Serious but rare genetic immune disorder studied by scientists – China E Light IPL RF

Defects in the gene that encodes the XIAP protein result in aserious immune malfunction. Scientists used biochemical analyses tomap the protein’s ability to activate vital components of theimmune system. Their results have recently been published in Molecular Cell, a journal of international scientific repute. Researchers at The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for ProteinResearch at the University of Copenhagen have mapped how the XIAPprotein activates a vital component of the immune defence system,specifically the component that fights bacterial infections in thegastro-intestinal system: “Our results are an important step on the way to understanding thevery serious – but fortunately rare – genetic immune disordercalled X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome type 2 (XLP2), whichaffects male children,” says Associate Professor Mads Gyrd-Hansenfrom the The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research,and explains more about the disease: “The gastro-intestinal system can be viewed as a long tube runningthrough the body, absorbing nutrients and water. The contactsurface between the intestinal system and the rest of the body isprotected by an efficient immune barrier that confines the bacteriato the intestine. Medical Co2 Laser

This barrier is not intact in XLP2 patients, whothus lack the necessary bulwark, so to say, between bacteria andbody.” The new study published in Molecular Cell shows that genetic mutations found in patients with XLP2specifically destroy XIAP’s ability to attach the signallingprotein ubiquitin to other proteins. The attachment process isvital for activating the immune system and therefore for survival. Important knowledge for leukaemia research While the results from the study published in Molecular Cell are first and foremost relevant for XLP2 patients, cancer researchers can also benefit from the new discoveries: “Several pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs to act onIAP proteins, including XIAP, as part of cancer treatment. Severalof the drugs are currently being tested in clinical trials fortheir efficacy in treatment of leukaemia and other forms of cancer. China E Light IPL RF

It is therefore essential to knowprecisely which biological processes in the organism the treatmentcan potentially affect,” continues Mads Gyrd-Hansen. Mads Gyrd-Hansen and his colleagues at The Novo Nordisk FoundationCenter for Protein Research have been collaborating for a good 18months together with research groups in Germany, the UK andAustralia, and the competencies of the individual groups have madeit possible to rapidly achieve high-quality results quickly: “International collaboration has made it possible – in a short time- to describe detailed molecular processes, to use the descriptionsto create mouse models for further tests and thereafter to link theresults of these tests to genetic mutations identified inpatients.” Additional References Citations. China IPL Laser Machine


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