Learning english: puerto rico’s governor aims to make the islandfully bilingual by 2022

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The governor of Puerto Rico is trying to do what more than acentury of American citizenship has failed to accomplish: teachPuerto Ricans to speak English as well as they do Spanish. Gov. Luis Fortuno, who has been mentioned as a possible Republicanvice-presidential candidate, has proposed an ambitious, and whatcritics call far-fetched, plan to require all public schools toteach all courses in English while still offering Spanish grammarand literature classes. The U.S. territory has had a long and contentious relationship withthe English language, and many Puerto Ricans are skeptical aboutembracing it, fearing they will lose a key part of their identityand find themselves a step closer to statehood, a status that onlyabout half of islanders have backed in recent polls.

The governor wants Puerto Rico to become the 51st U.S. state. Buthe says his plan is about economic necessity, not politics. “Bilingualism opens doors and provides opportunity to our childrenso they can shine and become successful in a labor market that isincreasingly competitive and globalized,” he said. Only 12 of the island’s 1,472 schools offer an all-Englishcurriculum of the sort envisioned by Fortuno, while 35 otherschools offer some courses in English, such as math and physicaleducation, said Education Secretary Edwin Moreno.

“The main idea is to have a Puerto Rican who can communicate inSpanish as well as English,” said Moreno, who acknowledged that hehimself has an imperfect command of English. Moreno is overseeing an initial $15 million project to install abilingual curriculum in 31 schools starting in August and toreinforce the English-Spanish curriculum already in place in the 35other schools. Plans for adding the rest are still hazy, but thegovernor says he wants all public school students to be bilingualwithin 10 years. Among those rejecting the plan is the Puerto Rico TeachersAssociation, whose president, Aida Diaz, said that while shesupports bilingual education, the notion of teaching all courses inEnglish is extreme. “This is wrong,” she said. Laminate Tube

“This leads us to substitute our ownlanguage for a secondary one. It should not be that way.” All public schools are currently required to teach English fromkindergarten through high school, and 9,000 teachers are devoted tothat, but about 96 percent of the island’s 3.9 million people speakSpanish at home, and some 2.8 million Puerto Ricans do not considerthemselves fluent in English, according to the U.S. Census. That puts Puerto Rican children — and fellow U.S. Flat Oval Tube Manufacturer

citizens onthe American mainland, as well — behind many Europeans insecond-language skills. According to a 2006 European Community study, 56 percent ofEuropeans say they can conduct a conversation in more than onelanguage. About 90 percent in the Netherlands and Germany say theycan do so. Only about a quarter of mainland Americans can hold aconversation in another language, some studies indicate. Former Education Secretary Gloria Baquero said the biggest problemin Puerto Rico is the lack of good English teachers. Plastic Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer

“Their accent as well as their command of the language is not thebest,” she said. “They know the grammar, but the spoken language isnot their strong point. So we have a lot of English teachers whoend up speaking Spanish in class because the children don’tunderstand them.” One solution is to prepare teachers through immersion or exchangeprograms in the U.S., something that has been done intermittently,she said. Baquero said she and other educators support Fortuno’s plan butwarn it will be hard to implement: “Many people resent theimposition of language and associate any attempt to improve theirEnglish with political motives.” Fortuno’s proposal comes just months before voters face a two-partreferendum in November to help decide the island’s politicalstatus.

The first part of the referendum will ask if voters want a changein status or prefer to remain a U.S. commonwealth. The second partwill ask voters to choose from three options: statehood,independence or something in between called sovereign freeassociation. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has suggested that Englishbe the official language for all U.S. states but has said thereshould be no language precondition on Puerto Rican statehood.

English actually dominated Puerto Rican public education during thefirst half of the 20th century. From 1900 to 1948, all high schoolsubjects were taught in English, until the island’s firstdemocratically elected governor, Luis Munoz Marin, ended thepractice. “The learning of English was associated with a very real thrust bythe U.S. government to Americanize Puerto Rico,” said CarlosChardon, an anthropologist and former education secretary.

“A greatmajority of persons associated English with statehood.” In 1991, Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon went further by declaringSpanish the island’s sole official language. The law was repealed acouple of years later by Gov. Pedro Rosello, whose first officialact was to make both English and Spanish the official languages, alaw that stands to this day, even if only a few places have streetsigns in English.

