Nhra top fuel – u.s. army racing ready for southern nationals – Skin Rejuvenation Machine Manufacturer

NHRA Top Fuel – U.S. Army Racing Ready For Southern Nationals COMMERCE, May 4, 2012: U.S. Army NHRA Top Fuel drivers Tony”The Sarge” Schumacher and Antron Brown will head forAtlanta Dragway Friday through Sunday for the tradition-rich SummitRacing Equipment Southern Nationals. Refusing to accept defeat, Schumacher will be looking to reboundfrom a second-round loss suffered last Sunday in the O’ReillyAuto Parts Spring Nationals outside Houston. The Chicago-arearesident is fourth in the standings, 37 points removed from Brown,who reclaimed the top spot for the third time this season afteradvancing to his fourth final in six races.

Brown, a New Jersey native, is 14 points ahead of his DonSchumacher Racing teammate Spencer Massey in second and 32 pointsahead of Morgan Lucas in third. Schumacher, who is the winningest driver in Top Fuel history, hasnever won at Atlanta Dragway. It’s the only track on the NHRAtour where he has failed to win a race. He does have threerunner-up finishes to his credit, the most recent coming last yearwhen he lost to Brown in the final.

TONY “THE SARGE” SCHUMACHER, driver of the U.S. ArmyTop Fuel dragster: You’re going to the only track where you have not won a race.Does that affect you in any way? “I really don’t let those kinds of things bother me. Asmost people know, I focus on the job at hand and don’t getbogged down with history. This is a whole new season and whatoccurred previously doesn’t matter. We’re going to godown to Georgia with the attitude we will leave with a trophy. Cavitation RF Machine

Ifthat happens, then we can cross Atlanta Dragway off the ‘nowins’ list.” You ran well last weekend but came up short in the quarterfinals.Despite the loss, you have to be encouraged. “We continue to run well and that’s important. What Ifind interesting is that, even though we haven’t won a race,as yet, we are still very much in the hunt. We’re less thantwo rounds of racing behind Antron in first, which is prettyamazing. Skin Rejuvenation Machine Manufacturer

Wait until we start putting some victories in thebank.” We’re about one-third of the way through the season. Howwould you assess your driving to this point? “Like our Army Strong Soldiers, failure is never an option.So, I’m always seeking to improve no matter how many yearsI’ve been doing this. I try to be a machine every time I getin the racecar. If I can do that, then that’s one less thingfor my crew chief (Mike Green) and team to be concernedwith.” While Antron holds first place, your other DSR teammate SpencerMassey is in second. Oxygen Therapy Machine Manufacturer

With you not far back in fourth, your dad(team owner Don Schumacher) has to be one happy camper at themoment. “I’m sure he’s happy, but he would probably behappier if we were 1-2-3 in the points. And, so would we. We allroot for each other to have success, but when we face each other,it is definitely game on. We represent different sponsors and eachexpects its driver to win.

That’s just the way itworks.” ANTRON BROWN, driver of the Matco Tools/U.S. Army Top Fueldragster: You are back in the points lead for the third time this year.Surely you will want to hang on to it for a while this time. “Without question, that’s how we feel. But, the TopFuel class is so crazy right now.

You just don’t know whichteam is going to rise up and win on a given weekend. We just have to stay focused, do ourdeal and the results will take care of themselves. So far,that’s been a good formula for us.” Your formula has obviously been productive since you’ve beento four finals in six races so far this year. “We have been pretty consistent. When you get to finals, youcertainly rack up the points.

But, in the end, you want to winraces. The way we see it is that we’ve won one race, butthere were three other opportunities when we didn’t win. Youhave to be your own worst critic. You never want to settle forbeing runner-up.

As is often said, nobody ever remembers who camein second.” How does it make you feel that you have denied Tony a win atAtlanta Dragway twice in the last four seasons? “I just do my job like Tony does his. When we race,it’s always a straight-up deal. We go at it hard and it willbe what it will be. I’m sure Tony’s time will come atAtlanta Dragway. Maybe it will be this weekend.

Frankly, it’sincredible that there’s only one track on the schedule wherehe’s never won a race. Pardon the pun, but what a trackrecord that is.” The Southern Nationals has such history attached to it and you havefour of those trophies – two in Pro Stock Motorcycles and twoin Top Fuel. Does winning that race have any greater value thanothers? “Well, every race has importance. But, at some point, youwant to win all of the so-called majors.

I definitely put theSouthern Nationals in that category.”.


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