Did you hear the one about the shanghai cabbie and beijing cabbie? – China Economical Mobile Phone

Stand-up Pakistani comedian Suhail Nasir, who jokes in Chinese,says Zhou Libo is great for learning Chinese but adds that his ownstyle is more universal and like Jerry Seinfeld. Telecoms engineer Suhail Nasir sets an ambitious goal: All thelocal aunties will recognize his name, not for his full-timeengineering job, but for his hobby as a stand-up comedian, inChinese. “When all the Shanghai aunties know my name, well, that’s a stampof fame,” the 36-year-old from Islamabad, Pakistan, jokes. In the past four or five months, Nasir has attracted more than9,000 followers to his weibo account and online video clips of hisshows have got thousands of clicks. He performs monthly in Chinese at the comedy club Lauphilos anddelivers humorous speeches in English on Wednesday nights at theShanghai Leadership Toastmasters Club. CDMA GSM Cell Phones

His most popular clip shows his routine “Shanghai Taxi Driver vsBeijing Taxi Driver,” in which he parodies the two stereotypicalcabbies. He’s got the Shanghai hacks down pat, asking all kinds of personalquestions of passengers, such as how much they earn, whether theyhave bought or rented an apartment, how much it cost, whetherthey’re married, whether they have a local girlfriend/boyfriend,how they learned Chinese, and so on. “Shanghai taxi drivers have very distinct characteristics and theyreally ask a lot of questions. They probably know me inside out bynow,” Nasir tells Shanghai Daily. China Economical Mobile Phone

In the clip, he also recalls how he was excited before his firsttrip to Beijing, about the chance to hear “the real Mandarin,” andended up not understanding the heavily accented taxi driver at all. “In general, the laughing points for Chinese audience are not sodifferent from others. Some topics are universally loved, likerelationships, cultural differences and success. Some topics areparticularly welcomed by local audiences, like housing prices orthe stock market. China 3G Android Smartphone

And Chinese audience really do loveimpersonations. I get a lot of laughter when I do imitations,” heexplains. Apart from the taxi drivers, Nasir has also gotten lots of applauseby imitating restaurant waiters, local expatriates and the streethawkers who sell fake goods to foreigners, among many others. Nasir arrived in Shanghai to work in 2005, but he never studiedChinese seriously or continuously before last summer. Like manyexpatriates, he picked up common words here and there from hisChinese friends, but says, “my Chinese level was reallyelementary.” He travels frequently for his job, to 25 countries so far, and hehas always enjoyed public speaking.

Thus, Nasir started givinghumorous talks and impersonations on cultural differences andforeigners’ strange experiences in China – in English.


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