Puerto Ricans, however, remain reluctant to learn English, saidJaime Morales, a public school teacher in the northern town of ToaBaja who is fluent in English. “They are not interested,” he said. “Because honestly, it’s hard tolearn the language.” Morales said he supports the idea of a bilingual curriculum butdoubts it will become a reality unless teachers are properlytrained, parents get involved and the education system improves. “The main problem here is that you have a community that does nothave good command of Spanish,” he said. “If they are deficient inSpanish, how do you pretend they are going to become fluent in asecond language?”.


Lsi collaborates with vineyard networks to accelerate mobile anddatacenter networks

Vineyard joins LSI networking ecosystem; combined solution deliversreal-time application recognition to improve user experience INTEROP, LAS VEGAS, Nev., May 8, 2012 – LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) today announced a collaboration withVineyard Networks to accelerate network performance by combiningVineyard’s deep packet inspection (DPI) software engine with theLSI Axxia processor with Virtual Pipeline technology.The solution allows datacenter and mobile network operators torecognize applications on the network and prioritize importanttraffic, improving the end-user experience for applications such asvideo and collaboration platforms. This solution is designed to: * Identify applications running on the network in real-time,allowing operators to prioritize important traffic * Offload application recognition and monitoring from the hostprocessor, freeing it to perform other tasks * Be fully field-upgradable with new signatures as new applicationsand protocols become prominent * Reduce time to market by enabling manufacturers to easily addhigh-performance DPI technology to their x86-based server orappliance “Datacenters and mobile networks are contending with massivetraffic growth, and need solutions to recognize applications andtune network performance to deliver a great user experience,” saidNoy Kucuk, vice president of marketing, Networking ComponentsDivision, LSI. “By combining Vineyard’s software with the Axxiaprocessor, manufacturers have an easy-to-deploy solution forapplication recognition.” As more and more applications are delivered over the network, theability to identify traffic without impacting network performanceis critical. By offloading application recognition and monitoringto Vineyard’s Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) deeppacket inspection software running on the LSI Axxia processorfamily, datacenters and mobile networks can detect applicationssuch as social networking, file sharing and Web 2.0 applications inreal-time without using the host processor. Unlock Huawei Dongle

“The integration of Vineyard’s next-generation DPI engine, NAVL, onthe sophisticated hardware architecture of the Axxia family ofproducts, provides one of the fastest and highest performancemethods of adding deep application recognition and metadataextraction to a networking solution,” said Jason Richards, CEO,Vineyard Networks. “We’ll continue to evolve the solution to keepcurrent with the newest web trends for applications and networkingprotocols.” Both companies will be demonstrating the combined solution atInterop Las Vegas 2012, May 6-10, at Mandalay Bay. About LSI LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) designs semiconductors and softwarethat accelerate storage and networking in data centers and mobilenetworks. Our technology is the intelligence critical to enhancedapplication performance, and is applied in solutions created incollaboration with our partners. China OEM GSM Modem

More information is available at. LSI, the LSI & Design logo, Axxia and Virtual Pipeline aretrademarks or registered trademarks of LSI Corporation. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registeredtrademarks of their respective companies. For more information, contact: Nicki Langley , Neesham PR, +44 (0) 1296 628180, nickil@neesham.co.uk. OEM Wireless Router Manufacturer

Safeway, whole foods win first ‘good’ greenpeace seafood ratings – China Backlit Metal Keypad

Safeway and Whole Foods have become the first retailers ever toearn a “green”, or “good” rating forcommitment to the sustainability of the seafood they sell, inGreenpeace’s annual Seafood Retailer Scorecard. The grocery chains earned scores of 7.1 and seven respectively inthe scorecard, which has been released each year since 2008. Sevenis the lowest score that qualifies for a green rating, according to Greenpeace’s 2012 Carting Away the Oceans report . Greenpeace congratulated Safeway on its grade while saying therewas still “room for improvement.” The environmentalgroup criticized the presence of “brands that plunder theplanet in search of short-term profit” in the store’scanned tuna section. Greenpeace urged the retailer to considerapplying its own brands’ formative tuna sourcing policies tonational brand products. Illuminated Metal Keyboard

Whole Foods’ recent Earth Day pledge to stop carrying “red list” species – thosespecies deemed to be suffering from overfishing or those whosecurrent fishing methods harm other marine life – singled itout for individual praise from Greenpeace. The move had”catalyzed incredible change” in the store’sinventory, Greenpeace said. Since 2008 Whole Foods has removed sixred list species from its stores. It still sells 12, the reportsays. China Backlit Metal Keypad

