Android 5.0 will launch this fall with five nexus devices: report – China Night Vision IP Cameras

That’s according to a Tuesday story in the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Google is shiftingits Android strategy so that it will not only give selectmobile-device makers early access to new releases, but will alsosell the resulting devices unlocked directly to consumers. As many as five manufacturers may get privileged access to newreleases of the mobile operating system, in fact, with an eyetoward creating a portfolio of Nexus lead devices includingboth smartphones and tablets, the WSJ reported, citing a personfamiliar with the matter. Google aims to sell those gadgets online and contract-free directlyto consumers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, but retailers may beinvolved as well, the report suggests. U.S. Thanksgiving isreportedly the target date for the launch. Vehicle Black Box Car Camera

So Long, Fragmentation While Android has clearly done enormously well, inconsistency and fragmentation are among the chief complaints about the Linux-based mobileoperating system. This new strategy could ensure that more Androidphones are running the latest version of the OS; it could also helpother manufacturers create their own custom builds more quickly. Such a strategy would also restore a significant degree of controlback to Google, which has long been at the mercy of wirelesscarriers for pushing updates to consumers, as well as for decisionsas to which apps can be included on the devices they carry. Verizon Wireless , for example, doesn’t allow the Google Wallet app on Samsung’sGalaxy Nexus device. China Night Vision IP Cameras

In addition, the new tactic could minimize device-makers’ concernsover Google’s pending Motorola Mobility acquisition, since it won’tbe just Motorola getting early access to new releases. Not Without Risks Bypassing wireless carriers, of course, has the potential to enragethe carriers themselves. Then, too, there’s the proven difficulty of selling handsets onlineto consumers, who have indicated in the past that they prefer to beable to touch them and try them out before buying. Still, the shift could be an exciting one, removing as it would anydisadvantage Android might face in its ongoing competition with Apple , which has always been at the opposite end of the spectrum when itcomes to controlling its ecosystem. A more unified front could also help in Google’s ongoing legal battles over Android. Vehicle Black Box Car Camera

Your Move, Tizen I spoke briefly with Google spokesman Christopher Katsaros thismorning for confirmation, but he declined to comment on the story. Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder what effect all this may have onthe other mobile players, including most notably Linux-based (andSamsung-backed) Tizen along with Mozilla’s own Boot to Gecko . If nothing else, it seems to me it might encourage them to stepup their own efforts. It looks as though competition in the mobile market just becametighter.


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