Edible stop signs? a few red chips in the stack cut snacking inhalf – China Concrete Cut Saw

As part of an experiment carried out on two groups of collegestudents (98 students total) while they were watching video clipsin class, researchers from Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab servedtubes of Lays Stackables, some of which contained chips dyed red. In the first study of the research, which is published online thismonth in Health Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association, the red chipswere interspersed at intervals designating one suggested servingsize (seven chips) or two serving sizes (14 chips); in the secondstudy, this was changed to five and 10 chips. Unaware of why some of the chips were red, the students who wereserved those tubes of chips nonetheless consumed about 50 percentless than their peers: 20 and 24 chips on average for theseven-chip and 14-chip segmented tubes, respectively, compared with45 chips in the control group; 14 and 16 chips for the five-chipand 10-chip segmented tubes, compared with 35 chips in the controlgroup. They were also better able to estimate how many chips they hadeaten. Those in the control groups underestimated the amount ofchips they had consumed by about 13 chips. Tank Rotator

Those in the”segmented” groups were able to guess within one chip. “People generally eat what is put in front of them if it ispalatable,” said Brian Wansink, Cornell Food and Brand Labdirector. “An increasing amount of research suggests that somepeople use visual indication — such as a clean plate or bottom ofa bowl — to tell them when to stop eating.” “By inserting visual markers in a snack food package, we maybe helping them to monitor how much they are eating and interrupttheir semiautomated eating habits,” he added. Wansink, the John Dyson Professor of Consumer Behavior and authorof the best-seller “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than WeThink,” carried out the study with psychologists Andrew Geierof Yale University and Paul Rozin of the University ofPennsylvania. “The effect demonstrated and replicated in these studiesstands as perhaps the largest practicable procedure to decreasefood intake in the literature,” Wansink said. China Concrete Cut Saw

“Markingmodest portion sizes promises to be an effective strategy in theattempt to reduce food intake and obesity.” He noted that the experiment reduced caloric intake amongparticipants by about 250 calories. “Very modest reductions in intake produced by environmentalchanges can, when cumulated, lead to substantial weight loss,”Wansink said. “These studies could have major public healthsignificance.” Wansink said further studies are needed among larger, more diversegroups to determine in what context segmentation cues work, exactlywhy they work and whether people will compensate for the reductionin food intake by eating more later. Welding Rotator Manufacturer


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