Food giant claimed to be undermining producer group – China Quad Band Smartphones

Graig Producers maintains the stand-off is about the principle,which it claims is a potential threat to all farmer co-ops andproducer groups. The row centres on Vion s revised payment system by which it wantsto pay farmers direct, by BACS, for the stock they supply throughGraig, rather than paying Graig, who then send payment back toindividual members. Vion argues it is now dealing successfully with other groups andco-ops in this way and says it is disappointed at the stancetaken by Graig. A spokesman said although farmers were paid direct,the groups themselves were still paid separately for whateverservices they provided in the supply chain. CDMA GSM Cell Phones

However, the Graig group s managing director Bob Kennard said hewas concerned that Vion, by effectively side-lining the farmers group in the payment process, and by seeking production data fromindividual farmers, would then be able to pick and choose itssupplying farmers and favour the larger ones. We believe it also represents a major shift in the balance ofpower between beef and lamb producers and the processor, as themove affects all farmers groups, not just ourselves. Graig Producers maintains it has strong support from its farmermembers together with a diverse range of other organisations,individual and MPs who acknowledge the benefits of producersstrengthening their marketing power via an organised group. However, Vion Food Group, communications controller: RobertSmith told Farmers Guardian in introducing a new payments system,his company was responding to calls for greater supply chaintransparency. He said Vion believed it would deliver greaterefficiency for farm administration. China Quad Band Smartphones

The issue with Graig Producers is isolated and is not a move tobypass co-operative groups. Vion continues to maintain a positive,constructive commercial relationship with other farmer marketinggroups who continue to be recompensed for the valued services thatthey provide. Vion is farmer-owned, and is a significant British farmer in itsown right. Mr Smith maintained it dealt directly with thousandsof small producers throughout the UK, and recognised the importanceof promoting a strong, sustainable agriculture supply chain. Concentration in the processing sector is the result of economicpressures on the entire supply chain and reflects demands from themarketplace. China Capacitive Smartphones

The record prices being paid for livestock in the beefsector would suggest that this concentration is unable to putpressure on farmers, as suggested by Graig Producers. The Graig farmers are launching acampaign Ethicalfood4Me , inviting consumers to sign up to fairer treatment for Britishproducers.


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