Police investigating links between magnotta, slew of unsolvedkillings – Silver Brooch Pin

While stressing the checks are normal at this stage, investigatorssay the particular, horrifying method used in the death of Lin Jun he was bound, stabbed, dismembered and his corpse sexuallydefiled, all on video along with Mr. Magnotta s status as afrequent traveller, are drawing special attention from police indozens of jurisdictions. In Montreal alone we have probably 100 files going back a numberof years that we ll look at, said Commander Denis Mainville, thehead investigator of the Montreal police major crimes unit. Mr. Mainville granted rare interviews mid-case to offer a lengthybriefing on their investigation, revealing a number of new details.

Montreal police are conducting their own outreach, asking Edmontonpolice to investigate an Alberta-based operator of a ghoulishwebsite that has aired the video of the attack on Mr. Lin.Investigators in Montreal believe the site may be breakingobscenity laws. Police are still looking for the left hand, left foot and head fromMr. Lin s corpse.

The right hand and foot were recovered from maildestined to political parties in Ottawa. Mr. Mainville said theydon t believe the other parts are still in the mail, but CanadaPost is still looking. (Mr. Lin s arms and legs and torso wererecovered amid a large pile of curbside garbage.) Officers said Mr. Female Body Piercing Jewelry

Lin was identified by a close friend lastweek after he reported Mr. Lin missing, and went online searchingfor information and found the grisly video. He had been looking for his friend for four days and in hissearch online came across this, police Commander Ian Lafreni resaid in an interview. It s hard to imagine. Mr. Silver Brooch Pin

Lin s family is expected in Montreal in the next day or two,Mr. Lafreni re said. Mr. Lin s family in China is in the process of obtainingpassports, visas and plane tickets to travel to Montreal, said XuZheng, consul at the city s Consulate General of China. Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Sets

Thefamily, which includes Mr. Lin s parents, could arrive as early asthis week. The family wants to come as soon as possible, he said. Mr. Xu expressed the hope that Mr.

Magnotta would also face justiceas quickly as possible. Mr. Mainville disputed the popular theory that Mr. Magnotta waslooking to get caught.

He reportedly used his cellphone, visitedinternet caf s and bars, checked in with old friends, andapproached strangers to party while on the lam in France andGermany. I ve heard a lot of experts and pseudo-experts suggest he waseither stupid or trying to get caught. On the contrary, he wasfairly prudent, changing his appearance, wearing wigs, glasses,frequently changing clothes, said Mr. Mainville. He was notleaving little pebbles behind him.

But luckily, he made mistakes. Mr. Magnotta s online presence was key to his arrest. In additionto hundreds of photographs posted to various pages, Mr.

Magnottawas the owner of 70 Facebook sites, investigators say. Mr. Magnottawas checking out websites about him when a worker at an internetcaf recognized him in Berlin. I have trouble following one Facebook page, he had 70, saidCommander Lafreni re.

He was clearly out to glorify himself, andthat certainly helped bring him down. With a file from Ingrid Peritz More Related to this Story Scenes from Luka Magnotta’s arrest in Berlin.


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