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Personalized gifts and accessories from Clairebella are nowincluded among the unique gift ideas at Blue Star Bazaar. Productsinclude serving platters, cutting boards, cell phone cases,coasters, baby gifts and more. (PRWEB) June 11, 2012 Blue Star Bazaar has added an assortment of gifts and accessoriesfrom Clairebella – just in time for summer parties, hostess gifts, weddings,graduation gifts, and baby showers. Clairebella is a collection ofpersonalized products. The items come in fun, vibrant colors andpatterns.

A monogram or message is added to each to make them trulyspecial. Categories include gifts for kitchen, office, travel,kids, and more. Ordering these one of a kind gifts couldn t beeasier. Shoppers simply (1) pick a product; (2) choose a color andpattern; and (3) choose a personalization style.

The creation willbe shipped directly to Custom Cell Phone Hard Cases in 2-3 weeks. Some of the gifts from the new collection include: Melamine platters $40. The personalized platter is perfect forappetizers, after school snacks, or outdoor entertaining. Thismelamine platter measures 10″ x 14″. Cutting boards $42.

A tempered glass cutting board adds style toany kitchen. Many users consider it pretty to hide and simply leaveit out for convenience. Coaster set $40. A set of four personalized coasters make a giftfor weddings, bridal showers, birthday gifts, or hostess gift.These hard, glossy coasters are backed in cork. Cell phone case $55.

Cases from Case-Mate are the perfect way toprotect and personalize a mobile phone. Made out of Lexan, anextremely durable plastic, they simply snap on the device. Children s plate and bowl set $52. A personalized bowl and plateset makes mealtime anything but ordinary.

Melamine plates and bowlsare dishwasher safe. Plates are 10 and bowls hold 20 oz. To see images of these products and more, please refer to the filesincluded with this press release. Blue Star Bazaar, founded in 2010 by Megan LaBant Abrahamsen, is anonline retailer of unique gifts for women, men and kids.

For thoselooking for unique gift ideas, Blue Star Bazaar offers a range ofproducts that meet the tough standards of quality, individuality,style, and value. Product categories include jewelry, scarves,watches, handbags, t-shirts, toys, and home accessories. Find theperfect gift at Blue Star Bazaar, headquartered in Wilton, CT.
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The impact of high-fat foods on diabetes and metabolic syndrome – GSM Listening Bug

A University of Michigan Health System study provides new cluesabout the health-damaging molecular changes set in motion by eatinghigh-fat foods. A better understanding of the body’s response to indulgent eatingcould lead to new approaches for treating diabetes and metabolic syndrome. High fat foods can contribute to obesity , which increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The researchers learned a key protein called Bcl10 is needed forthe free fatty acids, which are found in high-fat food and storedin body fat, to impair insulin action and lead to abnormally highblood sugar. In the laboratory study, mice deficient in Bcl10 were protectedfrom developing insulin resistance when fed a high-fat diet. GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

Thefindings will be published May 31 in Cell Reports . Insulin helps control blood sugar, but insulin resistance can leadto the abnormally high blood sugar levels that are the hallmark ofdiabetes. Insulin resistance can occur as part of metabolicsyndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk for type 2diabetes and heart disease . As millions of Americans become overweight and obese, type 2diabetes and metabolic syndrome are on the rise. “The study also underscores how very short-term changes in dietsuch as high-fat eating for only a few days, perhaps even less, caninduce a state of insulin resistance,” says senior study authorPeter C. GSM Listening Bug

Lucas, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pathology atthe University of Michigan. Researchers began by investigating how free fatty acids induceinflammation and impair insulin action in the liver. It’s thoughtthe liver is a major target for the harmful effects of free fattyacids. In the liver, free fatty acids undergo metabolism to producediacylglycerols prior to inducing the inflammatory response. Infrared Hunting Cameras Manufacturer

