Programming languages not copyrightable rules top eu court – Wcdma Smartphone – China Super Slim Cell Phone

Europe’s top court ruled on Wednesday that the functionality of acomputer program and the programming language it is written incannot be protected by copyright. The European Court of Justice made the decision in relation to acase brought by SAS Institute against World Programming Limited(WPL). [ Also check out 10 programming languages that could shake up IT and test your programming smarts with our programming IQ test: Round 1 and Round 2 . | Keep up on key application development insights with the Fatal Exception blog and Developer World newsletter. Economical Mobile Phone

] SAS makes data processing and statistical analysis programs. Thecore component of the SAS system allows users to write and runapplication programs written in SAS programming language. Throughreference to the Learning Edition of the SAS System, which WPLacquired under a lawful license, WPL created a product thatemulates much of the functionality of the SAS components, so thatcustomers’ application programs can run in the same way on WPL ason the SAS components. The court found that although WPL used and studied SAS programs inorder to understand their functioning, there was “nothing tosuggest that WPL had access to or copied the source code of the SAScomponents.” It ruled that “The purchaser of a license for aprogram is entitled, as a rule, to observe, study or test itsfunctioning so as to determine the ideas and principles whichunderlie that program.” If it were accepted that a functionality of a computer program canbe protected as such, that would amount to making it possible tomonopolize ideas, to the detriment of technological progress andindustrial development, decided the court, echoing the opiniongiven last November by the court’s Advocate General, Yves Bot. The result is that the court finds that ideas and principles whichunderlie any element of a computer program are not protected bycopyright under that directive, only the expression of those ideasand principles. Wcdma Smartphone

This in effect leaves the door open for other software companies to”reverse engineer” programs in many cases without fear ofinfringing copyright. Follow Jennifer on Twitter at @BrusselsGeek or email tips and comments to . China Super Slim Cell Phone


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