John heineken and katja roose crowned in the riviera maya – China Custom Bag Printing

John Heineken and Katja Roose have conquered the PKRA Mexico 2012,at the splendid Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya. In the lastday of competition, there was only a calm beach and a more sereneatmosphere. No winds, unfortunately. Katja Roose, the top female rider of this competition, commentedthat she was really happy to have had great female competition,specifically mentioning Erica Heineken, who was often not farbehind. Custom Bag Printing

Roose went on to say that she s very excited that more and morefemales are beginning to take part in the sport, revealing thatwhile the equipment can still be expensive, it is becoming moreaccessible as racers only require one board and just a fewkites. Making a huge mark on the event as well, Erica Heineken, in herfirst PKRA race competition ever, finished at an impressive 2ndplace. While she may not be able to make it to other PKRA race events thisyear, Heineken said she hopes to make it to more in the future, andwill be competing at Worlds in 2012 alongside many of the localraces from her home spot San Francisco. For the men, the U.S. dominated this event, with John Heineken,Bryan Lake, and Adam Koch taking the top three podium finishes.Koch explained earlier in the event how appreciative he is to beracing alongside such talented racers. China Custom Bag Printing

With a high level of respect between these riders, Koch revealedthat they all challenge each other with every race, elevating thelevel of riding while still maintaining a healthy sense ofcamaraderie and admiration. Since the freestyle riders were unable to complete the singleelimination ladder, the four finalists Sean Farley (MEX) ,Alberto Rondina (ITA), Noe Mixtli (MEX), and Miguel Manzanilla(MEX) gained equal recognition on stage for this event. While this podium did not reflect a completed competition, it wasmost certainly exciting to see the local riders from Playa DelCarmen and Progreso shine at their home spot. Additionally, PaoloRista (ITA), Andrzej Ozog (POL), and Luis Nuno Morais (POR) won topplacements for the Master’s division. Final Men’s Results: 1. Childrens Book Printing Manufacturer

John Heineken (USA) 2. Bryan Lake (USA) 3. Adam Koch (USA) Final Women’s Results: 1. Katja Roose (NED) 2.

Erica Heineken (USA) 3. Nuria Goma (ESP).


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