Diacylglycerols also activate NF-kB signaling which has been linkedwith cancer , metabolic and vascular diseases. The team of researchers concluded that Bcl10 is required for fattyacids to induce inflammation in the liver and insulin resistance.In the study, Bcl10 deficient mice showed significant improvementin regulation of blood sugar. “We were surprised to learn that Bcl10, a protein previously knownfor its critical role in immune cell response to infection, alsoplays a critical role in the liver’s response to fatty acid,” saysLucas. “This is an example of nature co-opting a mechanismfundamental to the immune system and using it in a metabolic organ,in this case, the liver.” “These findings reveal a new and important role for Bcl10 and couldlead to novel ideas for treating patients with metabolic syndromeand type 2 diabetes,” say co-senior author Linda M.McAllister-Lucas, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrichematology/oncology at the University of Michigan.

Additional References Citations.

California dairy groups gear up for whey-value petition hearing may31-june 1 – Travel Weighing Scales Manufacturer

State ag department will consider petitions that contend Californiadairy producers are losing millions of dollars because of anundervalued whey factor in the state’s milk pricing system. Onecheesemaker calls the petition”s demands “obscene.” California”s dairy industry is gearing up for a May 31-June 1hearing that seeks to modify the whey value portion of thestate”s Class 4b formula. The hearing will consider petitions from two producer groups who believe California dairy producersare losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year because thewhey factor in the state”s milk pricing system isunder-valued compared to federal order levels. Processors disagree, saying another change in the 4b formula isunneeded and would hurt the industry”s competitiveness. Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Western United Dairymen (WUD), one of the two petitioners, says that last year”s modification to the formula”swhey factor “does not provide a fair or legally sufficientmeans of determining the whey value as part of the Formula.” “Our members are concerned about and are suffering significantfinancial losses as a result of the large discrepancy between thewhey value contribution in the Formula and Federal Orders”Class III,” WUD notes in its May 18 Weekly Update. Since the new formula was implemented on Sept. 1, 2011, WUD says,the California whey value averaged $1.93 per cwt. below federalorder levels. Travel Weighing Scales Manufacturer

The second petitioner, collectively known as the”Coalition,” is comprised of California Dairies, Inc.,Dairy Farmers of America-Western Area Council, Land O”Lakes,Inc., Security Milk Producers Association, Milk Producers Council(MPC), California Dairy Campaign, and Alliance of Western MilkProducers. MPC’s Rob Vandenheuvel says the April discrepency betweenCaliforna’s Class 4b formula and the Federal Order Class III pricewas $2.29 per cwt. Over the past eight months, that difference hasaveraged $2.54 per cwt., giving California cheese manufacturers”a state-sponsored discount of at least $260 million.” Like many of the state’s cheese processors, Farmdale Creamery opposes the petition request. Farmdale says it — like othersmaller-scale cheesemakers — is struggling to dispose of its wheystreams at a minimal cost to its cheese operations. China Infrared Ear Thermometer

In a May 1, 2012, letter to the California Department of Food andAgriculture (CDFA), Farmdale officials Norman R. Shotts II andScott Hofferber also noted their company and all Californiacheesemakers have “suffered a significant increase in the costof whey disposal with the September 2011 implementation of the$0.25 to $0.65 sliding scale whey factor.”.

Samsung, sony begin enforcing minimum prices on hdtvs to growmargins – China Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Sony and Samsung, two of the world’s largest TV makers, have begunenforcing minimum prices on their sets, in an effort to aidbrick-and-mortar retailers and improve margins in the cutthroatHDTV business. Both Samsung and Sony began enforcing the new policy last month, according to The Wall Street Journal . The companies hope the move will stop the slide of HDTV prices,which have fallen 15 percent over the last two years to an averageselling price of $545. In fact, the strategy takes a page out of Apple’s playbook, as theiPod maker has strict rules that restrict the prices at which thecompany’s products can be sold. Deck Roll Forming Machine

