China’s nuclear safety and development plan nears approval – China Lighter Camera

It looks as if the safety and development plan that is currentlybeing modified by Chinese regulators and planners for its nuclear industry will have its stamp of approval by June. Quoting Xu Yuming, vice secretary general of the China NuclearEnergy Association, Bloomberg News reported the state councilof China is poised to meet before the end of June to approve thenuclear plan once the proposed amendments have been incorporatedinto it. An earlier submitted plan was rejected by the state council. Theparties that drafted the plan are now making modifications to some”minor” details, Mr Xu said. The magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami thatstruck Japan in March 2011 along with its resultingdebilitating effects, which not only killed thousands of people butalso brought about a number of nuclear disasters and level 7meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima PowerPlant complex, have become not only Japan’s mosthard-earned lessons but also beacons of standards for othernations, particularly China, as far as nuclear power safetyhandling is concerned. Spy Watch Camera

China, forecast by the International Energy Agency to become theworld’s largest energy consumer by 2035, is on a continuousmanhunt scouting for approaches and methods to address of itselectric power shortages. Its economic growth over the past decademay have led it to become the world’s second-largest economyin such short time, but the same zooming growth has put increasingstress on its electrical generation grid due to a rising urbanpopulation. Follow us In fact, prior to the Fukushima disaster, China had approved theconstruction of four nuclear reactors. But these were eventuallyordered suspended pending safety checks and the approval of thenuclear safety and development plan. China Lighter Camera

Once the plan is approved, government is seen to immediately resumethe approval of construction of new nuclear plants. To support the expected massive influx of nuclear reactorspotentially going online all at the same time, China willexpectedly need to increase its uranium imports. Two new reactors located at Hongyanhe and Ningde are expected to goonline by end of the year, Mr Xu said. The facilities resumedconstruction after a nationwide safety inspection that started inApril 2011, he added. China Audio Recorder

“China has 14 nuclear reactors operating, 27 underconstruction and many dozens more expected by 2020. That’sgrowth we haven’t seen [in the nuclear power industry] sincethe 1970s,” Tim Gitzel, Cameco Chief Executive, said in atrip to China in February 2012. In that trip, the governments of China and Canada renewed theirbilateral ties over a planned sale of some $3 billion uraniumyellowcake exports to the world’s second-largest economy.


Auscert wrap-up, day 2: attack vectors will multiply faster thandefences – Blackberry Protective Case

Perhaps it s because of the thematic thread that I ve beenfollowing at AusCERT today along with some of the people I vespoken to during the course of the conference but its hard toescape the conclusion that the Internet of Things will create ahost of new attack vectors that will probably only become clearafter we have enthusiastically adopted a new technology: that sthe way it always goes. Adoption always comes before mitigation. Google is registeringhundreds of thousands of Android devices each day, as MurrayGoldschmidt of Sense of Security noted in his talk. And it s easy to see how adding smarts to cars will beirresistible to the corporate sector.

Can you, for example, imaginea CFO avoiding using the information available if the car helpsreconcile expense sheets? All it needs is for the vehicle to havean operating system that plays nicely with business IT systems like Android a suitable app, and a WiFi connection. That kind of capability might even be completely invisible andseamless. However, we lack any good way to deal with such things from asecurity point of view not just because of the problems thatGoldschmidt and Tim Vidas talked about in the Android ecosystem,but also because security capabilities are lagging so far behindthe threats. When people discuss endpoint security, they re not talking about anew discipline.

In the first half of the 1990s, a Unix expert of myacquaintance working for then-major Australian technology companySoftway, said there was no point in ever trying to secure anetwork . You can never guarantee that you have blocked all malicious trafficon a network, he explained, but if every single host on the network in modern parlance, endpoint is secure, then the securedhosts will ignore the malicious traffic. In discussion with various vendors here at AusCERT Palo AltoNetworks Brian Tokuyoshi and Tal Be ery of Imperva among them the idea that a network of perfectly secured hosts is a securenetwork still holds true. It s securing the hosts that s the problem. Cell Phone Leather Pouches

For example,Tokuyoshi said it s impossible to secure an endpoint you can tsee and don t control. In the current enthusiasm for BYOD, youcan t see the endpoint because it s in the user s hands . And,as Be ery said to CSO separately, there are just too manyendpoints; so individually securing each device would become animpossible burden. And that s only talking about the endpoints that people believeneed to be secured. Blackberry Protective Case

