Purported next-gen iphone sim tray appears similar to currentdesign – China Color Changing Led Light Bulb And Remote

A new SIM card tray claimed to be a component from Apple’snext-generation iPhone has appeared for sale online, sportingsubtle differences when compared with the tray found in the iPhone4S and iPhone 4. The “iPhone 5 Sim Card Tray Holder Slot” was listed this week at the parts reseller website SW-Box.com . And as noted by MacRumors , the SIM card tray has subtle differences from the iPhone 4 andiPhone 4S. Specifically, the new tray has a “slight tapering of metal framepieces,” as well as “an extra metal shelf not seen in currenttrays.” If legitimate, the part could be seen as evidence thatApple plans to redesign the next iPhone, rather than stick with thesame appearance of its predecessors. But rather than implying anydrastic changes, the part has only seen minor modifications. Led Reef Aquarium Lighting

There have been some rumors that the next iPhone will have a metal back , replacing the glass back panel that has been utilized with theiPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Those reports also claimed that the side ofthe next iPhone would be curved, but the latest component impliesthe side of this particular prototype handset would be flat. The part also suggests that the next iPhone will not utilize themicro-SIM standard that Apple has proposed . A vote on the standard by the European TelecommunicationsStandards Institute was postponed in March after Apple and Nokiacould not come to terms over the design. China Color Changing Led Light Bulb And Remote

The latest part comes just over a week after pictures of a new home button claimed to be for Apple’s nextiPhone surfaced online. That part suggested the next iPhone’s homebutton will look largely the same as it always had, but also gavean indication that the part will be redesigned internally. The parts serve as further evidence that Apple is currently workingon prototype models of its next-generation iPhone. In March it wassaid that Apple was reviewing potential components for the new iPhone, which is expected to be released this fall,one year after the iPhone 4S. China Flexible LED Strip Lights

It has also been said that Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone willfeature Qualcomm’s “MDM9615” LTE 4G chip for high-speed wirelessconnectivity. Reports have also claimed that the next iPhone will adopt in-cell touch panel technology, which will allow Apple to make thenext iPhone thinner by 0.44 millimeters, or fit in a largerbattery.


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