Apple’s policies with third-partyresellers help to ensure that Apple can maintain its margins. Inits last holiday quarter , Apple reported reported gross margins of 47.4 percent. Sony had previously set strict minimum prices for products like itsPlayStation videogame consoles and Handycam camcorders, butenforcing minimum prices on HDTVs is a new policy that industrywatchers say could pose a risk. Because Sony is only joined bySamsung in this strategy, competitors like Panasonic, Sharp and LGcould see their sales grow through continued steep discounts atonline retailers like Amazon. China Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

Low margins in the struggling HDTV business have had a significanteffect, prompting Samsung to spin off its LCD manufacturing business into a separate company in April.Officials at Samsung hope the separate LCD business will merge withSamsung Mobile Display and become more competitive going forward. Sharp was also compelled to sell a 10 percent share in its struggling LCD business to device assembler Foxconn inMarch, after seeing the largest losses in the company’s 99-yearhistory. The deal bought Foxconn $808 million worth of shares inSharp Corp., which both companies hope will help create demand forproducts from Sharp’s state-of-the-art LCD factory in Sakai, Japan. Industry watchers have speculated that the partnership betweenFoxconn and Sharp could be a strategic move by both companies to attempt to produce panels for Apple’s rumoredtelevision set. Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

It has been suggested that Apple could beinterested in using Sharp’s technology to produce Indium GalliumZinc Oxide (IGZO) panels for an anticipated television set. Rumors of an Apple television have continued to pick up steam sincelast year, when biographer Walter Isaacson revealed that Appleco-founder Steve Jobs told him he felt he had figured out the secret to a simpler HDTV. Jobsindicated to Isaacson that he “wanted to do for television setswhat he had done fro computers, music players and phones: make themsimple and elegant.” Apple’s ability to sell millions of products at marginsconsiderably higher than its competition has been cited as one ofthe main reasons the company could shake up the strugglingtelevision market. And one analysis issued last week suggested thatan Apple television could double the annual spending of the average U.S.

household on Appleproducts to $888 by the year 2015.

Worldwide sales of toyota and lexus full hybrid vehicles top 4million – Cavitation RF Machine Manufacturer

EPSOM, UNITED KINGDOM – May 23, 2012: Total global sales ofToyota and Lexus full hybrid vehicles have topped the 4 millionmark as of April 30. Cumulative sales of full hybrid vehicles inEurope reached 423,000 units. In the UK the number is 94,000. Toyota became leaders in the development of hybrid cars as aresponse to environmental issues, the company believing that lowemission vehicles can only have a positive impact if they are usedwidely. Face Lifting Machines

It Started with a Bus The Toyota Prius, famously the world’s first mass-producedhybrid passenger vehicle, was launched in December, 1997 in Japan,but the first hybrid vehicles was actually a bus, the ToyotaCoaster Hybrid EV which was introduced to the Japanese market inAugust, 1997. Sales of the Prius began in Europe,North America and elsewhere in2000. The second generation Toyota Prius was launched in 2003 atwhich point the company expanded the use of its full hybridtechnology to vehicles such as minivans, SUV’s, luxurysaloons and family hatchbacks. The third-generation Prius launchedin May 2009 and was a hit with customers around the world, leadingto global cumulative sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles topping 3million vehicles by the end of February, 2011. Cavitation RF Machine Manufacturer

Different Shapes and Sizes and Made in Europe As Toyota’s hybrid range expanded so came localisedproduction such as the UK built Toyota Auris Hybrid and upcomingToyota Yaris Hybrid which will be built in France. Later this year,the range will appeal to an even wider audience with the launch ofthe seven seat Prius+ and Prius Plug-in Hybrid. Globally, Toyota currently sells 19 full hybrid passenger vehiclemodels in approximately 80 countries. This year, hybrid vehicleshave accounted for 15% of Toyota’s global vehicle sales. Saving for the Future Toyota estimates its full hybrid vehicles have led to a saving ofapproximately 26 million tonnes1 in CO2 emissions compared to whatwould have been emitted by petrol or diesel powered vehicles ofsimilar size and driving performance. Skin Rejuvenation Machine Manufacturer

Having positioned hybrid as a key technology, Toyota plans tocontinue working to further raise performance, reduce costs, andexpand its product line-up, including that of non-hybridenvironment-friendly vehicles, to create vehicles that are popularwith consumers.

