Marietta dentists, kirk kimmerling and alex krempa welcome new – Teeth Whitening Equipment

The Marietta dentist office has formally announced the addition of Suzanna Aguilera,DMD to the growing practice. “We wanted to find a dentist whoshared the same insight into clinical skills with a comprehensiveunderstanding of sophisticated dental equipment and materials,”says Dr. Kimmerling. Our dental office is dedicated to stayingabreast of all the latest improvements in dental equipment andtechnology, so we can meet our commitment to provide the bestpossible outcomes for patients.” Dr.

Kimmerling is a founder andpartner in a biotechnology firm that has developed platformtechnology that significantly improves dental material properties.Dr. Aguilera is an excellent fit, as she has a significantunderstanding of the impending changes in dentistry. The dentist in Marietta GA has highly educated doctors. Dr. Aguilera received her doctorateof dental medicine from the Medical College of Georgia.

Beforecompleting dental school, she graduated from Georgia College inMilledgeville with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and minor inMusic. She played the violin in the Georgia College String Ensembleand participated in research in Physics at Yale University. Dr.Aguilera won the Excellence in TMD and Occlusion Award by theEquilibration Society and conducted research on staining of Teeth Whitening Equipmentthat was awarded a fellowship by the Academy of OperativeDentistry. Dr.

Aguilera has had an excellent reception by patients. I was soimpressed with Dr. Aguilera s attention to detail and gentle carewhen I had my filling done. I was looking for the best cosmeticdentist and am so glad that I came here! says patient EllenCimino. Dr.

Kimmerling is a graduate of Emory University School ofDentistry and had the distinction of winning the Oral PathologyAward. He also received a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, alsofrom Emory. He is native to Cobb County and is a graduate of localMcEachern High School and has been practicing dentistry for over 30years. In addition to his dental practice, he is the President andCEO of Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC and fiteBac SkinCare, LLC.Dr. Kimmerling is working with researchers from universities andprivate industry to advance highly sophisticated antimicrobial technology.

Dr. Krempa graduated from the University of Alabama School ofDentistry in Birmingham. He won the American Academy of ImplantDentistry Award and was inducted into the exclusive National DentalHonor Society, OKU. n addition to these accomplishments, Dr.Krempa played NCAA Division I Golf and was named ESPN’s AcademicAll-American Golfer and the Big South Conference Scholar Athlete ofthe Year. “All three doctors are highly accomplished and make anexcellent team.” All three Marietta GA dentist s are members of the American Dental Association and the GeorgiaDental Association.

At Verde Pointe Dental Associates, a wide variety of dentalservices are offered from routine dental cleanings, consultations,Teeth Whitening Equipment whitening, tooth colored fillings, dental implants, rootcanals to emergency dental care. New patients are welcome and willbe very impressed with our office and the quality of care offeredwith our state of the art technology and comfortable atmosphere.The dental office considers itself green. The front office team,dental assistants, hygienists, and dentists, each are trained tocut down on the amount of paper printed in the office by storinginformation digitally and using electronic means to transferinformation. “It is our way of being environmentally sound and goodstewards,” says Dr. Kimmerling.

Kirk Kimmerling, DDS, Alex Krempa, DMD and Suzanna Aguilera, DMDare cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA that are literally paving theway for the future of dentistry. The office is technologicallysophisticated in not only equipment and procedures, but alsodeveloping dental materials via Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC andfiteBac SkinCare, LLC, Dr. Kimmerling’s biotechnology firms. Theoffice maintains 13 operatories, each of which is equipped with adisplay monitor on which digital x-rays and intra-oral pictures canbe examined, and patient education videos can be viewed.

The officealso employs highly advanced technologies, including: (1) Logicon,a program that can digitally measure the extent of tooth decay,which allows detection of 20% more cavities and helps preventmisdiagnosis; (2) Collimators, a conduction of x-ray tube headsthat decrease radiation exposure to the patients and staff by5-fold; and (3) iTero, an advanced restoration impression systemand digital scanner that produces more accurate restorations thantraditional methods. The overall well-being of each patient canalso be improved by adding a DNA salivary test, which allows theoffice professionals to better determine a patient s specific riskof periodontal disease as well as certain types of oral cancer. Theoffice is the first to use fiteBac SkinCare Germicidal HandSoftening Gel, an advanced hand sanitizer without the harshness to skin from traditional alcohol-based handsanitizers. Drs.

Kimmerling, Krempa and Aguilera invite newpatients to meet their exceptional staff and experience and benefitfrom state of the art dental care.
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