Many devices have a very small footprint inpeoples consciousness. They re there, but we don t think aboutthem. When Paul Vixie discussed the DNS Changer attack inThursday s keynote, he noted that broadband routers had beenturned into part of the attack. They re similar in design,frequently use identical code for key functions like the Webmanagement interface, and if compromised, a simple change to theconfiguration that points the user to the wrong DNS will beinvisible to most users. An infosec professional will remember that a simple broadbandrouter is an endpoint that needs to be protected, but many or mostpeople do not. China Cell Phone Hard Covers

Which returns me to the starting point of this discussion.Companies are already struggling under the burdens of BYOD, andwe re only a handful of years away from seeing the beginning ofthe next explosive multiplication of devices. Is the securitybusiness ready for a world in which the attack vector is aMercedes? #auscert2012 Follow @CSO_Australia and sign up to the CSO Australia newsletter .

Former fugitive’s family wants him returned to u.s. to die – China Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet

The family of a Manitoba man who evaded police for more than 30years before being arrested wants the terminally ill ex-fugitivereturned to Pennsylvania where his wife lives. Ian Jackson MacDonald, 73, has been serving a conditional sentencein a local care home since he pleaded guilty last year to a decades-old drug-smuggling charge . ‘He made a lot of mistakes; he’s the first to say it. But he justneeds to go home.’ Lisa Alexander, Ian MacDonald’s daughter MacDonald has terminal prostate cancer that has spread to hisbones, as well as coronary artery disease, diabetes and othermedical problems. Doctors have estimated he has months to live. Rolled Aluminum Plate

MacDonald told CBC News he wants Canadian and U.S. justiceofficials to let him return to Pennsylvania. “I probably don’t deserve it, but if there’s a way that I couldfinish my sentence in my home or someplace close to home .” hesaid Wednesday. Originally from Winnipeg, MacDonald who was known as “Big Mac”and “Whitey” was arrested in Florida in 1980 on a warrant issuedby Manitoba police, who suspected he had helped smuggle more than225 kilograms of marijuana into Canada. China Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet

Escaped custody While in custody, he faked a heart attack and was taken tohospital, where he escaped by conning a guard into removing his legshackles, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. MacDonald escaped and lived on the lam for many years, until anofficer who was assigned to the file in 2009 found information thatled investigators to a home in Pennsylvania, where MacDonald andhis wife had once lived under an assumed name. Officers then learned the couple had moved to a town in centralFlorida, where MacDonald was located and arrested in January 2011 . MacDonald was extradited from Florida and returned to Manitoba,where he pleaded guilty in September to one count of conspiracy toimport narcotics. Rolled Aluminum Plate Manufacturer

He received a conditional sentence of two years less a day to beserved in the community. As a condition of his sentence, MacDonald has been under 24-hourhouse arrest except in case of medical appointments or emergencies. Children forgive him.

Common fungicide wreaks havoc on freshwater ecosystems – China Round Led Panel Light

Biologists Taegan McMahon and Jason Rohr, co-authors of the studypublished in the journal Ecology Letters , report that chlorothalonil killed amphibians, snails,zooplankton, algae, and aquatic plants below estimatedenvironmental concentrations previously deemed safe by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency. The loss of these herbivores andplants freed the algae from predation and competition, whicheventually resulted in algal blooms that were similar to theeffects of eutrophication. “Some species were able to recover from the chemical assault,but the ecosystem was fundamentally changed after its exposure tochlorothalonil,” Rohr said. The four-week study was conducted in a series of 300-gallon tanksused to mimic pond conditions.It follows a 2011 laboratory studyconducted by McMahon and Rohr that found that ecologically-relevantconcentrations of chlorothalonil killed four species of amphibians. Round Led Panel Light

“Although our new study is the only reported community- andecosystem-level experiment on chlorothalonil, our results areconsistent with several direct toxicity studies conducted in thelaboratory and with observations in the field,” McMahon said. Chlorothalonil kills molds and fungus by disrupting cellularrespiration, an essential process for most multicellular organismson the planet. Like the infamous DDT, chlorothalonil is a member ofthe organochlorine chemical family. Fifty years after the book “Silent Spring” led to a banon most forms of the pesticide DDT, chlorothalonil is one of a feworganochlorine pesticides still registered for use in the U.S.,Europe and Australia. “In addition to reducing biodiversity and altering ecosystemfunctions, chlorothalonil reduced the decomposition of waste, animportant service that freshwater ecosystems provide tohumans,” McMahon added. China Round Led Panel Light

