Pacquiao vs.bradley: another black stain for boxing – Huawei WiFi Router – Kingston SD Memory Card

The fight was over. It had gone the distance but more than 14,000paying fight fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas knewwhat the outcome would be…at least they thought they knew. Yes,Timothy Bradley had put up a decent fight. Still, clearly Manny”Pacman” Pacquiao had dominated the fight. Then thedecision is announced.

“Judge Jerry Roth scores it 115-113Pacquiao.” No one is surprised. “CJ Ross scores it115-113 (pause for effect) Bradley.” So it will be a splitdecision but still no one is prepared for what comes next.”And Duane Ford scores it 115-113 to the winner by splitdecision and the NEW welterweight champion of the world TimothyBradley.” The crowd is at first stunned and there are severalcheers. We’ll guess that those came from fans who wagered on theheavy underdog Bradley at +350. The great majority of the fanspresent booed the decision. Just how bad was the split decision?Well, let’s take a look at some stats.

CompuBox stats show that Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao threw 493 punches to 390 for Bradley. The Pacman landed 253 ofthose compared to 159 for Bradley. CompuBox also showed Pacquiaolanding more punches in 10 of the 12 rounds.PowerPunch stats alsofavored Pacquiao 190-109. Based on these stats we have to wonderwhat fight the judges were watching. Android USB PC

It’s hard to find anyone who actually thinks that Bradleylegitimately won this fight. Respected former judge Harold Ledermanwho now works for HBO gave 11 of the 12 rounds to Pacquiao. Most socalled experts have at least 8 of the 12 rounds to Pacquiao withBradley coming on later in the fight. The Associated Press scoredit 117-111 Pacquiao. ESPN scored it 119-109 Pacquiao and the LosAngeles Times scored it 117-111 Pacquiao. Huawei WiFi Router

Now, the question is not if Pacquiao was robbed, but why? Theanswer is fairly simple. With boxing’s top draw Floyd”Money” Mayweather languishing in a Las Vegas prison cell(domestic abuse), the sport needed to somehow create excitement.Nothing creates excitement more in boxing than a controversialdecision. Can you say rematch? It was already in the works(probably in November) before the decision was even announced onSaturday night in the desert. Fight fans will eat up the hype thatis sure to follow in the coming weeks.The controversy willguarantee a sold out arena and a huge pay per view take. Certainpeople will make a lot of money from this decision. Kingston SD Memory Card

It’s not thefans.


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