Lofgren says ‘toxic environment’ stalls visa reform – China CDMA GSM Cell Phones

“How do we change the toxic environment that we’re in, so that weallow reasonable people to do reasonable things in the bestinterest in the country?” Lofgren said. Speaking at an industryforum sponsored by the Computer & Communication IndustryAssociation on Thursday, Lofgren said she wasn’t out to “castigate”House Republican members nor was she yet offering a post-mortem onher effort. But she didn’t offer a path for the bill’s approval. “I couldn’t find — and I spent months asking — any Republicanswilling to support the bill, even those I have worked with in thepast,” Lofgren said. Lofgren’s bill, which represented the Democrats’ major push on techreform, also has some H-1B reforms, including the elimination ofthree-year extensions of this visa for “exclusively temporaryworkers.” U.S.

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) introduced a version of Lofgren’s bill , the American Innovation and Education Act of 2011 that kept thegreen card provisions but eliminates most of the other things inLofgren’s bill, including the H-1B provisions. That effort has onlyfive co-sponsors; Lofgren’s bill has 24 co-sponsors. There is also a Republican effort to help the technology industryon green cards called the Security and Fairness Enhancement (SAFE) for America Act (HR 704).Introduced by U.S.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the bill wouldeliminate the visa lottery program. Each year, a visa lottery isheld that provides green cards to as many as 50,000 immigrants. Goodlatte, speaking at the forum, said his bill was important tothe tech community. Dual SIM Dual Standby Smartphone

He said H-1B visa levels “seem to besustainable for getting someone out of college or bringing someonein from another country who is not a U.S. citizen.” The problem arises when an employee’s H-1B visa ends, Goodlattesaid. Employers face long wait times to obtain company-sponsoredpermanent residency for their employees. That wait for a green cardcould force employees to return to their home countries once theH-1B expires, he said. The lottery program awards visas based on luck, not on any skills,Goodlatte said. China CDMA GSM Cell Phones

The lottery also excludes people from certaincountries, including India and China, from participating. “Thosevisas are not available to citizens from countries that have thehighest demand, where tech companies are hiring, like India andChina,” Goodlatte said. Patrick Thibodeau covers cloud computing and enterpriseapplications, outsourcing, government IT policies, data centers andIT workforce issues for Computerworld. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @DCgov or subscribe to Patrick’s RSS feed . His e-mail address is. DAB Mobile Phones

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