Us muslim soldier goes on trial for base attack plot – Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment

A US soldier accused of plotting an attack on a military base afterfleeing his post as a Muslim conscientious objector went on trialTuesday wearing a surgical mask and manacled to the floor. Courtroom security agents behind him wore protective goggles, anapparent reaction to an incident in which the soldier, Naser JasonAbdo, who claims to be HIV positive, bit his lip and spat blood atlaw enforcement officers. Prosecutors called the first of 43 witnesses to the stand in a bidto show that Abdo, who fled his post in Kentucky, was gatheringbomb-making materials and weapons to attack soldiers and theirfamilies at the Fort Hood base in Texas, the scene of a deadlyshooting rampage in 2009. One witness said Abdo told him that the assault was intended toshow support for Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslimpsychiatrist accused of killing 12 soldiers and a civilian in the2009 shooting, which also wounded 32 others.

The FBI alleges Hasan had contacts with the charismatic US-borncleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, a leading member of Al-Qaeda in the ArabianPeninsula who was killed in a September 2011 drone strike. FBI agent Charles Owens said that Abdo told him in an interrogationsession that “he wanted to do it for the sake of the men and womenof Afghanistan, that they had been wronged.” Abdo was arrested July 27 at a discount hotel in the nearby Texastown of Killeen. Police and federal agents have previouslytestified that they found a handgun and enough gunpowder to make atleast one bomb. They also discovered directions from an Al-Qaeda magazine on how tobuild an explosive device. Prosecutors mounted a detailed case, mixing a trail of receipts andtime-stamped videos of Abdo with testimony from a number of workerswho encountered him.

They said he planned to detonate a bomb in a crowded Chineserestaurant not far from Fort Hood, and then gun down soldiers,their families and civilians as they fled. “He referred to civilians as collateral damage,” Owens said. Defense attorney Zachary Boyd countered that prosecutors couldn’tprove that his client intended to kill anyone, and that noexplosive device was ever built. “I want the jury to focus not just on the evidence, but the law,”Boyd said in his opening statement. Prosecutor Gregg Sofer told jurors that Abdo had intended to kidnapa soldier and execute him on video when he was still in Kentucky. ND Yag Laser Machine

“He had already acquired a body bag, a stun gun, a cattle prong,”Sofer told the jury. But the plan fell apart and Abdo fled, leaving his Cadillac, bodybags, a green body bag carrier and bleach to clean up the crimescene. A hood, three handcuff boxes, batteries for the prong, his car keysand identification papers were also found. “My heart was racing,” Oak Grove Police Sergeant Victor Lynch toldthe court. “I was thinking somebody was in danger.” Abdo bought a .40-caliber handgun and two extended round clips froma man in Nashville and paid $315.05 in cash at a Dallas-areadepartment store for items that prosecutors said could be used tomake a bomb, including electrical wiring, clocks and a pressurecooker. Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment

He then took a four-hour cab ride from North Texas to Killeen,where he bought smokeless gunpowder in a local gun store. A federal forensic analyst testified that the powder, typicallyused in fireworks, burns slowly but could be used to detonate abomb. Prosecutors displayed receipts for the goods and showed videos ofAbdo at the department store, his Killeen hotel and at the gunstore a few miles down the road. Along the way, he aroused suspicion that twice prompted policeinvestigations and ultimately led to his arrest. One store employee recalled telling Abdo to have a nice day afterhe paid $256.44 cash for a number of items that included thesmokeless gunpowder. China Laser Liposuction Equipment

Bothered after the exchange, those at the store later calledpolice. “I just had a feeling,” the worker said.

