Census: growing number of 100-year-olds add new wrinkle to canadianpopulation – Sintered SmCo Magnets Manufacturer

Had Charles Toogood s family waited a month longer to sail toNorth America, he might never have seen age three, let alone 103.But they didn t and it was ultimately the Lusitania, not theill-fated Titanic, that brought him to Canada from England, via NewYork, in March 1912. It s just one of many great stories shared by the Second World Warveteran, who s among the sharply rising number of centenariansacross the country, according to 2011 census data released Tuesdayby Statistics Canada. Last year s national headcount showed there were 5,825 people inCanada aged 100 or older, a total that s up by about 1,200 sincethe 2006 census and by more than 2,000 since 2001. If there s a secret to becoming a super senior, Toogood seemsa good one to ask; the Edmonton man can rattle off names, dates anddetails of decades-old events as if they occurred yesterday.

Hehappily shares what he believes to be the linchpin to hislongevity: the love of a good woman. We were married six weeks short of 75 years, he says of wifeNan, who passed away in 2007. I give her credit for keeping megoing . .

She was a super cook. She was a super everything. The five-year growth rate for the very oldest cohort of Canadianswas a whopping 25.7 per cent and forecasts point to a continuousclimb in the centenarian population for the next half-century,reaching 78,300 by the time the 1961 crest of the Baby Boom wavereaches age 100 in 2061. That projected national total would equal the current population ofPeterborough, Ont., which also happens to have a higher proportionof senior citizens (19.5 per cent) than any city in Canada,according to the 2011 census. Neodymium Ring Magnets

Notably, about 84 per cent of those reaching the century mark inCanada are women not a huge surprise given the significantlyhigher life expectancy among the country s female population. Saskatchewan, with 31 centenarians per 100,000 residents, has byfar the highest proportion of 100-year-olds in the country almost double the national average (17.4 per 100,000) and nearly ashigh as world-leading Japan (36.8 per 100,000), famous for thelongevity of its citizenry. While living to age 100 is tremendous feat, very few centenariansreach 105 just six per cent of the 5,825 people in Canada scentury club. Mortality rates above age 100 are quite high, states a summaryof the census findings. Sintered SmCo Magnets Manufacturer

Among those aged exactly 100 whoaccount for 40 per cent of all centenarians only about 60 percent will reach the age of 101. Donald H. Paterson, research director of the Canadian Centre forActivity and Aging, notes that although absolute numbers ofcentenarians are increasing, the data suggest there aren t agreat many more centenarians per capita of older people than inprevious eras. Furthermore, actually achieving centenarian status remains somewhatof a medical puzzle. For instance, while Toogood eschewed smokingand drinking his entire life, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who lived to 101 was estimated to have consumed five times therecommended weekly amount of alcohol for a woman. China Arc NdFeB Magnets

I think there s something about the way in which these peoplesee life a joie de vivre, says Andrew Wister, chair ofgerontology at Simon Fraser University in B.C. But apart fromfinding the Elixir of Life, it does seem as though there are a fewcommon factors. He says some of these include committing to physical activitythroughout life; maintaining a good diet (often a Mediterraneanone, characterized by fish, olive oil, veggies and red wine);having a web of social support; and simply coming from good stock. Indeed, recent research suggests genes only influence our chance ofliving to 85 by 20 to 30 per cent, but have greatly increasedimportance when it comes to reaching the years beyond. John Elock, who turns 100 in July, is a prime example: both hisfather and grandfather lived to see their late 90s, while his ownhealth remains excellent.

The secret? No wine, women or song, says Elock, a resident ofthe Kipnes Centre for Veterans in Edmonton. To which his daughter, Judi, promptly adds with a laugh: Butthere was rum in there, dad! Twitter.com/popcultini.


