Infrastructure construction of northeast changchun pilot zone goessteadily – China E Light IPL RF

The Northeast Changchun Opening-up and Development Pilot Zone is akey region for the strategy of Chang-Ji Integration. In order tofully implement the spirit of 10th Meeting for Party MemberRepresentatives of Jilin Province, Changchun City is now makingactive efforts in this season to push forward the construction ofthe zone to ensure the steady acceleration of Chang-Ji Integrationstrategy. As the south-north main road in the core area of NortheastChangchun, Yuanda Street is a dual 14-lane carriageway, with adesign speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, it willbecome the widest fast-speed road with the largest bearing capacityin the city. Medical Co2 Laser

As an important part in the city stwo-vertical/two-horizontal system, Yuanda s surfacing has nowbeen completed, and other work will be done at the end of thisyear. Beihu Bridge is situated in the western part of the core area ofNortheast Changchun. It is an important connective point for NorthNo.4 City Ring Road. It crosses Yitong River and NortheastChangchun Wetland Park as well as Jing-Ha Railway with which thecore area of Northeast Changchun and Kuancheng District areconnected together. With a total investment of RMB 550 million,Beihu Bridge is 2781.5 meters long, 19 times as long as NanhuBridge. China E Light IPL RF

Beihu is 40 meters wide on which dual 8 lanes are opened.The design speed is 40 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, thecore area of Northeast Changchun will be only 12 kilometers awayfrom Renmin Square, and 11 kilometers from Changchun RailwayStation, thereby playing an important role in accelerating theeconomic development of Northeast Changchun. At present, the mainframework has been finished, and only a few touches are left forother work like guardrail and beautification. Beihu Bridge ispredicted to open in late June this year. China IPL Laser Machine

The wetland park was started in 2010. The planning area totals 9.7square kilometers on which RMB 3 billion will be invested. As amultifunctional wetland park of Northeast Changchun, it will becomethe largest of its kind in Northeast China. At present, thefirst-phase project has been completed. And the second phase willbe finished in this June.

Upon completion, it will become alarge-scale wetland park which integrates such functions as wetlandsightseeing, urban leisure, exhibition and popularization ofscientific knowledge and organization of folk customs and sportsactivities. After three years, remarkable achievements have been made ininfrastructure construction in Northeast Changchun. Currently, 43roads totaling 100 kilometers have been paved in NortheastChangchun Opening-up and Development Pilot Zone. And theconstruction of humanistic landscapes represented by the wetlandpark has been half finished.


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