Will house resolution on subsidy regime stand the test of time? – Round Led Panel Light Manufacturer

Share Kolawole Daniel, in this report, examines the resolution of the House ofRepresentatives on subsidy regime probe anchored by HonourableFarouk Lawan and its spill over effect on the economy as well asthe resolve of the House to ensure thorough implementation of theresolution. Majority of Nigerians never believed that the House ofRepresentatives was cut out to do a thorough job, when HonourableFarouk Lawan-led ad hoc committee was set up on January 8, during aspecial session, and mandated to verify and determine the actualsubsidy requirement and monitor the subsidy regime . Evenassurances from the House leadership that the probe would see the Round Led Panel Light of the day was taken with a pinch of salt by those who caredto listen. In no distance time, the committee commenced work and throughoutthe period that the probe lasted, Nigerians were treated to thesorry state of the nation s most priced natural resource which iscrude oil and how it is being managed by those who were entrustedto manage it.

It was revelations all through, not forgetting the alarm raised bythe committee itself that it was under pressure from some vestedinterest parties to jettisoned the probe. The committee, after alldrama and media frenzy, concluded the probe on February 9 and wasleft with collating and writing of the final report. Then, thewaiting game began and that further fuelled the apprehension byNigerians who were well abreast of the revelations that came outduring the probe. It was, indeed, a trying time for the House while the report of thepanel was still kept as top secret, with various media houses inthe country churning out supposed recommendations of the panel.This development, nevertheless, endeared Nigerians more to theactivities of the committee. As the waiting game continued, thechairman of the panel and those that mattered in the leadershipconfiguration of the House kept on assuring and re-assuring thatthe report of the committee would be thorough as to stand the testof time.

However, on April 18, after months of dilly-dallying over thesubmission of the panel s report, the committee finally submittedsuch and recommended that the Nigeria National PetroleumCorporation (NNPC), Petroleum Products Pricing and RegulatoryAgency (PPPRA), indicted oil marketers and companies that refusedto appear before the panel to refund the sum of N1.067 trillion tothe nation s treasury. Upon the submission of the report, April 24 was slated forconsideration of the report. Meanwhile, the executive summary ofthe report that was made available to newsmen indicated that, marketers that had short-changed Nigerians were identified andrecommended to make refunds within a time-frame of three months;civil servants were to be sanctioned in accordance with the civilservice rules as well as under extant laws; management staff andtop government officials were based on the gravity of theiroffences, to be reprimanded, re-deployed, dismissed and in specificcases prosecuted for abuse of office and fraudulent practices . Curiously, a day to the date slated for the consideration of therecommendations of the committee, the chairman, House Committee onMedia and Public Affairs, Honourable Zakari Mohammed, raised thealarm that some disgruntled elements were moving round to scuttlethe report of the panel which exposed corrupt practices in thenation s oil sector. Honourable Zakari, in a statement issued in Abuja, said that, weurge all Nigerians to be vigilant and wary of those who wouldrather want the country continue to be run in the usual corruptionladen way, which put unmerited resources in individual pockets atthe expense of the people.

The statement read in part, regarding the group of 18 marketerswho were deeply involved in the subsidy payouts, but declined toappear before the ad hoc committee, the purported recourse to legalaction is, in our opinion, an orchestrated plot to scuttle thefindings of the committee. Following the presentation of the reporton subsidy regime, several individuals, marketers and corporateorganisations not favoured by the report have sought to impune itsauthencity. Coming under various guise, including but not limited tobuck-passing and alleged non-invitation to the investigativehearing, several of them are desperately seeking to undermine theoutcome of the report consideration billed for tomorrow (April 24). For instance, despite repeated appeals by the Farouk Lawan-ledcommittee to all those who had anything to do with the country ssubsidy regime between 2009-2011 to come forward and makepresentations before it, some of these organisations convenientlychose to stay away-obviously, because they have something tohide-only to turn around now to claim non-invitation.

