Ise inks new five-year contract with amsterdam rai (14/7/2011) – China ITAC Mouse Trak

News ISE inks new five-year contract with Amsterdam RAI (14/7/2011) New agreement will see systems integration tradeshow remain in theNetherlands until at least 2016 Integrated Systems Events is delighted to confirm today that it hassigned a new five-year contract with Amsterdam RAI for the hostingof the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition. The contract will runfrom 2012 until 2016, inclusive. “Our previous contract with the RAI was due to expire nextyear, but we have decided to renew early in order to provide aclear business path for our exhibitors, to facilitate our forwardplanning as organisers, and to enable the RAI itself to plan forthe future growth of ISE,” comments Mike Blackman, ManagingDirector, Integrated Systems Events. Aside from its inaugural year in Geneva (2004) and a singleiteration in Brussels (2006), every ISE show has been held inAmsterdam, and Blackman says the city has no obvious rival for anevent such as Integrated Systems Europe. “More than 600 million people live and work within a directthree-hour flight of Schiphol airport, and these areas representsome of the most developed and sophisticated economies in theworld, as well as some of the most dynamic in terms of recent andfuture growth. Illuminated Metal Keyboard

“Beyond the hard numbers, the city of Amsterdam is awelcoming, relaxed and culturally diverse city in which it is easyfor people of almost any background to come and do business. “These factors combine together to provide the backdrop for atruly international tradeshow at which every link in ourindustry”s value chain is represented by companies fromdozens of different countries.” Accompanying Blackman at the signing ceremony in Amsterdam was HansBakker, president and CEO of Amsterdam RAI. “The city of Amsterdam is renowned for its creativity,innovation and passion for trade, values that apply equally toIntegrated Systems Europe and Amsterdam RAI. This connection servesas the ideal foundation for a successful partnership in the yearsahead. China ITAC Mouse Trak

We very much look forward to welcoming ISE to the RAI forthe next five years!” Blackman also notes that as ISE has grown down the years, the RAIitself has also evolved and continues to develop as a venue. “Since we first held an ISE show here in 2005, the RAI hascontinued with an ambitious programme of new building andrefurbishment. This has given us new exhibit space and conferencerooms in the shape of the Elicium building, enhancedorganisers” facilities at the Europa entrance and the‘RAI Live!” digital signage system with is such a bighit with our industry – to name just three developments. “Our new long-term commitment to Amsterdam is matched by theRAI”s own expansion plans, and we believe that the best yearsof our relationship are still to come.” Visit our featured links Visit our sponsors and showcases. Children Color Keyboard Manufacturer


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