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BEIJING – A man has been arrested on suspicion of killing 11 men inChina, the official Xinhua news agency confirmed on Sunday,breaking its silence over the capture of a loner dubbed the”cannibal monster”. News reports from China and Hong Kong on Friday alleged the56-year-old, a convicted murderer who was released from prison in1997, had chopped up the bodies of the dead and sold the flesh tounsuspecting consumers. Zhang Yongming was detained more than two weeks ago in his villagein southwest China, where he was known as the “cannibalmonster”, the Guangxi News website reported last week. It quoted residents as saying they had seen green plastic bagshanging from his home, with what appeared to be white bonesprotruding from the top. The influential Xinhua made no mention of cannibalism in its”exclusive” story on Sunday of the arrest of the man itcalled “the alleged serial killer” and made few of thegraphic revelations contained in the earlier reports. Clean Room Wipers

A previous Xinhua report said only that Beijing had dispatched ateam of experts to Yunnan province, where the accused lives, tosupervise an investigation into missing teenagers. Almost all last week”s reports on the grisly case –which made headlines around the world – were later removedfrom Chinese websites and online searches for the words”missing in Yunnan” were also blocked. Chinese media normally face few restrictions on reporting aboutnon-political crimes, and it was not immediately clear why detailsof the Yunnan case had been originally censored. Cannibalism is a particularly sensitive subject in China, where itwas practised as a survival tactic during periods of massstarvation, for example in the wake of a failed industrialisationdrive launched in the late 1950s. Clean Room Sticky Mat

“A large amount of physical evidence and DNA comparisons showthat Zhang Yongming from Nanmen village, Jinning county, killed the11 males,” Sunday”s report said, citing the ministry ofpublic security. “After the murders, Zhang used various means, includingdismemberment, burning and burial, to destroy the evidence.” Zhang is said to have attacked his victims while they were walkingalone near his home. Hong Kong newspaper The Standard had said police discovered humaneyeballs preserved inside wine bottles – “like snakewine” – and pieces of what appeared to be human fleshhanging up to dry when they entered Zhang”s home. Police feared that Zhang had fed human flesh to his three dogs,while selling other parts on the market, calling it “ostrichmeat”, according to The Standard. China Silicon Sticky Roller

Xinhua”s Sunday report quoted the public security ministry assaying that it would work with local authorities to punish anypolice officers found to be guilty of dereliction of duty. Internet users have expressed dismay that officials had not tackledthe case sooner.


On memorial day, antiwar sentiment among post-9/11 veteransincreasing – Retort Pouch

Despite the end of the Iraq war and the scheduled drawdown inAfghanistan, this Memorial Day arrives against a backdrop ofdeepening — and some say more troublesome — antiwar sentimentamong military veterans. One of the most vivid and replayed images of protesters at the NATOsummit last weekend in Chicago was a group of some 40 vets lined upto toss their war medals over the chain link fence to protest whatformer naval officer Leah Bolger calls the illegal wars of bothNATO and America. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 33 percent ofpost-9/11 veterans say that neither the war in Iraq nor inAfghanistan were worth the cost, and this among a highlymotivated cohort who chose to serve. What this means, says retired US Army Col. Ann Wright, who resignedfrom a State Department post in 2006 over US policies in Iraq, isthat there is a widening gap between the government, militarypolicies, and the soldiers that carry them out.

Military personnel know America will always have a military, butthere is growing concern over the way it is being used, says the29-year veteran, adding that an increasing list of concerns include the use of torture, illegal detentions, and both soldiers and thepublic being lied to about the actual reasons for going intocombat. But in contrast to the extremely vocal and visible antiwarmovements of the Vietnam War era, many veterans in theall-volunteer military have found it harder to mobilize effectiveactions, says Cameron White, a former Marine who served two toursin Iraq before joining Iraq Veterans Against the War. The 32-year-old Pasadena City college student, who enlisted in2000, says it s harder to speak to fellow soldiers about theirdecision to join, as the onus is on us because we chose this. Many of the post-9/11 veterans who have served in what is nowAmerican s longest-running military action, find that pressuresthat can fuel antiwar sentiment have ratcheted up with theall-volunteer army.

