Scientists find differences in naked mole rat’s protein disposers – Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

On May 2 a Barshop Institute team reported that the nakedmole-rat’s cellular machines for protein disposal — calledproteasome assemblies — differ in composition from those of othershort-lived rodents. The study is in the journal PLoS ONE . This is the first report of the molecular mechanisms that underliethe naked mole-rat’s superior ability to maintain proteinintegrity. “More effective removal of damaged proteins withinthe cell would enable the animal to be able to maintain goodfunction and is likely to contribute to its excellent maintenanceof good health well into its third decade of life,” saidRochelle Buffenstein, Ph.D., of the Barshop Institute. Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Dr.Buffenstein is a professor of physiology and cellular andstructural biology in the School of Medicine at the UT HealthScience Center. Protein integrity Dr. Buffenstein and her research team in 2009 reported that thenaked mole-rat maintains exceptional protein integrity throughoutits long and healthy life. In the new study, the team found agreater number of proteasomes and higher protein-disposal activityin naked mole-rat liver cells. Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

The Barshop Institute scientists, including lead author KarlRodriguez, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow, and Yael Edrey, graduatestudent, also found large numbers of immunoproteasomes in the livercells — a bit of a surprise because these protein disposers, whichremove antigens after presentation in the immune system, are morecommonly found in the spleen and thymus. “Given the high levels of oxidative damage routinely seen inliver tissue of naked mole-rats, it is likely that, in the liver,these immunoproteasomes may play a critical role in the processingof oxidatively damaged proteins,” Dr. Buffenstein said. Oxidative stress Oxygen is a reactive molecule, rusting unsealed metals anddarkening fruit. Breast Enlargement Machines

In the body over time, it is thought to cause anaccumulation of damage leading to functional decline, diseases andaging. This is called the oxidative stress theory of aging. Naked mole-rats, which live underground in the wild, exhibit highlevels of oxidative stress even at a young age, yet do not showmany signs of age-related decline until very late in life. “The composition of proteasomes and the presence ofimmunoproteasomes in the liver are key pieces of the jigsaw puzzleevaluating how naked mole-rats preserve health span well into theirthird decade of life,” Dr.

Buffenstein said. Co-authors also included Barshop Institute members Maria Gaczynska,Ph.D., associate professor of molecular medicine in the School ofMedicine, and Pawel Osmulski, Ph.D., assistant professor ofmolecular medicine.


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