Free birth control for beneficiaries ‘common sense’ – pm – China Led Outdoor Tree Lights

“But let’s get real here and talk about how we plan our familiesand how we can afford them and if that’s a slightly uncomfortableconversation for some tough luck.” Bennett told TV ONE’s Breakfast the contraception is “notcompulsory”. She said Pharmac fully fund a lot of contraceptive methods, butthere is still a cost and that is seen as a barrier. “We’ll pay for the doctor’s visit and the cost of the contraceptiveitself where the cost is not fully funded by Pharmac,” she said. Shearer said the move targets beneficiaries but access tocontraception should be across the board. Led Indoor Growing Lights

Family Planning chief executive Jackie Edmond said the cost ofcontraception has often been a barrier for beneficiaries wantingcontraception so it is good more choice will now be available. The first Bill in the welfare reforms is before select committeeand takes effect from July. The second Bill, focusing on fraud clamp-down and benefitcategories overhaul, will be introduced this year and is due totake effect from mid-2013. Social Development to find $200m savings The Government is pledging $287.5 million over the next four yearsto get more beneficiaries into the workforce. China Led Outdoor Tree Lights

However, the Ministry of Social Development is expected to find atleast $200 million from savings in other areas to implement theGovernment’s controversial welfare reform changes. Social Development will get a fresh injection of $81.5 million inthe Budget, but the rest of the money will have to come from withinthe department with the Government demanding that the ministry”re-prioritise” or cut its spending in some areas. Funding will instead be focussed on early childhood education ($80million), extra Work and Income staff ($55.1m) and youth services($148.8m). The reforms will see those on the unemployment, sickness and widowsbenefits, along with sole parents whose youngest is over fiveforced to look for work. Led Panels Lighting

Social development is to be one of the few agencies to get a smallboost in funding, along with the health and education sectors. Do you back the free birth control plan? Have your say on themessageboard below. Email this article Print this article Text size + – more… Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.


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