According to the Pew study, only some one half of one percent ofAmericans have served in the military in the past decade, thelowest rate in history. Even as an unprecedented number ofAmericans some 80 percent are therefore sheltered from thewar s hardships because none of their relatives are serving, thepressures of military service have increased. In order to meet troop level requirements, many soldiers have beendeployed as many as six times a level unheard of prior to theall-volunteer military, points out Mike Hanie, an Air Force veteranand founder and executive director of the Institute for Veteransand Military Families at Syracuse University. This growing antiwar sentiment within the veteran community, hesays, is easily traced to the fact that the men and women whohave served are returning home to communities where they feel thattheir service doesn t matter. The veterans families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues donot understand, or seem to care about our all-volunteer militaryand the sacrifices they have made defending our freedom, he adds. Vacuum Packaging Bags

Veterans returning to normal life are facing struggles that includeuncertainty about possible redeployments, cutbacks in benefits, andan economy in recession. This has led to many troublesome results,including a suicide rate among post 9/11 veterans of some 18veterans per day, says Dr. Harry Croft, a former Army doctor and apsychiatrist who has evaluated more than 7,000 veterans forcombat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and is authorof the book I Always Sit With My Back to The Wall. It s not clear anymore what the end result is of these wars, he says, adding that in Iraq, for example, US troops are gone, butmany vets wonder what happens now. Retort Pouch

We got rid of Saddam Hussein and put a democratic government inplace, but the enemy still hasn t gone away, he notes. Inaddition, he says, many vets feel that we were told before the warin Iraq that oil money was going to pay for the war, which ofcourse didn t happen. Afghanistan is even murkier, says Dr. Croft. Spout Pouch

Our troops are overthere risking their lives and the Afghan people and governmentdon t even like us, he says, adding our troops are facingsuicide bombers and IEDs knowing that today might be their lastday, but for what?.

The captain and navigation officer of the rena have been sentencedto seven months in jail.

“The Rena owners and our insurers continue to be closely involvedin managing the response to the grounding, especially through theactivities of our salvage and recovery teams. “There are many complex legal, environmental and community issuesstill to be resolved from the grounding and we are committed toworking with all affected parties to achieve a satisfactoryconclusion.” Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) said it welcomes the sentence handeddown today. Director Keith Manch said the two senior officers whowere responsible for the navigation of the ship had breached basicprinciples of safe navigation. Rena crew made ‘basic errors’ The court was told today that the crew had not complied with “basicnavigation practices” before the ship ran aground and that the shiphad altered course during the day leading up to the grounding, withattempts made to cover it up. The crown said Rena’s navigation officer cut every possible cornerand never plotted the vessel’s actual location. Black Metal Keyboard

And when Astrolabe Reef did show up on the Rena’s radar thecaptain’s only response was to order a quick lookout, then assumingit was a false reading asked for more speed. “The actions, or lack of actions, reveal a theme of fundamentalincompetence,” Rob Ronayne said. After the grounding the crown said the pair changed navigationcharts and lied to investigators for more than a month until aforensic examination of the Rena’s GPS showed it had been tamperedwith. “The creation of the falsehoods was deliberate and must have beenplanned,” Ronayne said. A Transport Accident Investigation Commission interim reportsuggested the Rena took several shortcuts in the hours before ithit the reef. China Standard Touch Kiosk

There were discrepancies in the captain and secondofficer’s statements. The Crimes Act charges each carry a maximum penalty of seven yearsimprisonment. The RMA charge has a maximum penalty of a fine of $300,000, or twoyears imprisonment and $10,000 for every day the offendingcontinues. The Maritime Transport Act offence carries a maximum penalty of$10,000 or a maximum term of imprisonment of 12 months. MNZ has also charged the owner of the Rena, Greece-based DainaShipping Co, under sections of the RMA which relate to thedischarge of harmful substances from ships in the coastal marinearea. Industrial Desktop Keyboard

That charge carries a maximum fine of $600,000 and $10,000 forevery day the offending continues. The first call on that matter isexpected tomorrow. Email this article Print this article Text size + – more… Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Latest NZ News Video ONE News Minute 9pm update: May 25 (1:12) Kids cough up $14m for Government (1:50) Education ministry ‘barbaric’ (1:55).

