Celtics vow to better control the paint as opposed to just ‘gettingphysical’ – Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

By Gary Dzen, Boston.com Staff MIAMI — On the first off day of the Eastern Conference Finals,there was a lot of talk from both the Celtics and Heat camps aboutthe series potentially getting more physical. As happens with thesethings, a comment by Rajon Rondo Monday night set off a barrage ofquestions from reporters to just about every player and coach fromboth teams Tuesday. After Game 1, Rondo said the Celtics needed to step up theirphysicality. “Nothing dirty but they have to hit the deck, too,” he said. Miami got 19 layups in Game 1, and Celtics coach Doc Rivers said heshowed his team all of them on a loop during Tuesday’s filmsession.

Rondo and Rivers both said that stat needs to change.Rondo didn’t back down too far from his original statement today. “We have 15 guys,” said Rondo. “Nothing flagrant, nothing dirty.When we drove we hit the deck a lot. If we keep them out of thepaint it would be even better.

Like I said that’s hard for us todo, but we’ll find a way.” Rondo’s original statement was tantamount to posturing, and Miami’sDwyane Wade did some posturing of his own after his team’s practiceTuesday afternoon. “We’re men just like they’re men,” said Wade. “We’re not going tolet anyone just come and punk us. That is not our mentality, to goout there and make people hit the deck.” Where the Celtics really need to improve — and where Rondo tookthe most issue in Game 1 — is getting to the line themselves. Boththe Celtics and Heat play physical. Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

That’s not going to change somuch from game to game. But Rondo felt he had attacked enough inGame 1 to get to the free throw line. Instead, he and Paul Piercecombined for 38 shots and zero trips to the line. “That’s crazy,” said Rondo, who said he didn’t remember a gamewhere that happened before. Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

“Not with me shooting — I think I shotthe ball 20 times yesterday, I took three jump shots, no freethrows. That’s just part of it. I’ve got to keep attacking. That’sjust part of the game. I don’t think that’s a fine. Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

But I’ve justgot to stay aggressive.” Rivers was particularly upset with Pierce for not getting to theline. “With Paul, you can look at his numbers and it’s easy to read,”said Rivers. “If he has no foul shots and only two rebounds, thenit wasn’t a physical game for Paul. Paul is every bit as physicalas LeBron [James], as far as body types.

So he just has to do it.” Rivers said he didn’t want his team to get out of hand with thephysicality. He was already upset with the five technical fouls theCeltics picked up in Game 1. “That doesn’t mean we have to be more physical, foul them,” saidRivers. “We foul them on our own anyway.” In Game 2, the Celtics will be better served getting themselves tothe line, and keeping the Heat off the line, than playing withreckless abandon.


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