Emirates is fourth rebar manufacturer worldwide to be certified – Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Manufacturer

Accreditation will enable the Company to supply reinforced bar tothe commercial nuclear power market Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 26 June 2012: Emirates Steel has been awarded a Quality System Certificate (QSC) as a MaterialOrganization (MO) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) for the manufacture of concrete reinforcing bar (rebar). TheCompany is the fourth rebar manufacturer worldwide to be awardedthis certificate and the first in the GCC. “The ASME Certificate and the implementation of our Nuclear QualitySystem (NQS) program will enable us to produce and supply ourproducts to companies involved in nuclear activities,” said Emirates Steel ‘s Chairman, HE Engineer Suhail Mubarak Musallam Athaeeth AlAmeri. “This is a very significant accomplishment for our Company,”he added. “We expect that the nuclear market is going to be agrowing market for the use of rebar.

With this issuance of a QSC toour Company, we are now well positioned to service that growingmarket.” Emirates Steel ‘s NQS was developed to supply products to nuclear projects andwill be activated only for nuclear orders. Public safety in nuclear power generation is the main goal ofASME’s certification. Through its quality assurance program, ASMEhas established a framework that aims for nuclear materials thatmatch the technological requirements of its nuclear standards.Certified manufacturers must be in compliance with strict ASMEnuclear energy standards concerning production, safety, testing,inspections, control of measurement devices, etc. and pass all ASMEexaminations. “ASME’s certificate provides us with a high degree of confidencethat our products conform to established safety standards,” pointedout Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, Emirates Steel ‘s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Emirates Steel ‘s NQS was developed based on ASME NCA 3800 requirements withproducts complying with ASTM A615 Gr. 60 and ASME CC 2300. Al Romaithi explained that Emirates Steel plans to expand its business by supplying high-quality, reliablematerials demanded by nuclear plant builders, and seeks tocontribute to nuclear power safety by bringing its technologicaland quality levels in general up complying with ASME standards. According to Al Romaithi, obtaining the ASME certification is animportant strategic milestone for the Company, demonstrating thehigh standards of quality that its facilities adhere to. TheCompany has earned the ASME certification through provenachievements in maintaining high quality.

“Since Emirates Steel began in 2001, we have been committed to being the mostknowledgeable, responsive and reliable source of rebar products inorder to consistently produce products that exceed customerexpectations. “We have worked hard to establish and maintain the policies,procedures and culture of rigor necessary to meet the highstandards of the ASME. This certification demonstrates ourcontinued commitment to providing products and services of thehighest caliber to our customers,” Al Romaithi pointed out. On another note, Engineer Tariq Al Afifi, Vice President -Standards and Audit, said that Emirates Steel is committed to consistently deliver high quality products. “Ourfinished goods are available for dispatch only after inspection,testing and classification.

We operate a well-equipped laboratoryand inspection facilities and all testing, inspection andmonitoring procedures are carried out based on internationalstandards”. To assert the quality of its steel, the Company has been awardedthe certification to manufacture Grade B500B rebar and coilconforming to BS 4449:2005 by the UK Certification Authority forReinforcing Steels (CARES). The Company has also been certified asa quality manufacturer and supplier of products conforming to BS4449:1997 Grade 460B. The Company operates a quality system which complies with therequirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and the relevant CARES qualityand operations assessment schedules. In addition, Emirates Steel ‘s rebar has been accredited by the Dubai Central LaboratoryDepartment (DCLD) of the Dubai Municipality as conforming to BS4449:1997 Grade 460B with Amd1 and BS 4449:2005 Grade B500B.

In2011, Emirates Steel also gained the UK CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steelcertification for the production of continuously cast steel billetsand carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete, and in2012 it received the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)quality mark certification, after its success in passing thestandards tests, conducted by SASO. Efforts in ensuring productquality and customer satisfaction have also secured the Company theprestigious Emirates Quality Mark (EQM). Emirates Steel is wholly-owned by the General Holding Corporation (GHC).Strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD),just 35 kilometers away from the heart of the city, Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing thelatest steel manufacturing and rolling technology to producereinforcing bar, wire rod and heavy sections. At present, the Company has a finished product capacity of 3million metric tons per annum. The many strategic alliances thatthe Company has established with leading technology providers,coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities, will ensure that Emirates Steel maintains its position at the forefront of the industrial sector.