For the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), whichclaims that the ad hoc committee report may have been altered toembarrass it (the NNPC), is only in tandem with the currentreckoning of its spokesman as a Chief Denial Officer . Thecorporation must have been in possession of another version of thereport for it to assert that the one officially laid before theHouse of Representatives on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 wasaltered, the statement claimed. On the D-day for the clause to clause consideration of theLawan-led panel s 205-page report on subsidy regime, the Speaker,Honourable Aminu Tambuwal, who set the tone before theconsideration of the report through a brief remark, reiterated thatthe House would not spare anyone indicted in the bid to sanitisethe polity, stressing that the probe of the oil sector has raisedso much dust from certain segments of the polity such that itbecame clear that the intention was to frustrate it. For those whoregard the oil sector as a secret society or sacred cow, I wish tostate without equivocation that it is not . According to him, all public agencies in the oil sector are thecreation of Acts of the National Assembly and this Honourable Househas no powers to legislate for the creation of secret societies.

Consequently, the deputy speaker, Honourable Emeka Ihedioha, who bythe House rules was mandated to chair the committee of the whole,began a clause by clause consideration of the recommendations, withthe House rejecting the panel s soft landing recommendation forthe former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP_,Senator Ahmadu Ali, who served as Chairman of the Board ofPetroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Authority (PPPRA) from 2009 -2011 alongside his other board members. The Honourable Lawan panel had recommended that the Chairman ofthe Board of Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Authority(PPPRA) from 2009 – 2011, and the entire members of the boardduring the period are hereby reprimanded and their decision whichopened the floodgate for the bazaar is condemned in the strongestterms . But during the consideration of the report, members kicked againstthe recommendation and amended it to include that Senator Ali andother board members of PPPRA should be investigated and prosecuted. Respite, however, came the way of the 17 oil marketers that failedto appear before the panel and neither made submissions but wereindicted and asked to refund N42 billion through the interventionof relevant anti-corruption agencies. In a dramatic turn of events,the committee of the whole of the House gave the oil marketersanother window of opportunity as they were given two weeks toappear before the panel to defend themselves in the spirit of fairhearing and due process.

The affected oil marketers had, upon the submission of the panelreport, threatened to institute legal action against the House forallegedly not giving them fair hearing by the committee that probedthe subsidy regime. The House decision on the affected companieswas sequel to the input of Honourable Ossai Ossai who made a casefor the oil marketers, saying that they should be given fairhearing. The deputy speaker, in tune with Honourable Ossai s submission,asked the House Committee Chairman on Rules and Business,Honourable Sam Tsokwa, and a member of the panel, the chairman,House Committee on Justice, Hon Ali Ahmed, to guide the House. Theywere of the opinion that the 17 companies should be re-invited inthe spirit of fair hearing.

To this end, Hon Tobi Okechukwu,proposed an amendment that the 17 companies should re-appear beforethe committee within two weeks to explain the level of theirinvolvement in the N42 billion subsidy fund. Part of the panel s recommendations adopted by the House includedthe order on the Auditor General of the Federation office tourgently audit NNPC accounts and submit the report to the HouseCommittee on Public Accounts within three months. Approval was alsogiven to the panel s recommendation that President GoodluckJonathan should reorganise the Ministry of Petroleum Resources tomake it more effective in carrying out the much-needed reforms inthe oil and gas sector and as well appoint two ministers to takecharge of the upstream and downstream of the petroleum sector. The House also adopted the recommendations that stops the NNPC fromany form of deduction not captured in the Appropriation Act beforeremittance to the Federation Accounts, and the Corporation shouldsubmit its transactions to the operational guidelines of thesubsidy scheme.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) was also mandated by theresolution to follow up and penalise all the companies thatdefaulted in paying companies that failed to pay their taxes inline with the provisions of the companies income tax Act withinthree months. The anti-corruption agencies was also asked through the resolutionto investigate and prosecute former Ministers of Finance, MrMansur Mukhtar (2009 2010) and Mr Olusegun Aganga (2010 June,2011) who is now Minister of Trade and Investment; former theAccountant-General of the Federation, (AGF), the current governorof Gombe State, Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo: present AGF, Mr JonahOtunla, and Director-General of the Budget Office, Dr Bright Okogu,for an alleged extra budgetary expenditures under the PetroleumSupport Fund, PSF scheme. The House, during the second day of the report consideration whichwas tensed, rowdy and dramatic, was sharply divided over thecontinued stay in office of the Minister of Petroleum Resources,Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

