Honda develops world’s first technology to detect potentialtraffic congestion – Garage Equipment Repairs Manufacturer

TOKYO, Japan, April 26, 2012 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced thesuccessful development of the world s first *1 technology to detect the potential for traffic congestion anddetermine whether the driving pattern of the vehicle is likely tocreate traffic jams. Honda developed this technology whilerecognizing that the acceleration and deceleration behavior of onevehicle influences the traffic pattern of trailing vehicles and cantrigger the traffic congestion. In conjunction with the Research Center for Advanced Science andTechnology at the University of Tokyo, Honda conducted experimentaltesting of a system utilizing the technology to detect thepotential for traffic congestion. The test results demonstratedthat the system helped increase the average speed by approximately23% and improved fuel efficiency by approximately 8% of trailingvehicles. Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner

With the goal to bring this technology to market, Honda will beginthe first public-road testing of the technology in Italy andIndonesia in May and July of this year, respectively, to verify theeffectiveness of the technology in minimizing vehicle congestion. Rather than providing information to help the driver avoid existingcongestion based on current traffic information, the systemmonitors the acceleration and deceleration patterns of the vehicleto determine whether the driver s driving pattern is likely tocreate traffic congestion. Based on this determination, the systemprovides the driver with appropriate information, including acolor-coded display through the on-board terminal, to encouragesmooth driving which will help alleviate the intensity ofacceleration and deceleration by trailing vehicles, thereby helpingto prevent or minimize the occurrence of vehicle congestion. Moreover, the positive effect on minimizing congestion and fuelefficiency improvement can be further increased *4 by connecting the on-board terminals to cloud *2 servers to make the driver aware of and in sync with the drivingpatterns of vehicles ahead by activating the ACC (Adaptive CruiseControl) *3 system at the right time to maintain a constant distance betweenvehicles at the most appropriate interval. Traffic congestion causes not only a delay in arrival time but alsoan increase in CO 2 emissions and a higher potential for rear-end collisions. Garage Equipment Repairs Manufacturer

Strivingto realize the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainablesociety where people can enjoy life, as stated in the HondaEnvironmental Vision, Honda will work toward the establishment of acongestion-free mobility society all around the world. China Universal Car Diagnostic Scanner


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