. POS Touch Screen Monitors

“I think basically this study helps to establish these areasof high biodiversity as the world’s most importantlandscapes,” said Gorenflo. The researchers believe their study is a starting point to explorethe relationship between biological and linguistic-culturaldiversity. This will also help develop strategies for conservingspecies and languages in areas where rich diversity of both exists. “We want to being to look at selected places with highbiological and linguistic diversity to begin to explore theconnections between the two, such as Tanzania, where there are130-plus languages,” said Gorenflo.

“Also, the Indo-Burmahotspot in Southeast Asia, where there are nearly 400 languages,and the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific with 100-pluslanguages.”.

Member states set out plans to re-write cap greening policy – Engraved Silver Charm Manufacturer

A leaked paper, which was discussed by member state officials inBrussels on Monday, is proposing that member states have muchgreater flexibility in how they implement greening measures underthe reformed CAP. It includes the option of farmers being defined as green bydefinition if they participate in agri-environment schemes. The Commission s initial proposals , published in October, to green 30 per cent of direct paymentsby requiring all EU farmers to comply with three broad measures 7 per cent Ecological Focus Areas, crop rotation and retention ofpermanent pasture have been widely criticised as ineffective andoverly-restrictive for farmers. The leaked paper, originated by the so-called Stockholm group thatincludes the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the Scandinavianmember states, argues that greening measures should be bettertargeted to suit the farming systems and environmental concerns ofindividual member states. The paper, which was presented by Luxembourg and is understood tohave the backing of a majority of member states, recommends thatmember choose from one of three options. Engraved Silver Charm

Under Option A, member states woulduse at least 10 per cent of the direct payment pot to finance targeted agro-environmental operations , with farmers receivingthe other 90 per cent. Under Option B, member states coulddecide that certain farmers are green by definition and satisfygreening requirements. It is proposed these include farmers with 50per cent of land in agri-environment schemes, organic farms andfarms with a certain proportion of grassland or forestry. Farmers not defined as green by definition would have to choosethree options from a list of nine options, including measures toimprove energy efficiency, green cover and the original threemeasures proposed by the Commission, to receive their 30 per centgreening top up. Under Option C, farmers who are not green by definition would face tougher cross-compliancestandards, equivalent to the Commission s greening proposals.These would relate to the whole direct payment, not just a 30 percent greening top up. Engraved Silver Charm Manufacturer

The paper states: Environmental benefits must be substantial andtangible across all Member States. Greening should not be green washing. Greening should be tailoredto the specific conditions to best meet the environmentalobjectives of the Member State. Defra has welcomed the paper as an improvement on the originalCommission proposals for greening but is understood to be lookingto strengthen it further. Speaking at a conference on CAP greening in Scotland this week,Defra Secretary Caroline Spelman said: We want to work with theCommission and other Member States to ensure that the CAP isgreened effectively, and with minimal administrative burdens, tosecure practical, effective and simple provisions for farmers. Silver Dangle Earrings

And there is strength in numbers – as part of the Stockholm Groupthe UK has a strong voice. Maeve Whyte, Director of the NFU Brussels office said: We havebeen very critical of the European Commission s proposed greening of the CAP so we are pleased that Member States havebeen working on alternative greening strategies which we hope willtake our concerns into account. But BirdLife Europe said the proposed alternative plan would be acomplete weakening of the Commission proposal . The creation of several layers of loopholes that would allowmember states to keep pumping money into the pockets of farmerswithout any environmental delivery being assured, it said.

Gm protestors pledge to press on with ‘direct action’ – China GPS Auto Trackers – China Small Hidden Spy Cameras

A group calling itself Take the Flour Back has responded to an open letter published earlier this week by scientists at theRothamsted Research institute urging it to refrain from planned direct action at thetrial site, in Hertfordshire, on May 27. In an open letter to the scientists , the group says it would welcome the opportunity to engage withthem in a public debate over the next few weeks. But it goes on to refute the suggestion by the Rothamstedscientists that the aphid-resistant GM wheat will decreasepesticide use, saying the claim has been widely discredited byexperience with GM strategies elsewhere in the world. We are particularly concerned about ensuring the protection ofwhat is probably the world s oldest classical grasslandexperiment. We are appalled that you are jeopardizing the integrityof this scientific inheritance by planting GM wheat metres awayfrom it, the letter says. GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

The group insists it not in a minority with our fears over thistrial and the potential commercial introduction of GM wheat thatcould follow and highlights recent EU surveys showing that the majority of the public still don t trust GM food . By pressing ahead with these plans you threaten the futurelivelihoods of the farming community, the letter says. You ask us not to pull up the GM wheat. We ask you not torecklessly endanger livelihoods and our food supply by letting itremain in the open air. We do not believe that it should be lawfulfor you to spread contamination in this way. China GPS Auto Trackers

The group goes onto compare its action to that of thesuffragettes campaign of direct action helped women get the vote. When a powerful minority threatens democratically expressedwishes of the majority, direct action becomes necessary. The vastnumbers of people who pulled up crops when the bio-tech industrytried to introduce GM into this country 15 years ago is the reasonwhy our countryside has not been contaminated, the letter says. It reiterates its invitation to people worried about the impact ofGM crops to join us on 27th May in showing our opposition to thistrial. China Small Hidden Spy Cameras

We will come together to take the flour back , celebrating thethriving wheat industry we already have in the UK, with bakers,farmers, bee keepers, allotment holders, and other bread-lovers, the letter says. The much-publicised letter by the Rothamsted scientists hasreceived plenty of support from within the scientific community. Douglas Kell, BBSRC chief executive said: Preventing publiclyfunded trials of GM crops closes the door to one avenue of researchand its potential benefits. This risks blocking solutions for majorglobal issues.

BBSRC strongly defends the right of scientists to conduct legaland robustly regulated experiments. Professor Tim Benton, the UK s Global Food Security Champion said: Increasing yields, whilst reducing environmental impacts,is one of the great challenges of the next 40 years. GM, has the potential to meet the challenge of sustainableagricultural production. GM is just one of the tools which couldhelp us achieve the goal but the consequences of denying the rightto research this area could be disastrous.