Ios game review: madcoaster on the fast track to fun – Ultrasonic Beauty Machine Manufacturer

by Chris Holt , The thrill of riding a roller coaster comes from when the feelingof danger you get from every gravity-defying loop-to-loop. In Chillingo s lovably-addictive platformer, Madcoaster , that danger is very real if PG rated. You re tasked with controlling a small roller coaster as itcareens over hazardous tracks and through several themed worlds.With a tap of your finger, you send your roller coaster jumpinginto the air to hit targets, collect items, and avoid numerousdrops. Like many platformers, Madcoaster docks you a life if yourcoaster falls off the track toward the doom waiting below. Madcoaster utilizes the endless loop platform paradigmpopularized by Adult Swim s Robot Unicorn Attack , but eases up on the difficulty level. Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

While you re initiallygiven three lives to collect coins and beat your high score, thepace is more approachable, the obstacles more forgiving, and themany items keeping you entertained and (mostly) unscathed. Leap of Faith: Your roller coaster may go off track, but the funrarely does in Madcoaster thanks to a strong achievement system andvaried objectives. Players score points by not only keeping their coaster alive and onthe tracks, but also by collecting coins, hitting animals, andexecuting jumps perfectly. Despite the moral implications ofrunning over many endangered species with your amusement park ridefull of laughing children, the game is surprisingly bloodless andkid-friendly. Just don t try this at home. Ultrasonic Beauty Machine Manufacturer

Chillingo builds a strong achievement system around a very thingameplay concept: As you progress, you ll gain levels and completeobjectives (which you can view by pausing). You ll unlockaesthetic changes like different riders on your coaster but alsoupgrades like jet packs and coin-magnets. These upgrades bothsuperficial and substantial create a higher degree ofreplayability than you d expect, turning a couple of minutes worthof distraction into a couple of hours worth of timesuck. The further you go, the more places your coaster will travel, witheach world offering a different theme and set of animals that youcan run over for points. In the jungle area, you ll hit gorillas,while in the ice level you ll try to run down penguins. Cryolipolysis Machine

As theanimals change in the different worlds, one drawback of the game isthat the different tracks all feel very similar. There is a dearthof loops or particularly steep declines, making the game play likea never-ending, rather mundane track with different cosmeticdifferences. Safety aside, this is not an interesting enough rollercoaster to ever ride in real life. Notwithstanding the somewhat repetitive track design, theobjectives are varied enough to keep players coming back for more.Your tactics will change dramatically if you need to reach acertain distance versus trying to hit several of the same animals.And as you progress, you ll get more confident in deploying thevarious bonuses in the game like magnets and jet packs.

Competingagainst your friends via social media also ensures that certainplayers will come back for more, even throwing down real money topurchase some of the in-app bonuses. Chillingo has a strong reputation for creating streamlined, fun,and clever mobile apps that succeed where bigger budgets and deeperconcepts do not. Madcoaster continues that tradition, offeringsimple joys in short play sessions. [ Former associate editor Chris Holt remains a frequent contributorto Macworld. ].


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