Steve jobs’ liver transplant helped inspire facebook organ donorprogram – Auto Transponder Chip Manufacturer

A liver transplant that extended the life of Apple co-founder SteveJobs by years helped to inspire a new organ donor program on thesocial networking site Facebook. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with ABC News that his friendship with Jobs came to mind as he worked on a plan to increase the number of organ donors.Zuckerberg never specifically spoke with Jobs about a Facebookdonation tool before he passed away last October, but Jobs was publicly active in supporting improved organ donor registries. “That definitely, I think, was something that we all had in mind aswe were building this out,” Zuckerberg said. “His story is just oneof many, of people who both were able to have an organ transplantthat made his life longer, and he was extremely thankful for that.” In addition to Jobs, Zuckerberg said conversations with hisgirlfriend, who is currently in medical school, also helped toinspire the new program. With the new feature, Facebook users canshare their organ donor status in an effort to spread awareness,and users can control who can view their organ donor status. Caterpillar Scanner

Jobs was a major proponent of a California bill passed in 2010 thatmade it easier for residents to become an organ donor. It alsocreated the nation’s first living registry for kidney transplants. Because of that bill, California residents must now accept ordecline the option of becoming an organ donor when they renew theirdrivers license. Under the old system, residents had to affix apink sticker to their license, which Jobs felt hurt the number ofdonations. Auto Transponder Chip Manufacturer

In 2009, Jobs underwent successful liver transplant surgery at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. He said thereweren’t enough livers in California, which forced him to lookelsewhere. Following the transplant, Jobs returned to the stage in September of 2009 to introduce new iPods. Before his keynote,Jobs gave a short introduction in which he acknowledged his road torecovery, and said he was gracious for the liver he received from aperson in their mid-20s who died in a car crash. “I am alive because of their generosity,” Jobs said at the 2009event. China Flip Key Shell

“I hope we can all be that generous.”.


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