Gilbert seeking to soothe pain after killings; 911 calls released – Portable Speaker For Iphone Manufacturer

As families prepare funerals and investigators pour over evidence,Gilbert police hope to begin a community conversation later thisweek that can start the healing in the aftermath of last week’srampage that left five people dead. Massacre in Gilbert: stories, photos Town officials were working on details Monday, but police said theywant to discuss the shooting that left a quiet Gilbert neighborhoodand the surrounding community traumatized. Underscoring theirintent to use the meeting to allay residents’ fears, policeindicated they likely will restrict media attendance. Word of the meeting came as police released chilling recordings oftwo 911 calls from the house on Tumbleweed Road where the shootingtook place and a third call from a neighbor who witnessed part ofthe grim aftermath that claimed the lives of Lisa Mederos, 47; herdaughter Amber Mederos, 23; and Amber’s 15-month-old daughter,Lilly.

Jim Hiott, Amber’s 24-year-old fiance, was also gunned downbefore the suspected shooter, border vigilante J.T. Ready, isbelieved to have killed himself. In a 911 call made around 1:07 p.m. Wednesday — just momentsbefore her death — Lisa Mederos can be heard telling a policeoperator before the first shot was fired that Ready was “goingballistic in the house.” In the recording, Lisa, who identified Ready as her boyfriend,calmly asks for help with a “domestic violence” incident.

“What is it he’s doing?” the dispatcher said. “What is it he’sdoing, ma’am?” The next sound is a gunshot. As Lisa tries to answer thedispatcher’s question, she suddenly says, “Oh, my God. He’s .. PDA GSM Mobile

” Lisa screams after a second gunshot, and the call abruptly ends.When dispatchers tried to redial her number, the call went toLisa’s voice mail. Ready had apparently flown into a rage because Mederos, who was hisgirlfriend and the owner of the house, and her daughters wanted himto move out, and they had confronted him at a family meeting aboutit, said Hugo Mederos, Lisa’s ex-husband and father to Amber andBrittany Mederos. “The whole family decided that,” Hugo told The Arizona Republic on Monday. “That’s one reason my daughter (Amber) showed up, togive her mother support.” Brittany, 19, the lone survivor, was in a bedroom when she heardthe shouting and the gunshots. Portable Speaker For Iphone Manufacturer

She called 911 from her bedroom at1:09 p.m. The police tape of the call depicts a sobbing young womanwho is uncertain of what has happened and is apparently unawarethat Ready was dead at the time she was calling. Nonetheless, she answers a police dispatcher’s detailed questionsfor nearly 10 minutes, maintaining enough composure to identify thecar Ready drove, where guns were located in the house and where shewas hiding. “There were gunshots, and my mom and my niece and my sister are allon the floor,” Brittany told the dispatcher. “They were fighting.They were screaming. China 10 Inch Touch Screen Tablet PC

I was in my room, and now they’re all dead.” Ready had been living with the Mederos family and was unemployed,Brittany told the dispatch. “He goes to the border with his guns,and they go and try to find Mexicans and narcotics,” she said. “Hedoesn’t work at all. He just sits at my house.” Brittany mustered enough courage to stay on the line answeringquestions until police officers at the scene ascertained that Readywas dead and they made their way to her in her bedroom.

A third distress call came at 1:13 p.m. from a neighbor, BuddMoyer, who reported hearing six gunshots before walking outside. Hesaw two men, one who appeared to be dressed in a law-enforcementuniform, “dying on the front doorstep.” “It looked like both of them had blood coming from their heads,”Moyer told a police dispatcher, adding that he thought Ready was aBorder Patrol agent. Ready was a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a heavilyarmed vigilante group that patrolled the desert along the Mexicanborder. He was also preparing to run for Pinal County sheriff.Police had been called to the home five times since 2009: once whenAmber threatened suicide, once when her car was burglarized, oncewhen Ready reported suspicious activity in the neighborhood, andtwice for incidents of alleged domestic violence.

Hugo Mederos said Monday that Brittany has since gone intoemotional “lock-down mode.” “When she left the house, she didn’t even know she had gone overtwo bodies,” he said, referring to Ready and Hiott. Hugo said he has not spoken in detail to Brittany about theincident because she is so traumatized. “When she’s ready to talk,I’ll talk about it,” he said. The community meeting may be held Thursday evening.

It would bejust hours after private services for the three members of theMederos family, which are scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday at VineyardCommunity Church in Gilbert. Ready’s body was released to Abel Funeral Services in Phoenix,according to a Maricopa County medical examiner spokeswoman, butthe funeral home said the family does not want to release anyadditional information. Details were not available about funeralservices for Hiott.

Republic reporters Michael Kiefer, Srianthi Perera and Michelle YeHee Lee contributed to this article.


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