Xu ning attended the unveiling ceremony of nanjing city sculptureassociation – Pop UP Display Banners

Nanjing City Sculpture Association was formally establishedin Jiangning Science Park Administrative Committee in Yesterday morning . Municipal Standing Committee , the propaganda minister Xu Ning to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech . Nanjing is the country earlier sculptures out of the industrialization of the operation, and the formation of regional influence of city sculpture , currently has more than 200 enterprises . Long-term since , our city sculpture enterprises highly dispersed , leading to influence weakened , whole develops hasten delay . For this reason, many sculptors and sculpture entrepreneur multi-link , hopes the city sculpture industry to strengthen cooperation , scale development. Banner Display Stand

Under this background , after more than a year of intense preparations , Nanjing Sculpture Association in Civil Affairs Bureau are registered , and yesterday formally established . Xu Ning says in the speech , Nanjing City Sculpture Association was established , marking the Nanjing sculpture industry to enter a new development period . After association holds water , want to produce function effect adequately , cogent bear the historical responsibility and public trust, the association to create Nanjing sculptor sculpture , entrepreneurs homes . She points out , Sculpture Association to give full play to the coordination, planning , integration of industry scale effect , to vigorously promote Nanjing sculpture culture industry rapid development, has become in the city’s cultural industry play a decisive role , in the country has a significant impact on the industry cluster. Pop UP Display Banners

In the construction of ” sculpture of all ” in the process, sculpture association should play a key role , on one hand we should focus on the Nanjing city location , through the construction of the landmark sculpture project highlights the city characteristic ; on the other hand also to meet the cultural life of the people , to improve the city’s quality needs, planning to create a sculpture park , sculpture and cultural blocks , reflect the development characteristics of Nanjing sculpture creative products , deepening green and humanities connotation of Nanjing . Custom Flags Banners


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