About Emirates Steel Emirates Steel is owned by the General Holding Company (GHC). Strategicallylocated in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), some 35kilometers away from the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing thelatest rolling mill technology to produce reinforcing bar, wire rodand heavy sections. Established in 2001, Emirates Steel is currently implementing a comprehensive business developmentplan. Once complete, the Company will be one of the largest andmost competitive steel producers in the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) region.

The Company is evolving from its roots of being asimple and relatively low value-added processor of steel into asophisticated, highly productive manufacturing business with a highadded value business model. Furthermore, it will be among the fewregional steel producers with a diversified product range,including rebar in both straight and coil form, wire rod, sections,plate, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe, longitudinally welded pipe, hot rolled coiland semi-finished products, such as billets and direct reducediron.
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Karunanidhi not averse to backing kalam’s candidature – China Industrial Keyboard With Trackball

DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Wednesday indicated that he is notaverse to the idea of supporting the candidature of A.P.J. AbdulKalam for the post of President. Reacting to Dravidar Kazhagam leader K. Veeramani’s stand that Mr.Kalam’s candidature should be supported, Mr.

Karunanidhi saidthough it was Mr. Veeramani opinion, he would not like tocontradict him. Talking to reporters, Mr. Karunanidhi said that the DMK had alreadyexplained its stand on Presidential election to Defence MinisterA.K.

Antony and informed the media about it to an extent. [He hassaid that his party will support the candidate fielded by theCongress]. Mr. Karunanidhi, earlier in the day, alleged that former MinistersVeerapandi S. Industrial Keyboard With Touchpad

Arumugam and I. Periyasamy were arrested out of”political vendetta,” as the State government wasunable to digest the upsurge among party workers during his 88birthday celebrations and anti-government demonstrations. In a statement, Mr. Karunanidhi said that Mr. Arumugam, a heartpatient, was arrested in Chennai, produced in court in Salem onlyto be brought back to Puzhal jail in Chennai on the ground thatthere was no space in the Salem jail. China Industrial Keyboard With Trackball

“He was shuttledbetween Chennai and Salem. Why this politics of hatred? Is it notmisuse of power?” Mr. Karunanidhi said when he wanted to visit Mr. Arumugam in jailon Tuesday, authorities informed him that he could meet him only onWednesday. Besides Mr. Custom Kiosk Design Manufacturer

Karunanidhi, DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin, former ministerDuraimurugan and DMK MP T.K.S. Elangovan had sought permission tovisit Mr. Arumugam in jail. “But the authorities shifted Mr.

Arumugam from the Puzhalprison on Wednesday morning. We don’t know whether he was taken toSalem prison or Vellore prison. Why is this vendetta? Thegovernment has implicated Mr. Arumugam in an incident that tookplace in Salem, though he was in Chennai at that time andparticipating in my birthday celebration,” Mr. Karunanidhisaid.

Later talking to reporters, he said that the AIADMK governmentseemed to be deriving enormous satisfaction from targeting formerDMK ministers and district secretaries. Asked about reports that the faction led by Mr. Arumugam in Salemhad been sidelined and a rival group led by Rajendran was favouredby the high command, Mr. Karunanidhi said it was a media creation.

Nsf international certifies first product to flushablecertification program – Folding Barrier Gate Manufacturer

NSF International s Flushable Consumer Products CertificationProgram – the only program of its kind – addresses these concernsthrough providing third-party verification of flushability claimsagainst recognized industry standards for flushable products.Certified flushable products will bear the NSF CertifiedFlushable Mark, demonstrating compliance with NSF s stringentcriteria. The Mark indicates whether certified products aresuitable for a sewer system, a septic system or both. Productscovered by the program include nonwoven consumer products such asbaby/adult wipes and napkins. SCA, owner of TENA incontinence care brand as well as the Tork brand, is a global hygiene and paper company that develops andproduces personal-care products, tissue, packaging solutions,publication papers and solid-wood products. Sales are conducted insome 100 countries.

