Clearmechanic releases spoof commercials to promote onlinescheduling service for car repairs

SAN FRANCISCO–June 5, 2012: ClearMechanic, provider of technologyto improve the auto repair experience, today released the first ina variety of spoof infomercials to promote their new service, anonline scheduling solution that works like an “OpenTable” for carrepairs. “Our aim is to make scheduling car repairs as easy andconvenient for consumers as companies like ZocDoc and OpenTablehave made making doctor’s appointments and restaurant reservations.The YouTube commercials directly reach this demographic andhopefully poke some fun at the frustration we all feel with thecurrent process.” The commercials, produced by a comedy team that has had videosfeatured on, are meant to highlight how difficult itis to connect with repair centers on the consumer’s own schedule.In each clip, an overly amped spokesperson introduces the viewersto a variety of situations where a product like ClearMechanic’sscheduling solution would come in handy. Launching this summer at select repair centers in the San FranciscoBay Area, customers looking for a service center can, search for appointment availability at multipledealerships and repair shops, and instantly book an appointmentwith their provider of choice. Customers will no longer need tomake time-consuming phone calls or fill out elaborate onlinescheduling forms. Industrial Keyboard With Trackball

“We used the spoof YouTube commercials in our marketing campaignbecause it directly targets those we’re serving — enthusiasts ofonline services,” said Brad Simmons, CEO of ClearMechanic. “Our aimis to make scheduling car repairs as easy and convenient forconsumers as companies like ZocDoc and OpenTable have made makingdoctor’s appointments and restaurant reservations. The YouTubecommercials directly reach this demographic and hopefully poke somefun at the frustration we all feel with the current process.” Studies show the average age of loyal dealership service customersis now over 50 years old. ClearMechanic’s new solution aims tobridge the gap between service centers and young consumers bymaking it more convenient to schedule vehicle services online. ClearMechanic has assembled select, highly rated Bay Area servicecenters to participate in the pilot program, with a consumerroll-out planned for this summer. China Standard Touch Kiosk

About ClearMechanic, Inc.: Founded in 2009, ClearMechanic has proven experience creatingaward-winning applications for the automotive repair industry.Their existing mobile and web applications have delivered more than200,000 repair recommendations and bring transparency and ease torepair center customers. ClearMechanic’s goal is to create awin-win for service centers and their customers and bring today’sInternet customers back to the service bay. For more information, please visit Clear Mechanic . Ipad Kiosk Enclosure Manufacturer


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