“Interest in the relationship between biodiversity andecosystem functions stems at least partly from the concern thatanthropogenically-driven declines in biodiversity will reduce oralter the benefits offered by ecosystems,” Rohrsaid.”Surprisingly, however, this is one of the first studiesto actually manipulate an anthropogenic factor and link it tochanges in ecosystem functions mediated by declines inbiodiversity.” “This is important because many species in ecosystems mightcontribute little to ecosystem functions or are functionallyredundant with other species, and thus declines in biodiversity donot always affect the functions and services of ecosystems,”Rohr said. McMahon and Rohr encourage further research on effects ofanthropogenic factors on ecosystem functions in systems withcomplex food webs and the re-evaluation of the safety ofchlorothalonil. Funding for the project was provided by the National ScienceFoundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and theEnvironmental Protection Agency. Led Strawhat Light Manufacturer

Sumatra faces yet another risk: major volcanic eruptions – China Roll Forming Machinery

Now a new study, funded by the National Science Foundation, showsthat the residents of that region are at risk from yet anotherpotentially deadly natural phenomenon — major volcanic eruptions. Researchers from Oregon State University working with colleagues inIndonesia have documented six major volcanic eruptions in Sumatraover the past 35,000 years — most equaling or surpassing inexplosive intensity the eruption of Washington’s Mount St. Helensin 1980. Results of the research have just been published in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. “Sumatra has a number of active and potentially explosivevolcanoes and many show evidence of recent activity,” saidMorgan Salisbury, lead author on the study, who recently completedhis doctoral studies in OSU’s College of Earth, Ocean, andAtmospheric Sciences.

“Most of the eruptions are small, solittle attention has been paid to the potential for a catastrophiceruption. “But our study found some of the first evidence that theregion has a much more explosive history than perhaps has beenappreciated,” he added. Until this study, little was known about Sumatra’s volcanic history– in part because few western scientists have been allowed accessto the region. The most visible evidence of recent volcanicactivity among the estimated 33-35 potentially active volcanoes aretheir steep-sided cones and lack of vegetation, indicating at leastsome minor eruptive processes. But in 2007, an expedition led by OSU’s Chris Goldfinger waspermitted into the region and the Oregon State researchers andtheir Indonesian colleagues set out to explore the earthquakehistory of the region by studying sediment cores from the IndianOcean.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, it was the firstresearch ship from the United States allowed intoIndonesia/Sumatran waters in nearly 30 years. While searching the deep-sea sediment cores for”turbidites” — coarse gravel deposits that can act as asignature for earthquakes — they noticed unmistakable evidence ofvolcanic ash and began conducting a parallel investigation into theregion’s volcanic history. “The ash was located only in certain cores, so the activitywas localized,” said Adam Kent, a professor of geosciences atOSU and an author on the study. “Yet the eruptions still werecapable of spreading the ash for 300 kilometers or more, which gaveus an indication of how powerful the explosive activity might havebeen.” Salisbury and his colleagues found evidence of six major eruptionsand estimated them to be at least from 3.0 to 5.0 on the VolcanicExplosivity Index. Mount St. Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Helens, by comparison, was 5.0. The Indian Ocean region is certainly known to have a violentvolcanic history. The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa between Sumatra andJava is perhaps the most violent volcanic explosion in recordedhistory, measuring 6.0 on the VEI and generating what manyscientists believe to have been one of the loudest noises everheard on Earth. Sumatra’s own Toba volcano exploded about 74,000 years ago,generating a major lake — not unlike Oregon’s own Crater Lake, butmuch larger. “It looks like a giant doughnut in the middle ofSumatra,” said Jason “Jay” Patton, another OSUdoctoral student and author on the study. China Roll Forming Machinery

Sumatra’s volcanoes occasionally belch some ash and smoke, andprovide comparatively minor eruptions, but residents there may notbe fully aware of the potential catastrophic nature of some of itsresident volcanoes, Goldfinger said. “Prior to 2004, the risk from a major earthquake were notwidely appreciated except, perhaps, in some of the more ruralareas,” Goldfinger said. “And earthquakes happen morefrequently than major volcanic eruptions. If it hasn’t happened inrecent memory…” Kent said the next step in the research is to work with scientistsfrom the region to collect ash and volcanic rock from the island’svolcanoes, and then match their chemical signature to the ash theydiscovered in the sediment cores. China Steel Tile Forming Machine

“Each volcano has a subtly different fingerprint,” Kentsaid, “so if we can get the terrestrial data, we should beable to link the six major eruptions to individual volcanoes todetermine the ones that provide the greatest risk factors.” In addition to the Oregon State University scientists, twoIndonesian researchers were authors on the journal article: YusufDjadjadihardja and Udrekh Hanif, of the Agency for the Assessmentand Application of Technology in Jakarta.