Since the report was launched in 2008 the 20 retailers analyzedhave stopped selling a combined 67 red list species, the reportsays. Grocery chain A&P has taken eight such species off itsshelves in that time period, the most of any of the retailers inthe report, but still sells eight red list species. Costco hasremoved seven red list species and still sells eight. Kroger, whichscored 4.3 on the scorecard and ranked 16th out of 20, has removedno red list species from its seafood cases and still stocks 17, thereport says. Since 2008, the top score in the report has more than doubled fromWhole Foods’ 3.5 in 2008 to Safeway’s 7.1 in 2012. China ITAC Mouse Trak

Theoverall average performance of the industry has also improved overthat time period. In 2008, every retailer in the report was given ared or “fail” rating, but by last year 75 percent of retailers in the report were given an orange or”pass” rating. This year, 70 percent of retailers wereawarded a pass rating, and 10 percent were given “good”ratings. In other sustainable seafood news, the Food Marketing Institute hasreleased its first Sustainable Seafood Toolkit , a free resource providing retailers information on theintegration and implementation of seafood sustainabilityprocurement policies and procedures. The toolkit, which was funded by Bumblebee Foods, featuresbest practices and case studies among retailers, suppliers andnon-governmental organizations.

Centac compressors bestsellers for caps australia – Food Packaging Tube – Toothpaste Tube

Centac centrifugal compressors available from Caps Australia meet the needs of large scale industrial processes that oftenrequire high volumes of compressed air. Centac centrifugal compressors are the company”s bestsellingmodels in Australia. All Centac models are 100% oil-free, single tomulti-stage compressors designed to provide high-quality, cleancompressed air to Class 0 certification. Witek Zabielski, a CAPS Product Manager with more than 20 years ofexperience in the compressor industry singles out the latest Centaccompressor, the C1000 as one of the most efficient in design, useof optimised components and user-friendly operation, whichminimises the overall cost of ownership by reducing energyconsumption and operating costs. Centac”s C1000 oil free compressors feature a simplifieddesign to increase their efficiency in Australia”s harshoperating environments.

The C1000 can reliably supply the highvolumes of compressed air required for applications such assmelting, mining and food or chemical processing. According to Zabielski, the Centac brand continues to help CAPS winorders for compressor installations in Australian as well asoverseas markets. Key features of Centac C1000 centrifugal compressors: Comprises of the main compressor unit and three coolers, allmounted on a cast iron frame Two inter-stage and one after-cooler oversized to provide greaterresistance to fouling, low CTD and pressure drop Water-in-tube coolers offer accessibility and serviceability fromboth ends of the package Heavy-duty, high-efficiency motors and hardened components forimproved durability and reliability Unique vertically-split arrangement of the design provides fastaccess to major components Simplified cleaning of the cooling tubes for continuous performance Streamlined design simplifies installation in any industrialsetting All components in the fully enclosed model are mounted in anacoustic enclosure that only requires water, power and airconnections.
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05/07/12 – dnv enters into strategic partnership with stormgeogroup – Clean Room Garments

Monday, 07 May 2012 DNV has, as part of a strategic partnership with StormGeo, acquiredthe right to purchase 22,6 % of StormGeo s shares through amutually convertible capital issue, putting their weight behind aworld-leading meteorology and risk assessment company. Bj rn K.Haugland, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer of DNV Groupwill join the Board of Directors of StormGeo. The core focus of StormGeo will remain within the fields of oilexploration, renewable energy as well as shipping, media andaviation. Following strong growth since inception in 1998, StormGeocurrently operates out of 12 offices in 9 countries.

The agreementwith DNV will effectively expand the potential footprint ofStormGeo. DNV has operations and customers through 300 offices inmore than 100 countries. DNV and StormGeo will co-operate to continue developingworld-leading risk assessment and efficiency programs for all typesof entities operating in rough climates. By coordinating bestpractice meteorology solutions and products with uniqueunderstanding of the performance of each individual entity,StormGeo will allow customers to optimize their operationaleconomics without sacrificing the ultimate focus on safety.

