Japan eyes maritime aid for philippine defense against china – Cell Phone Silicone Covers Manufacturer

Japan is planning to provide maritime vessels, including1,000-tonne patrol ships, to the Philippines to support theisland country in its territorial dispute against China, aJapanese newspaper reported in March, weeks before tensions eruptedover the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal. The Philippine Navy said it welcomed any form of assistance fromany nation but could not confirm whether Japan had made such acommitment to the Philippine government. In a March 22 report carried by KBS World Radio, a KoreanEnglish-language news website, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, aJapanese-language newspaper, was quoted as saying that Japan hasdecided to provide the Philippines with patrol ships by year send. “The newspaper said that Japan has decided to provide vessels,including 1,000-tonne patrol ships, to the Philippines by the endof the year, KBS World Radio said. Cell Phone Leather Pouches

Not official yet But the Japanese Embassy in Manila yesterday said Japan has notyet officially decided if it would provide the Philippines withthe maritime patrol vessels. “The government of Japan is still considering whether to includethem under its official development aid to the Philippines, theembassy s information and press centre told the Inquirer. KBS World Radio said the move to supply the Philippines with patrolvessels came after the government last year eased the ThreePrinciples of Arms Export, a law which proscribes Japanese exportof arms. It quoted the Japanese paper as saying this is a move to raisethe Philippines maritime safety capabilities in the South ChinaSea, where it is clashing with China over sovereignty rights. Cell Phone Silicone Covers Manufacturer

“The United States and members of the Association of SoutheastAsian Nations are said to be keeping China in check as part oftheir efforts to maintain maritime security, which Japan alsosupports, KBS World Radio said. Added boost Navy spokesperson Lt. Col. Omar Tonsay said the Navy wouldappreciate the added boost to its capability, considering recentcircumstances, but he said he could not confirm whether such planswere really in place. Armed Forces public affairs chief Col. China Cell Phone Housing

Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos saidthe military was not part of the discussions, but that informationreaching him indicated that the ships in discussion would besmaller than the reported 1,000-tonne vessels. Meanwhile, Armed Forces Chief Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa Thursday saidthe process of building a credible defence for the Philippineswas moving fast, with a new warship arriving on May 22, as well aseight new combat helicopters and radar facilities. During a visit to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan Thursday, Dellosasaid the purchase of new hardware would help the armed forces builda “modest deterrent capability”.

The AFP chief met with Western Command Commander Juancho Sabban andkey officers to assess the situation at the disputed Panatag Shoaljust 200 kilometers off Masinloc in Zambales province (north ofManila). On April 10, tensions rose between China and the Philippines overdisputed fishing grounds in Panatag, known as Scarboroughinternationally and as Huangyan island to the Chinese. 2nd ship from US Dellosa said the government would formally receive its secondHamilton-class naval vessel from the United States on May 22. The first such acquisition, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, figured inthe early part of the Scarborough standoff with Chinese vesselswhen its crew tried to arrest a group of Chinese poachers caughtred-handed inside the disputed shoal.


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