Android 5.0 will launch this fall with five nexus devices: report – China Night Vision IP Cameras

That’s according to a Tuesday story in the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Google is shiftingits Android strategy so that it will not only give selectmobile-device makers early access to new releases, but will alsosell the resulting devices unlocked directly to consumers. As many as five manufacturers may get privileged access to newreleases of the mobile operating system, in fact, with an eyetoward creating a portfolio of Nexus lead devices includingboth smartphones and tablets, the WSJ reported, citing a personfamiliar with the matter. Google aims to sell those gadgets online and contract-free directlyto consumers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, but retailers may beinvolved as well, the report suggests. U.S. Thanksgiving isreportedly the target date for the launch. Vehicle Black Box Car Camera

So Long, Fragmentation While Android has clearly done enormously well, inconsistency and fragmentation are among the chief complaints about the Linux-based mobileoperating system. This new strategy could ensure that more Androidphones are running the latest version of the OS; it could also helpother manufacturers create their own custom builds more quickly. Such a strategy would also restore a significant degree of controlback to Google, which has long been at the mercy of wirelesscarriers for pushing updates to consumers, as well as for decisionsas to which apps can be included on the devices they carry. Verizon Wireless , for example, doesn’t allow the Google Wallet app on Samsung’sGalaxy Nexus device. China Night Vision IP Cameras

In addition, the new tactic could minimize device-makers’ concernsover Google’s pending Motorola Mobility acquisition, since it won’tbe just Motorola getting early access to new releases. Not Without Risks Bypassing wireless carriers, of course, has the potential to enragethe carriers themselves. Then, too, there’s the proven difficulty of selling handsets onlineto consumers, who have indicated in the past that they prefer to beable to touch them and try them out before buying. Still, the shift could be an exciting one, removing as it would anydisadvantage Android might face in its ongoing competition with Apple , which has always been at the opposite end of the spectrum when itcomes to controlling its ecosystem. A more unified front could also help in Google’s ongoing legal battles over Android. Vehicle Black Box Car Camera

Your Move, Tizen I spoke briefly with Google spokesman Christopher Katsaros thismorning for confirmation, but he declined to comment on the story. Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder what effect all this may have onthe other mobile players, including most notably Linux-based (andSamsung-backed) Tizen along with Mozilla’s own Boot to Gecko . If nothing else, it seems to me it might encourage them to stepup their own efforts. It looks as though competition in the mobile market just becametighter.

Carlos fuentes dies at 83 in a mexico city hospital – Alnico Permanent Magnets Manufacturer

In many of his works Carlos Fuentes drew on historical events. His narrative, like that of his contemporaries of the LatinAmerican Boom, was rarely linear, instead relying on flashbacks andchanging perspectives. Among English-language readers Carlos Fuentes is arguably bestknown for his novel The Old Gringo , which was made into a film starring Gregory Peck in 1989. The novel was inspired by the real-life disappearance of Americanjournalist Ambrose Bierce during the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution. Carlos Fuentes was also outspoken in his political views, and was avocal critic of US administrations, including Washington’spolicies on immigration and the war on terror. Neodymium Block Magnets

He was also highly critical of Mexican politics, and in a recentinterview, he called for a different approach to the war on drugs. He also described the three main candidates in the Mexicanpresidential election as “mediocre”. Cultural and political figures around the world expressed theirgrief at the news of his death. “I am profoundly sorry for the death of our loved and admiredCarlos Fuentes, writer and universal Mexican. Alnico Permanent Magnets Manufacturer

Rest in peace,” Mexican President Felipe Calderon wrote on Twitter. The front-runner in July’s election, Enrique Pena Nieto, saidhe had not always agreed with Fuentes on political matters but thathe recognized his “extraordinary work”. Nobel Prize-winning Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa told Spanishdaily newspaper El Pais that “with him, we lose a writer whose work and whosepresence left a deep imprint”. Mexican novelist Jose Agustin said Carlos Fuentes “became anessential protagonist in Mexican political and cultural life. China Sintered SmCo Magnets

Hehad an immense value, from his first launch in the 1950s he neveronce backed down for anybody”. Chilean-American writer Ariel Dorfman said Carlos Fuentes had anamazing generosity of spirit. “He was constantly, constantly championing the youngerpeople. I never heard him say anything nasty about anybody,” said Ariel Dorfman.

Carlos Fuentes had often been mentioned as a candidate for theNobel Prize but never won. Among the many major literary awards he did win was the CervantesPrize in 1987. Carlos Fuentes continued to write until the end, with an essay onthe recent change of power in France published in Mexican newspaper Reforma on Tuesday, the same day the Angeles del Pedregal hospitalannounced his death.