Egyptians in dubai divided over mubarak sentence and country’sfuture – China Punk Rock Jewellery

DUBAI, June 2 — The life sentence for Egypt’s former PresidentHosni Mubarak, which was issued by the New Cairo criminal courtSaturday, left Egyptian expatriates in Dubai divided over thedegree of punishment and their country’s future, Xinhua learnt in aquick survey. According to data compiled by the Embassy of Egypt in Abu Dhabi,with 300,000 expatriates from Egypt living in the Gulf state, theEgyptians are the largest Arab foreigners group in the United ArabEmirates, which has a total population of 8.5 million. Mostafa, a 35-year old Egyptian who has been living in Dubai formore than 10 years, said that a life sentence is better than deathpenalty, “because the latter would spark violence.” “I am also sure that this verdict will support the MuslimBrotherhood candidate Morsi, because a life sentence, rather thanthe death penalty, shows that Egypt is on the way to seriousdemocracy where human rights are respected,” he said. Kiwan, a Coptic Christian who works in Dubai for a consultancy firmsaid that the verdict against Egypt’s former president, who ruledthe country for over three decades, was good for the safety of thecountry. “I think it is a fair decision.

I respect the court, asthe hearings were fair and transparent. Now that Mubarak will bebrought to justice, my country can move ahead to a better future,God willing.” Around 10 percent of the 84 million Egyptians belong to the CopticChurch. The survey also revealed that supporters of Mubarak do not shy awayfrom expressing their opinion. “The verdict is not just.

I am verysad what they did with Mubarak,” said Mohamed, a sales manager in afashion store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. Fighting with his tears, he added that “Mubarak took power in 1981,the year when I was born. I pray to God that history will one daytell people the truth, namely that Hosni Mubarak was a human leaderwho cherished the values of his country and of each family.” Asked for whom he would vote in the run-off which will kick off onJune 16, Mohamed said, “for Ahmed Shafiq, of course! I do not trustthese people from the Brotherhood. They have no experience inpolitics. They have secret relations with other, hostile MiddleEastern states,” he added, without specifying which states he hadin mind. Engraved Silver Charm

Fatima, on the other hand, said she was disappointed that JudgeAhmed Refaat did not give 84-year old Mubarak a death sentence. “He killed so many people during the Tahrir revolution. That he willspend his days just in jail is not real justice.” The 24-old student Fatima added that Egyptians are left divided andthat none of the two presidential candidates for the run-off wouldbe good for the country. “Muhamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood will force us women towear the headscarf Sheila and we do not want that. China Punk Rock Jewellery

We are free! “Ahmed Shafiq added. “The former prime minister was under Mubarak,so for me he is a man of the past. Can he bring us the liberalchange which we want? Never!” Engineer Ahmed, a father in his fifties who raised his fourchildren in Dubai, remained neutral, saying that “we respect thecourt’s decision. I expect Shafiq to become the next president.Only he can bring safety, security and stability to my country.” Nermin, a teacher from Alexandria who lives with her family inDubai’s old town Deira, also said she had expected that Mubarakwould be given the capital punishment. “Nevertheless, I will vote for Ahmed Shafiq. Bangle Bracelets for Women Manufacturer

He is the experiencedone of the two candidates, and as minister of civil aviation, whichhe was from 2002 to early 2011, he did nothing bad to the people.The Muslim Brotherhood I do not really trust. I fear they willlimit women’s rights.”.


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