Sales in 2011 amounted to SEK 106 billion (EUR11.7 billion). SCA has about 44,000 employees. To earn certification, SCA partnered with Rockline Industries,which manufactures TENA Flushable Washcloths. NSF scientists testedproduct samples provided by Rockline to ensure they meet therequirements of the program.

Rockline s facilities were alsosubject to an audit to verify that products are being manufacturedto approved specifications and adhere to proper safety and qualitychecks. TENA brand Flushable Washcloths continue SCA s tradition ofinnovation and commitment to environmental responsibility. NSFFlushable Product Certification provides assurance to ourcustomers, regulators and the public that our TENA FlushableWashcloths have been tested by an independent third party and foundcompatible with wastewater collection and treatment systems, saidTor Lund, head of SCA Personal Care North America Marketing. The NSF Flushable Consumer Products Certification Programcomplements our 30-year history of providing wastewater treatmentcertification, compostability, and sustainability services, saidTom Bruursema, General Manager of NSF International sSustainability Division. Barrier Gates

SCA and Rockline are leading the way fortheir industry, demonstrating their commitment to supporting saferwastewater treatment systems through eliminating confusion in themarketplace regarding flushable products. How the NSF Flushable Products Certification Program Works The comprehensive program evaluates products against a rigorousflushability guidance document developed by industry experts fromthe Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) andEuropean Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDNA). Thisdocument, called The Guidance Document for Assessing theFlushability of Nonwoven Consumer Products, provides acomprehensive framework and test methods for evaluatingflushability characteristics. NSF s Flushable Consumer Products Certification program is offeredthrough NSF International s Sustainability division and includes: Testing of product samples to ensure they meet the requirements ofthe guidance document. Folding Barrier Gate Manufacturer

This testing is conducted using aflushability rig that was custom-built to the test methods outlinedin the guidance document. This includes various drainline slopes,toilets and pipe diameters used in both the US and Europeanplumbing systems. Facility inspections to verify that products are being manufacturedto approved specifications and adhere to proper safety and qualitychecks. NSF certification is granted if all test and inspectionrequirements are successfully completed. Annual facilityaudits/inspections and periodic product retesting are required tomaintain a company s active listing on NSF s website andcontinued use of the NSF Mark. China Parking Barrier Gates

This NSF Certified Flushable Mark may also be used on product packaging and marketing materials.

Florida’s top wetlands expert reinstated, but details remain murky. – Wifi Tv Mobile Phone

The state’s top wetlands expert has been reinstated after athree-week investigation, but the question of who initiated it andwhy remains unclear. Connie Bersok was put on paid leave from the state Department ofEnvironmental Protection on May 11, two days after she refused toapprove a permit for the Highlands Ranch Mitigation Bank in ClayCounty. Bersok told co-workers she had complained to the DEP’s inspectorgeneral about her bosses’ push to approve the Highlands Ranchpermit, then wound up suspended herself. But the official investigation report released Tuesday makes nomention of Highlands Ranch. It says Bersok’s division directorcomplained about her not showing up at work and emailing officialdocuments on her private email account.

Both charges were ruledunfounded. Corporate records show the Highlands Ranch project is backed by aprivate equity firm from Washington called the Carlyle Group that’sknown for its global political connections. Highlands Ranch was seeking a permit from the DEP that would grantit hundreds of wetland “credits” that it could sell to developersand government agencies when they pave over wetlands and need tomake up for the damage. Wetland credits in that part of Florida have been sold for $100,000each, and Highlands Ranch wanted 425 of them —most of them,Bersok found, for saving dry land, not for restoring swamps andmarshes.

