Gm protestors pledge to press on with ‘direct action’ – China GPS Auto Trackers – China Small Hidden Spy Cameras

A group calling itself Take the Flour Back has responded to an open letter published earlier this week by scientists at theRothamsted Research institute urging it to refrain from planned direct action at thetrial site, in Hertfordshire, on May 27. In an open letter to the scientists , the group says it would welcome the opportunity to engage withthem in a public debate over the next few weeks. But it goes on to refute the suggestion by the Rothamstedscientists that the aphid-resistant GM wheat will decreasepesticide use, saying the claim has been widely discredited byexperience with GM strategies elsewhere in the world. We are particularly concerned about ensuring the protection ofwhat is probably the world s oldest classical grasslandexperiment. We are appalled that you are jeopardizing the integrityof this scientific inheritance by planting GM wheat metres awayfrom it, the letter says. GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

The group insists it not in a minority with our fears over thistrial and the potential commercial introduction of GM wheat thatcould follow and highlights recent EU surveys showing that the majority of the public still don t trust GM food . By pressing ahead with these plans you threaten the futurelivelihoods of the farming community, the letter says. You ask us not to pull up the GM wheat. We ask you not torecklessly endanger livelihoods and our food supply by letting itremain in the open air. We do not believe that it should be lawfulfor you to spread contamination in this way. China GPS Auto Trackers

The group goes onto compare its action to that of thesuffragettes campaign of direct action helped women get the vote. When a powerful minority threatens democratically expressedwishes of the majority, direct action becomes necessary. The vastnumbers of people who pulled up crops when the bio-tech industrytried to introduce GM into this country 15 years ago is the reasonwhy our countryside has not been contaminated, the letter says. It reiterates its invitation to people worried about the impact ofGM crops to join us on 27th May in showing our opposition to thistrial. China Small Hidden Spy Cameras

We will come together to take the flour back , celebrating thethriving wheat industry we already have in the UK, with bakers,farmers, bee keepers, allotment holders, and other bread-lovers, the letter says. The much-publicised letter by the Rothamsted scientists hasreceived plenty of support from within the scientific community. Douglas Kell, BBSRC chief executive said: Preventing publiclyfunded trials of GM crops closes the door to one avenue of researchand its potential benefits. This risks blocking solutions for majorglobal issues.

BBSRC strongly defends the right of scientists to conduct legaland robustly regulated experiments. Professor Tim Benton, the UK s Global Food Security Champion said: Increasing yields, whilst reducing environmental impacts,is one of the great challenges of the next 40 years. GM, has the potential to meet the challenge of sustainableagricultural production. GM is just one of the tools which couldhelp us achieve the goal but the consequences of denying the rightto research this area could be disastrous.


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