British, spanish ships almost come to blows over ‘the rock’ – Huawei Data Cards – Customized Cell Phones Manufacturer

It s not the first standoff at sea between Spain and Britain , but it is the most serious in decades. The new Gibraltargovernment said when it came to power in December that a 1999agreement that gave Spain rights to fish off its coast wasunconstitutional and began forcing back Spanish ships. Spaininsists on returning to the 1999 agreement, but refuses tonegotiate with Gibraltar. The spat is exacerbating strains that began last week, whenSpain s monarchy snubbed Queen Elizabeth s diamond jubilee in protest of next month s planned officialvisit to Gibraltar of Britain’s Prince Edward, the youngest son ofQueen Elizabeth, and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex. Sierra Wireless Router

Spanish Foreign Minister Jos Manuel Garc a-Margallo, who will meet his Britishcounterpart William Hague in London next week, said a diplomatic solution to the issue of Gibraltar’ssovereignty was necessary, but emphasized that Spain would protectits fishing fleet. Spain s Interior Ministry said its ships wouldnot accept intimidation or humiliations. Spain ceded control of Gibraltar to what is now the United Kingdomin 1713 in the Treaty of Utrecht . The minute territory of 2.6 square miles nicknamed the Rock is a peninsula off Spain on the Mediterranean coast just off theentrance to the Atlantic Ocean and it gives Britain access to the Mediterranean. Huawei Data Cards

( See map of Gibraltar .) The UK recognizes it as one of its overseas territories and its30,000 inhabitants have British citizenship. But Spain hashistorically rejected British and Gibraltarian claims over thewaters beyond Gibraltar’s port, arguing that the treaty neverincluded any mention of them. 18th century tactics? Fabian Picardo, the Gibraltar head of government, accused Spain ofan obviously carefully premeditated challenge to our indisputablesovereignty, jurisdiction, and control of British GibraltarTerritorial Waters and our airspace. Those who are orchestrating these dangerous confrontations needto come to their senses and accept the challenge, once and for all,to litigate their claims to our territory in the relevantinternational tribunals established for that purpose in the 21stcentury and not put people’s safety and security at risk trying toadvance their position out at sea as if in the 18th century, Mr.Picardo said. Gibraltar has been a historically sensitive issue for Spain, whichlost the territory in the War of Spanish Succession in 1704. Customized Cell Phones Manufacturer

It wasa humiliating conquest, but Spain’s claim, based on being theoriginal owners of Gibraltar, is also hypocritical Spaincontrols two small enclaves in Morocco . Britain’s claim is more of an anachronism. Gibraltar is of littlestrategic importance now, but Britain can t retreat from its legalcommitments either, even if the sovereignty issue appearsirrelevant within the framework of the European Union . An earlier Spanish-British agreement for shared sovereignty wasoverwhelmingly rejected by Gibraltarians through a referendum in2002. A European Court recognized Spain s claim over the waters,but the issue has not reached Europe s highest court.

The impact of high-fat foods on diabetes and metabolic syndrome – China Clean Room Wipers

A University of Michigan Health System study provides new cluesabout the health-damaging molecular changes set in motion by eatinghigh-fat foods. A better understanding of the body’s response to indulgent eatingcould lead to new approaches for treating diabetes and metabolic syndrome. High fat foods can contribute to obesity , which increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The researchers learned a key protein called Bcl10 is needed forthe free fatty acids, which are found in high-fat food and storedin body fat, to impair insulin action and lead to abnormally highblood sugar. In the laboratory study, mice deficient in Bcl10 were protectedfrom developing insulin resistance when fed a high-fat diet. Clean Room Sticky Mat

Thefindings will be published May 31 in Cell Reports . Insulin helps control blood sugar, but insulin resistance can leadto the abnormally high blood sugar levels that are the hallmark ofdiabetes. Insulin resistance can occur as part of metabolicsyndrome, a cluster of conditions that increase the risk for type 2diabetes and heart disease . As millions of Americans become overweight and obese, type 2diabetes and metabolic syndrome are on the rise. “The study also underscores how very short-term changes in dietsuch as high-fat eating for only a few days, perhaps even less, caninduce a state of insulin resistance,” says senior study authorPeter C. China Clean Room Wipers

Lucas, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pathology atthe University of Michigan. Researchers began by investigating how free fatty acids induceinflammation and impair insulin action in the liver. It’s thoughtthe liver is a major target for the harmful effects of free fattyacids. In the liver, free fatty acids undergo metabolism to producediacylglycerols prior to inducing the inflammatory response. ESD Wrist Strap

Diacylglycerols also activate NF-kB signaling which has been linkedwith cancer , metabolic and vascular diseases. The team of researchers concluded that Bcl10 is required for fattyacids to induce inflammation in the liver and insulin resistance.In the study, Bcl10 deficient mice showed significant improvementin regulation of blood sugar. “We were surprised to learn that Bcl10, a protein previously knownfor its critical role in immune cell response to infection, alsoplays a critical role in the liver’s response to fatty acid,” saysLucas. “This is an example of nature co-opting a mechanismfundamental to the immune system and using it in a metabolic organ,in this case, the liver.” “These findings reveal a new and important role for Bcl10 and couldlead to novel ideas for treating patients with metabolic syndromeand type 2 diabetes,” say co-senior author Linda M.McAllister-Lucas, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrichematology/oncology at the University of Michigan.

