Pageant queen pleads not guilty to stanley cup riot charges – Sintered SmCo Magnets

Beauty queen Sophie Laboissonniere has changed her mind. Laboissonniere, charged with break and enter and participating in ariot charges for her part in the Stanley Cup riot, pleaded notguilty on Tuesday. Laboissonniere, crowned Miss Congeniality at a Miss CoastalVancouver pageant last year, said in late January that she wouldenter a guilty plea. He eight-day trial is scheduled to start in April 2013.

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday, two Burnaby men pleaded guilty to theirroles in last year s riot. Tuesday s guilty pleas from the Burnaby men brought the total to13 rioters who have entered guilty pleas. Vancouver police alsorecommended the Crown make 19 additional charges to seven peopleTuesday, three of whom are considered youths. Timothy Tin-Chew Kwong, 30, and Fernando Bernabe, 20, both ofBurnaby, pleaded guilty to participating in a riot. Bernabe had two mischief charges for damaging vehicles dropped inhis guilty plea, consistent with past deals with the Crown to dropadditional charges when an accused accepts the participation in ariot charge.

Kwong pleaded guilty to an additional charge of arson. A remorseful Bernabe stood outside Vancouver Provincial Court toapologize and said he s trying to move on. I m sorry to do that to the city, Bernabe said politely withhis mother by his side. It was an in the moment kind of thing . . Neodymium Block Magnets

It shouldn t have happened. I m just trying to move on. And while he admits he was in the wrong, he still doesn t rememberthe night. It s just, I don t remember what I did, Bernabe started. Iwas really intoxicated at the time. Sintered SmCo Magnets

Kwong declined comment. His lawyer, Brian Mickelson, said Kwong wastaking full responsibility for his charges. Kwong s additionalcharge of arson was for his role in setting fire to a GMC Sierrathe night of the riot. His sentencing is set for Nov. 30, 2012. Neodymium Cylinder Magnets Manufacturer

Two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old, all from Sidney, were chargedwith participation in a riot and mischief. Christopher Moewes, 24, Harkamal Bhullar, 18, Rajinder Sandhu, 23,both of Richmond, and Patrick Judge, 25, of Port Moody were alsocharged. Connor Epp, 20, of Maple Ridge entered a guilty plea on Monday.


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