Approving the permit with that many credits would “resultin a net loss of wetland function,” she wrote in an internal memoabout the project. So Bersok, a veteran DEP employee, wrote in a May 9 memo that shewould not issue the permit. In an email that day to a co-worker,she said she had complained to the DEP’s inspector general abouther bosses bending the rules to say yes to Highlands Ranch, despitethe environmental consequences. “I explained the basic situation, without dropping any names, untilshe asked who was directing me to issue a bad permit,” Bersok wroteabout her conversation with the inspector general, Candie Fuller.”There was a pause, then she said that she would pursue whatever Isent her.” But Bersok found that she was the one on the spot. She wrote in aMay 13 email to co-workers that after she refused to approve theHighlands Ranch permit, she returned to her office and discoveredthe file missing. Android Wifi Gps Phone

Then, Bersok wrote, she was told by her boss, Tim Rach, that shewas being transferred from the wetlands office. That was done, shewrote, by order of water resources division director MarkThomasson, who was hired by the DEP a year ago. The reason Rach gave, she wrote, “was that I was not a good matchfor the mitigation/mitigation banking section and the direction thesection was going. I asked if this was in relation to my handlingof the Highlands Ranch Mitigation Bank, and Tim would not answer.” On May 11, she was sent a memo informing her she was being put onleave pending an investigation. Wifi Tv Mobile Phone

A DEP spokeswoman said that afterBersok was cleared, she was reinstated to her original position inthe agency’s wetlands section. The one-page investigation report from the inspector general’soffice makes no mention of Highlands Ranch or any complaint fromBersok. Instead, the report signed by Fuller states that Thomassoncomplained that Bersok had missed a day of work without an excuseand distributed official DEP documents in personal emails. DEP Deputy Secretary Jeff Littlejohn, who has been personallyinvolved in the Highlands Ranch permit discussions, said in aninterview with the Times that Bersok was not suspended over Highlands Ranch. Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet Pc Manufacturer

Bersok herselfhas not been allowed by the DEP to discuss her case. Former DEP attorney turned environmental activist Aliki Moncriefblasted the department for the way Bersok was treated. “The report shows that DEP leadership had no basis to suspend Ms.Bersok,” said Moncrief, executive director of Environment Florida.”Now they need to heed her recommendation against granting morecredits to Highlands Ranch than they can scientifically defend.” Highlands Ranch spokeswoman Maria Coppola said the DEP has not yetapproved its permit. Times s taff researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report.

CraigPittman can be reached at craig@tampabay.com.

Expert: climate change will increasingly become global healthissue. – Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Previously just the worry of climate scientists, environmentalists,doomsday prognosticators, and gas-price watchers, climate change isstarting to worry some others— public health specialists, whosay that global warming could affect large swaths of thepopulation. In a paper published in the journal PLoS Medicine Tuesday, a group of European public health experts write thatclimate change could alter “patterns of physical activity andfood availability, and in some cases [bring] direct physicalharm.” Slight temperature increases could also change diseasedistribution in colder regions and make hotter regions lesshospitable to humans. [Study: Carbon Dioxide Increase Caused End of Ice Age ] “Certain subgroups are at more risk—mainly the young,the old, and the poor,” says Peter Byass, director of the UmeaCentre for Global Health Research in Sweden. “The middle ageand wealthy will be better off. It’s a crude way of looking at it,but it’s not so far off the mark.” That means more prevalence of diseases that affect the poor, suchas malaria and dengue fever, and heat stroke in drought-afflictedareas. Deck Roll Forming Machine

For years, scientists have warned about more extreme hurricanes andweather patterns, but until recently, not much emphasis was put onless noticeable changes. “I don’t think there’s a big gang of global health expertssaying [climate change] is unimportant,” he says. “But Idon’t think people have been making the connections that need to bemade between public health and climate change.” Byass’ paper isn’t the first time health officials have pondered the human toll of climate change . In March, a group of doctors suggested that the incidence ofasthma and other lung respiratory illnesses could increase, due tolonger pollen seasons and increasing ranges of disease-causingmolds and mosquitoes. “At this point, we might not be able to stop climate change,but we can be a bit prepared as to what the consequences mightbe,” he says. Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

