Centac compressors bestsellers for caps australia – Food Packaging Tube – Toothpaste Tube

Centac centrifugal compressors available from Caps Australia meet the needs of large scale industrial processes that oftenrequire high volumes of compressed air. Centac centrifugal compressors are the company”s bestsellingmodels in Australia. All Centac models are 100% oil-free, single tomulti-stage compressors designed to provide high-quality, cleancompressed air to Class 0 certification. Witek Zabielski, a CAPS Product Manager with more than 20 years ofexperience in the compressor industry singles out the latest Centaccompressor, the C1000 as one of the most efficient in design, useof optimised components and user-friendly operation, whichminimises the overall cost of ownership by reducing energyconsumption and operating costs. Centac”s C1000 oil free compressors feature a simplifieddesign to increase their efficiency in Australia”s harshoperating environments.

The C1000 can reliably supply the highvolumes of compressed air required for applications such assmelting, mining and food or chemical processing. According to Zabielski, the Centac brand continues to help CAPS winorders for compressor installations in Australian as well asoverseas markets. Key features of Centac C1000 centrifugal compressors: Comprises of the main compressor unit and three coolers, allmounted on a cast iron frame Two inter-stage and one after-cooler oversized to provide greaterresistance to fouling, low CTD and pressure drop Water-in-tube coolers offer accessibility and serviceability fromboth ends of the package Heavy-duty, high-efficiency motors and hardened components forimproved durability and reliability Unique vertically-split arrangement of the design provides fastaccess to major components Simplified cleaning of the cooling tubes for continuous performance Streamlined design simplifies installation in any industrialsetting All components in the fully enclosed model are mounted in anacoustic enclosure that only requires water, power and airconnections.
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