Emirates is fourth rebar manufacturer worldwide to be certified – Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Manufacturer

Accreditation will enable the Company to supply reinforced bar tothe commercial nuclear power market Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 26 June 2012: Emirates Steel has been awarded a Quality System Certificate (QSC) as a MaterialOrganization (MO) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) for the manufacture of concrete reinforcing bar (rebar). TheCompany is the fourth rebar manufacturer worldwide to be awardedthis certificate and the first in the GCC. “The ASME Certificate and the implementation of our Nuclear QualitySystem (NQS) program will enable us to produce and supply ourproducts to companies involved in nuclear activities,” said Emirates Steel ‘s Chairman, HE Engineer Suhail Mubarak Musallam Athaeeth AlAmeri. “This is a very significant accomplishment for our Company,”he added. “We expect that the nuclear market is going to be agrowing market for the use of rebar.

With this issuance of a QSC toour Company, we are now well positioned to service that growingmarket.” Emirates Steel ‘s NQS was developed to supply products to nuclear projects andwill be activated only for nuclear orders. Public safety in nuclear power generation is the main goal ofASME’s certification. Through its quality assurance program, ASMEhas established a framework that aims for nuclear materials thatmatch the technological requirements of its nuclear standards.Certified manufacturers must be in compliance with strict ASMEnuclear energy standards concerning production, safety, testing,inspections, control of measurement devices, etc. and pass all ASMEexaminations. “ASME’s certificate provides us with a high degree of confidencethat our products conform to established safety standards,” pointedout Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Romaithi, Emirates Steel ‘s Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Emirates Steel ‘s NQS was developed based on ASME NCA 3800 requirements withproducts complying with ASTM A615 Gr. 60 and ASME CC 2300. Al Romaithi explained that Emirates Steel plans to expand its business by supplying high-quality, reliablematerials demanded by nuclear plant builders, and seeks tocontribute to nuclear power safety by bringing its technologicaland quality levels in general up complying with ASME standards. According to Al Romaithi, obtaining the ASME certification is animportant strategic milestone for the Company, demonstrating thehigh standards of quality that its facilities adhere to. TheCompany has earned the ASME certification through provenachievements in maintaining high quality.

“Since Emirates Steel began in 2001, we have been committed to being the mostknowledgeable, responsive and reliable source of rebar products inorder to consistently produce products that exceed customerexpectations. “We have worked hard to establish and maintain the policies,procedures and culture of rigor necessary to meet the highstandards of the ASME. This certification demonstrates ourcontinued commitment to providing products and services of thehighest caliber to our customers,” Al Romaithi pointed out. On another note, Engineer Tariq Al Afifi, Vice President -Standards and Audit, said that Emirates Steel is committed to consistently deliver high quality products. “Ourfinished goods are available for dispatch only after inspection,testing and classification.

We operate a well-equipped laboratoryand inspection facilities and all testing, inspection andmonitoring procedures are carried out based on internationalstandards”. To assert the quality of its steel, the Company has been awardedthe certification to manufacture Grade B500B rebar and coilconforming to BS 4449:2005 by the UK Certification Authority forReinforcing Steels (CARES). The Company has also been certified asa quality manufacturer and supplier of products conforming to BS4449:1997 Grade 460B. The Company operates a quality system which complies with therequirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and the relevant CARES qualityand operations assessment schedules. In addition, Emirates Steel ‘s rebar has been accredited by the Dubai Central LaboratoryDepartment (DCLD) of the Dubai Municipality as conforming to BS4449:1997 Grade 460B with Amd1 and BS 4449:2005 Grade B500B.

In2011, Emirates Steel also gained the UK CARES Sustainable Reinforcing Steelcertification for the production of continuously cast steel billetsand carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete, and in2012 it received the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)quality mark certification, after its success in passing thestandards tests, conducted by SASO. Efforts in ensuring productquality and customer satisfaction have also secured the Company theprestigious Emirates Quality Mark (EQM). Emirates Steel is wholly-owned by the General Holding Corporation (GHC).Strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD),just 35 kilometers away from the heart of the city, Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing thelatest steel manufacturing and rolling technology to producereinforcing bar, wire rod and heavy sections. At present, the Company has a finished product capacity of 3million metric tons per annum. The many strategic alliances thatthe Company has established with leading technology providers,coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities, will ensure that Emirates Steel maintains its position at the forefront of the industrial sector.

About Emirates Steel Emirates Steel is owned by the General Holding Company (GHC). Strategicallylocated in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), some 35kilometers away from the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Steel is the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, utilizing thelatest rolling mill technology to produce reinforcing bar, wire rodand heavy sections. Established in 2001, Emirates Steel is currently implementing a comprehensive business developmentplan. Once complete, the Company will be one of the largest andmost competitive steel producers in the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) region.

The Company is evolving from its roots of being asimple and relatively low value-added processor of steel into asophisticated, highly productive manufacturing business with a highadded value business model. Furthermore, it will be among the fewregional steel producers with a diversified product range,including rebar in both straight and coil form, wire rod, sections,plate, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe, longitudinally welded pipe, hot rolled coiland semi-finished products, such as billets and direct reducediron.
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