We are very honored to have been chosen as a partner by DNV, says Kent Zehetner, the CEO of StormGeo. StormGeo has 104employees, of which more than 30 are fully employed in R&Ddeveloping systems that support the drive for safety and economicefficiency. Strategic and cultural match StormGeo s activities are highly complementary to those of DNV sexisting businesses within maritime, oil and gas energy, renewableenergy sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation. StormGeo s competence, products and services will add to DNV sexisting portfolio of services that already cover the entire energyvalue chain from energy source to end user, including wind energy,carbon capture and storage, carbon trading, energy efficiency,power generation, transmission and distribution, and energy-relatedtesting, inspection and certification. Cleanroom Paper

Both organizations value research, innovation and technicalcompetence, and we look forward to working together on a sharedagenda, says Henrik O. Madsen, the CEO of DNV and continues Theglobal energy sector is heading for significant changes andinvestments especially due to long term climate changes in andoperations in high risk areas like the Arctic. This trend willincreasingly call on best practice meteorology systems. In DNV, we have found a solid, innovative international partnerand investor that has the same strategic vision, purpose andcultural values as ourselves. StormGeo has since inception nursed astrong drive for innovation and investment in R&D. Clean Room Garments

In 2011 thisaccounted for more than 25% of aggregated gross revenue. DNV hassince early days been a company we have tried to emulate inquality, style and perspective. Their strong tradition as anindependent leading player with world class technical and businessknowledge combined with strong growth ambitions has been a beaconfor us, says Erik Langaker, the Chairman of StormGeo AS. Reiten & Co. Polyimide Film Tape

welcomes this opportunity to strategicallycooperate with a world class company like DNV. The core focus whenacquiring our majority stake in 2011 was to ensure that StormGeowould be allowed to reach its maximum business potential andgenerate good return for all shareholders. We strongly believe thatthis agreement will support that goal significantly, saysChristian Melby, partner in Reiten & Co. While DNV becomes the largest minority shareholder with a 22,6 %share, Reiten & Co.

retains its majority holding (51%). ErikLangaker (Vestland Invest), TV2 Invest and Siri Kalvig as well asthe management group will not sell any shares as part of thetransaction.

Texada announces record first quarter revenues and additional boardnominee at agm

05/07/12 — Texada Software Inc.(“Texada”, or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:TXS), is pleased toannounce record revenues for the three months ended March 31, 2012as outlined above. The Company continues to recognize the year ending December 31,2011 as a critical jumping-off point for Texada and demonstratesthrough its record 2012 first quarter revenues the acceleratedtrajectory of increasing customer satisfaction, growth andshareholder value. “All operating business units experienced strong revenue growthduring the first quarter,” said Willie Swisher, the Company’s ChiefExecutive Officer. “The rental business unit experienced elevatedtime utilization rates during this period, even considering that weadded additional rental fleet late in the fourth quarter of 2011.The software business unit continues to see success in the recentlylaunched “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”) deployment option, asmore and more businesses are turning to in the cloud models formany of their software options. Based on our preliminary resultsfor the first quarter ended March 31, 2012, our expectations are tocontinue to see our initiatives show success throughout the balanceof the year.

We take the recently completed quarter as marketconfirmation of our vision, initiatives and direction and we willcontinue to forge our path forward, together, as a team.” In further expanding the breadth of the Company’s expertise, Texadaannounced that it is pleased that Ron Schwarz, CFA, has acceptedthe Board’s invitation to stand as a nominee to join the Board ofDirectors at the Company’s annual general meeting scheduled forJune 28, 2012. Mr. Schwarz’s background is as an independent investor and capitalmarkets professional with over 20 years of experience as a seniorexecutive within equity research, wholesale banking and assetmanagement. He recently served as Executive Director and Small CapPortfolio Manager with UBS Global Asset Management Canada, where hemanaged a Canadian small cap fund. Previously, Mr.

Schwarz wasCIBC’s Managing Director and Head of Canadian Cash Equities, whichencompassed the bank’s equity sales, trading, research and primebrokerage businesses. Mr. Schwarz’s expertise is centered oncapital markets and corporate strategy. “As we continue executing multiple strategic initiatives, includingexisting and new business expansion,” said Nabil Kassam, ExecutiveChairman, “Ron’s participation will significantly catalyze ourability to continue building a remarkable and enduring company.”Mr. Rolled Aluminum Plate

Kassam concluded, “we are fortunate to have Ron’s contributiongoing forward as we chart the future of Texada.” The financial information in respect to revenues for the periodsset out in this new release is presented on a basis consistent withthe accounting principles used to prepare Texada’s most recentlyfiled financial statements. Readers are advised that the Companyfaces various risk factors with respect to its business andoperations. Further information is available in the Company’sManagement Discussion and Analysis available at . About Texada Software Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TXS) Texada Software Inc. Aluminum Embossed Sheet

operates in two complementary businesses,enterprise asset management software and equipment rental. Texada’s enterprise software business continues as the premierprovider of equipment asset management software solutions forequipment rental, dealership and construction companies. Texada’ssolutions are fully flexible and scalable to meet the unique needsof any sized operation and are backed by proven implementation,services and support. Texada’s market-driven software productscombine knowledge and best practices from over 5,000 usersworldwide, resulting in solutions that manage the complete assetlife-cycle from acquisition through to disposal. Aluminium Strip Coil

