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As the world takes in the effect of global warming and Fukushima snuclear reactor disaster in Japan, electronic manufacturers havejoined the race to reduce energy consumption from lighting, whileat the same time increasing the comfort, safety and security ofconsumers. No less than 2,100 international manufacturers showcasedtheir latest solutions at the recent Light+Building 2012 trade fairin Frankfurt, Germany. The Jakarta Post s Tertiani ZB Simanjuntak was one of the Asia Pacific media attendees invited by marketleader Philips to report on the high-tech lighting industry,currently moving in an interesting direction. Light up: The retractable chandelier made of Lumiblade OLED panelsis the highlight of Philips booth at the Light+Building 2012trade fair.

JP/Tertiani ZB Simanjuntak Demands for energy-saving lighting products are in upward trend,energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent bulbs are an importantforce in the green transformation being ushered in during thegolden age of development. The last couple of years have been witness to a revolution inlighting technology with Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs takinghouseholds and city lighting by storm, although not without itscritics. Due to efficiency and long lifespan, LED bulbs are considered to bea good replacement for incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescentlights (CFLs) in the home; however, there were initially reports ofhow LED bulbs didn t fit the standard light bulb socket, whilemany people were not willing to tolerate the light output not tomention the substandard quality of knockoffs that have raised doubton how environmentally friendly and sustainable the manufacturingprocess actually was. During the Light+Building 2012 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany,held in the Messe Frankfurt fair and exhibition center from April15-20, leading lighting manufacturer Philips introduced its lateststep in LED technology and its newest generation: the organic LED(OLED) lighting.

OLED, or Lumiblade as patented by Philips, gets its name from theorganic semiconductors used in the product along with the minimumamount of waste during the production process at the factory inAachen, Germany. With a dimension of 10-centimeter by 10-centimeter, and a width of2 millimeters (including the glass cover), the thin, flat panelused for general lighting is rated at 35 lumens/Watt in energyefficiency and lasts up to 10 times longer than an incandescent lamp (rated at 10,000 hours),while giving off light equivalent to 75 Watts of an incandescentlamp, currently still illuminating many homes and offices. Besides its energy efficiency, the best thing about the OLED panelis that the light it produces is comfortable on the eyes, anoticeable difference compared to the widely used glary lightings. OLED takes lighting to a new frontier. It emits gentle, diffuselight It opens up a new host of possibilities for creativedesigns and quality of lighting, said Philips CEO Frans vanHouten.

Last year, American hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas went on stage inParis for three shows, wearing clothes embroidered with LEDs andOLED lighting panels from Philips. Fergie opted for a leatheroutfit studded with 75 white Lumiblade OLED panels unconfirmedreports said that the lighting would not make her looked fat which were controlled remotely and were synchronized to the musicand lighting sequences. Although consumers will have to wait for another six years to getmore advanced OLED (40-centimeter by 40-centimeter dimension,40,000 hours with 130 lumens/Watts in efficiency for clear OLED and1-meter by 1-meter color-changeable decorative lighting) thecurrent product has already offered so much freedom in its usage. Boasted as the only flat light source currently available, OLED hasthe freedom of shape and design, in addition to the freedom ofcolor. This is where a collaboration of high tech and high-enddesign is introduced.

The output enables a city government toinstall 3-dimensional living structures for a landmark or for ahotel to install a living room wall beckoning guests. By living, itmeans the structure can interact with people, thanks to theinstalled camera or infrared censoring that can activate differentdimming sequences. At present, Philips only targets government and businesses aspotential markets for the premium product. According to Marc de Jong, general manager of professionalluminaires at Philips Lighting, the price of one Round Led Panel Light wasUS$50, but could save the buyer up to $165 in its lifespan.

The product is expensive, but each one is unique as it can becustomized. Customers are ready to pay more for high qualitylighting that meets artistry, he said when asked how designconverted to actual sales. Overtime, the product will be more affordable, he said, addingthat a LED bulb offered a retail price of $35 two years ago but hasdropped to about $10 today. Intelligent lighting Cities and companies are increasingly seeking solutions to saveenergy due to issues related to the worsening energy crisis,resource scarcity, safety, climate change, maintenance,productivity in offices and an enhanced sense of health and wellbeing, increasingly placing pressures on the economy.

Philips believes that the professional sector, in which lightingaccounts for about 20 percent of commercial building electricityconsumption, offered the largest energy saving potential. Theprofessional industry accounts for 60 percent of the world slighting consumption. The hospitality sector, which included hotels and restaurants,could also cutting costs associated with lighting, as lightingaccounted for about 40 percent of the total energy used in thesector. The move to switch to an energy efficient lighting system couldresult in energy savings of up to 50 percent, reduced costs forbusinesses and the economy, while reducing carbon emissions, deJong said.

High-quality LEDs can now be used for general lighting in almostall areas. By 2015, we believe that 45 percent of lighting systemsglobally will be using LED, he said. The energy sipping LED lighting has a variety of colortemperatures, based on the need to create different lightingenvironments in households, schools, shops, offices and the townhall with a wide range of applications. Some world cities in Europe and Asia have installed LED lightingsystems on the streets to help motorists have better night vision.A digitalized system could control brightness, therefore furtherreducing energy usage while also alerting operators should there bea malfunction.

The use of LED luminaires as streetlights increasesthe space between streetlights, which may reduce the cost ofapplication. A simulation of professional lighting is available at Philips Outdoor Lighting Application Center in Lyon, France. Office buildings could also apply LED-based products which wouldenhance productivity, while at the same time reducing energyconsumption. There are also products sensitive to natural lightsand sounds which will automatically be dimmed or turned off insituations where less lighting is needed.

Retail shops and fashion chain stores in Europe have also enjoyedthe benefit of switching to LED-based lighting systems. As lightinghas become the second level of communications, the installment ofvideo walls and up lights has resulted in an increase to customernumbers by 20-30 percent. The PureDetail lamp that accentuates thecharacteristics of fashion and textile products has driven sales by4-5 percent, according to de Jong. According to an independent survey, the use of our SchoolVision,which could create a classroom atmosphere that is able to makestudents learn 30 percent faster, make 50 percent less mistakes andreduce hyperactivity by 70 percent, said de Jong. Philips also offered a customized package of end-to-end services rapidly deployed at scale from design to maintenance over aplanned period of time.

We aim to remove the complexity and the risk, which governmentsand companies face today, when considering the switch to energyefficient lighting, said de Jong, adding that emerging markets inAsia were ready to switch due to mounting pressure for reducedenergy consumption.
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