[ Sea Level Bill Would Allow North Carolina to Stick Its Head in theSand ] It’s something people in his field are increasingly worried about.At last year’s “Durban Climate Meeting,” a United Nationsconvention to discuss climate change, people focused on healthissues had their say. The unpredictability of climatechange—there are many models of what might happen over thenext century—makes Byass’ and his colleagues’ jobs muchharder, he says. “I think it’s pretty clear that things won’t stay the same, sowe can talk about the what-ifs of different climate change[theories], but it’s hard to say for sure what will happen,”he says. The United Nations has been placing more of an emphasis on climatechange, with many of its member countries asking the world’slargest carbon producers—China, India, and the UnitedStates—to enter legally-binding agreements to reduceemissions. This year, government officials will meet in Doha tocontinue negotiating. Steel Tile Forming Machine Manufacturer

[ Poll: Republicans Coming Around on Global Warming ] Late last year, officials from around the world met in Durban,South Africa at what is now known as the “Durban ClimateMeeting,” in which officials from India, the United States,and China agreed to continue negotiating legally-binding carbonemission rules. “It’s about behaving in a way that’s responsible for theplanet. One would hope the United Nations could help get everyonetogether,” Byass says. Countries must be willing to take aneconomic hit in becoming more energy efficient.

“Protectingthe future of the planet has a price tag, there’s no doubt aboutthat.”.

Flame malware subverts windows updates, infects networked pcs – China Industrial Desktop Keyboard

Flame or Flamer, an admittedly sophisticated piece of malware, appears to have more tricks up its sleeve thansecurity researchers had initially believed. Security firm Kaspersky has discovered that the virus turns infected PCs into Windows Update serverswhich may then fool uninfected PCs into downloading and installingFlame. The multi-phase attack begins with an infected Windows PC lacedwith illegitimate security certificates — certs which appear to bedigitally signed by Microsoft. Patient zero then advertises itselfacross the network as an proxy server, funneling Internet trafficthrough itself and cementing its man-in-the-middle role. OtherWindows computers discover the infected computer and beginautomatically using it as a proxy. Illuminated Metal Keyboard

When those unsuspecting PCsbegin to download and install their regularly scheduled WindowsUpdates, the false proxy server substitutes requests for legitimateupdates with its own versions — packaged installers for Flame. To spread across a network, Flame relies on “automaticallydetect [proxy] settings” being active, an option found ControlPanel Internet Options Connections. Unfortunately, thisoption is enabled automatically on most default Windows installsunless explicitly disabled by the user or through group policies. Although clever and obviously dangerous, there’s little need forpanic just yet. Flame continues to be isolated in the Middle Eastand purposefully so, experts believe. China Industrial Desktop Keyboard

The virus also further narrows its scope by targeting governmentnetworks, meaning everyday Internet citizens should be safe, atleast for the moment. It is unlikely that you are the target of Flamer unless you are anofficial in a Middle Eastern government or working on weaponsresearch for such a government. Flamer is not “outthere” on the Internet right now, spreading from country tocountry. You are not likely to find Flamer attached to an email inyour Outlook Inbox (USB flash drives seem to be Flamer”sinfection vector of choice). And if you are using a good antivirusproduct it is now protecting you from Flamer. China Industrial Keyboard With Touchpad

The major AV productswere quickly updated to detect Flamer and the better ones will nowhave generic detection of malware that has”Flamer-like” characteristics. Even though Flame may itself remain in isolation due to apparentpolitical motivations, don’t be surprised if other virus writerstry to capitalize the ingenuity displayed by Flame’s numerous modules . Fooling Windows Update on a PC is no trivial matter but Flame’sdesigners managed to do something that no other malware creator hasbeen known to do thus far — make a illegitimate certificate whichWindows wholeheartedly believes is signed by Microsoft. This haslong been the holy grail of malware writers , according to F-Secure and it brings with it some potentiallyscary consequences.

This ability of Flame is key to its seamlesssubversion of Windows Update.