The drama started when a lawmaker,Honourable Robinson Uwuak, through a point of order, demanded forthe resignation of Mrs Alison-Madueke under whose ministry thewhole subsidy scam were perpetrated with reckless abandon, but wasover ruled by the deputy speaker who had earlier asked the lawmakerto approach the chair for consultation. Surprisingly, despite theconsultation, Honourable Uwuak still went ahead to express hisreservation for the minister s continued stay in office, theaction which received resounding ovation from his colleagues. At this point, the Deputy House Leader, Hon Leo Ogor, stood up andasked the House to follow due process, as, according to him, therecommendations of the panel were still being considered. Hisstatement, however, caused an uproar with members shouting, No!no!! no!!! she must go!

A drama also played out, when the the governor of Gombe who hadserved as AGF was let off the hook over the alleged payment ofN999 million in 128 times within 24 hours for further investigationby relevant anti-corruption agencies with the name removed andsubstituted with that of PPPRA. The decision was contested by theMinority Leader, Honourable Femi Gbajabiamila, but was overruled bythe Deputy Speaker. Before the removal of the governor s name from that particularallegation, Honourable Lawan, after being recognised to guide theHouse on the issue, told his colleagues that after the presentationof the panel s report, three letters were received from theCentral Bank of Nigeria (CBN), PPPRA and the Gombe governor overthe allegation and that it was actually the PPPRA that paid out thealleged sums. Other recommendations approved by the House include: That all thepayments which the PPPRA made to itself from the Petroleum SupportFund accounts in excess of the approved administrative chargeswhich is due to it under the template should be recovered and paidback into the fund. The officials involved in this infractionshould be further investigated/ prosecuted by the relevantanti-corruption agencies.

That the Executive Secretaries of the PPPRA, who were theaccounting officers and under whose watch these abuses wereperpetrated, should be held liable. That the Executive Secretaries of the PPPRA between 2009-2011should be investigated and prosecuted for the official recklessnessexhibited in the implementation of the board decision to reversethe qualification for participation in the scheme. The House was, however, divided on the issue of resolving theviolations in the oil sector using the Petroleum Industry Bill(PIB). Some members were opposed to the recommendation that the executiveshould send the PIB to the National Assembly. They also argued thatthere was already a PIB drafted before the House which should bepassed expeditiously but this also generated uproar from those notcomfortable with the idea of a PIB.

The House also recommended that the accounting firm of AkintolaWilliams, Deloitte and Olusola Adekanola and partners should beprosecuted and their services should be discontinued with immediateeffect for professional negligence in the whole subsidy regimesaga. The additional recommendation, which also summarised the positionof the House on the probe, reads, that the resolutions of theHouse on the report of the fuel subsidy regime should be served onMr President, the Senate and all anti-corruption agencies forinformation and necessary actions . Honourable Mohammed, who later briefed newmen after theadoption of the report, said that the objective of the report wasnot to witch-hunt anybody but to state facts as they were, addingthat the House was not playing anybody s script. He equally saidthat the report would be sent to President Jonathan, the Senate,relevant anti-corruption agencies for further action. Weeks after, a resolution of the House on the report was madepublic and conflicting position of the presidency was echoed bydifferent political appointees of the president, with some of themclaiming that the resolution would be implemented and others sayingotherwise.

In this Round Led Panel Light, the House has vowed that it would go allout to ensure that the report of Honourable Lawan-led ad hoccommittee on the subsidy regime management is implemented to theletter. Suffice to say that the House resolution on the subsidy regimemanagement has, since it was made public, been met with accoladesand commendations from various stakeholders. However, the onus nowlies on the presidency and the anti-corruption agencies to act onthe resolutions or otherwise. To put it straight, history willdefinitely record the role of individuals and their actions inexposing and punishing those indicted in the subsidy regimesaga.
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