The Company, through its wholly owned US equipment rentalsubsidiary, Noble Rents, Inc., conducts business as Rolls HighReach at four locations in Southern California with over 7,000customers and a wide range of rental fleet units. Texada can be reached at 1-800-361-1233 or 1-519-836-7073, or at. This news release may contain forward-looking statements whichreflect the Company’s current expectations regarding future events.The forward-looking statements are often, but not always,identified by the use of words such as “seek”, “anticipate”, “plan,”estimate”, “expect”, “intend” and statements that an event orresult “may”, “will”, “should”, “could” or “might” occur or beachieved and other similar expressions. These forward-lookingstatements involve risk and uncertainties, including the difficultyin predicting acceptance of and demands for new products, theimpact of the products and pricing strategies of competitors,delays in developing and launching new products, fluctuations inoperating results and other risks, any of which could causeresults, performance, or achievements to differ materially from theresults discussed or implied in the forward-looking statements.Many risks are inherent in the industry; others are more specificto the Company.

Texada’s ongoing quarterly filings should beconsulted for additional information on risks and uncertaintiesrelating to these forward-looking statements. Investors should notplace undue reliance on any forward-looking statements. Managementassumes no obligation to update or alter any forward-lookingstatements whether as a result of new information, further eventsor otherwise. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider(as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX VentureExchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy ofthis release.

Contacts: Corporate communications contact: Texada Software Inc. Jim McInnis Chief Financial Officer 1-800-361-1233 x 2104 Copyright @ Marketwire.

Bedford county ‘harmony’ project faces final hurdle – Face Lifting Machines Manufacturer

A major residential and commercial project for U.S. 460 in Bedford,planned for the past four years, is facing its final hurdle beforethe county board of supervisors tonight. The board is set to hold a public hearing at its 7:30 p.m. meetingon a rezoning request for “Harmony,” a project thatproposes a mix of housing and business uses on U.S.

460 betweenWoodhaven Drive and Pony Acre Road. B&A Investors Inc. seeks to rezone the 49 acres that iscurrently vacant farmland from Agricultural Residential to PlannedDevelopment so construction can start. George Aznavorian of B&A, the developer who also led theDowntown Moneta project at Smith Mountain Lake, has said Harmonyhas potential to enhance economy activity in the west end of thecity of Bedford.

He also believes the neighborhood could meet ademand for apartments and keep business in Bedford that mayotherwise go to Roanoke or Lynchburg. Some critics have spoken out against the plan and say itdoesn”t fit in with the area”s rural nature. Concernsalso have centered on increased traffic, the housing market”sdecline and possible impacts on surrounding properties. The project would propose 55 single-family homes, 119 townhomes ora combination of 144 apartments and 71 townhomes in a”transitional residential area” and 48 apartments thatwould serve as upper level housing within the commercial area. Skin Rejuvenation Machine

The project would front U.S. 460 just west of the Woodhaven Driveintersection and would have acreage off the roadway; the overallsize is about 59 acres, with close to 10 acres in the city that donot require rezoning. The city would provide utilities. Though no announcements have been made about what specificcommercial uses would arise, Aznavorian”s application saidthat area is planned for a big box or grocer area as an”anchor store” with shops flanking that building. Face Lifting Machines Manufacturer

The two 10,000-square-feet commercial buildings are planned to havethree floors with commercial use on the ground floor andresidential use on upper floors, according to the application. The United States Army Corps of Engineers will use a portion of theproject that is not part of the rezoning or “the nature ofthe development” for a training facility, it states. The hearing tonight is set for the top floor of the countyadministration building at 122 East Main Street in Bedford. The board also will meet in a work session from 5 p.m. to 7 and isscheduled to discuss considering self-funded health insurance andthe county school system”s 2012-13 budget. Oxygen Therapy Machine Manufacturer

Three or more ofthe county school board members may attend that discussion, anotice posted on the schools” website states. To view the agenda, visit http://www.co.bedford.va.us and click on Board of Supervisors.