Additional References Citations.

Risk of cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly and alcoholintake – Oxygen Therapy Machine

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other types of dementia are most common in the very elderly, and are associated with hugehealth costs. With a rapidly ageing population throughout theworld, factors that affect the risk of cognitive decline anddementia are of great importance. A review paper by Kim JW et al published in Psychiatry Investig 2012;9:8-16 on the association between alcohol consumption andcognition in the elderly provides an excellent summary of thepotential ways in which alcohol may affect cognitive function andthe risk of dementia, both adversely and favourably as alcohol mayhave both a neuro toxic and neuro protective effect, depending onthe dose and drinking pattern. Longitudinal and brain imagingstudies in the elderly show that excessive alcohol consumption mayincrease the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia, butregular low to moderate alcohol intake may protect againstcognitive decline and dementia and provide cardiovascular benefits. Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine

Studies published from 1971 to 2011 related to alcohol andcognition in the elderly were reviewed using a PubMed search. Atpresent, there are no proven agents to prevent cognitive decline ordementia, although a number of prospective epidemiologic studieshave shown a lower risk of such conditions among light to moderatedrinkers in comparison with non-drinkers. Other studies have foundthat beneficial effects are seen only among certain sub-groups ofsubjects. A recent meta-analysis by Peters et al of subjects overthe age of 65 in longitudinal studies concluded thatlight-to-moderate alcohol consumption, in comparison withabstinence, was associated with approximately 35-45% lower risk ofcognitive decline or dementia. Oxygen Therapy Machine

This paper provides a summary of what is known about the mechanismsby which alcohol consumption, especially heavy drinking, can beneurotoxic, and how light-to-moderate drinking may help protectagainst cognitive decline and dementia. The authors state thattheir intent is to determine if there is an “optimal pattern ofdrinking” that may protect the elderly against such conditions. At present, the mechanisms by which the moderate intake of wine andother alcoholic beverages reduces the risk of cardiovasculardiseases are much better defined than they are for cognition. Forummembers agree with the authors that further research is needed toevaluate a potential role that alcohol may play in reducing therisk of dementia. Forum members also agree that, at present, the specific mechanismsof such putative protection are not well defined, and it would bepremature to recommend light-to-moderate drinking for reducing therisk of dementia. China IPL Laser Machines

On the other hand, current biomedical datasupports the concept that regular, moderate intake of ethanol isnot simply less dangerous for cognitive function, but is positivelyprotective. This is the same conclusion reached by epidemiologicstudies.” Additional References Citations.

Steam rises once again from international paper mill – ISDB-T Receiver – DVB-T2 Digital Receiver Manufacturer

By Stacy Parker The Virginian-Pilot May 24, 2012 FRANKLIN Steam is rising again from International Paper’s Franklin mill. The mill on Union Camp Drive recently resumed operations to getready for a June startup of the renovated facility. In its newform, the mill will make fluff pulp that’s used in baby diapers,adult-incontinence products, feminine-hygiene products and medicalwipes. When International Paper closed the mill nearly two years ago, morethan 1,000 workers lost their jobs, and the community lost a bit ofits identity.

The mill had been operating in the town for more thana century. “I’ll never forget what it looked like when smoke stoppedcoming out of the smokestacks,” said Lisa Perry, Isle of WightCounty’s director of economic development. “It washeartbreaking.” Perry visited the mill Wednesday and saw the billowing steam and,along with it, a changed atmosphere in the community. “There’s a whole new energy in the air,” she said.”I felt emotional.” In May 2011, the Memphis, Tenn.-based company said it would invest$83 million and hire about 200 workers to make the pulp. Thoseworkers all will be on the job when manufacturing restarts in June.More than 800 construction contractors who have been on site formonths will remain for several weeks.

Mill manager Allison Magness issued a statement to the communitythe first week of May, letting people know they could expect to seeactivity similar to the mill’s earlier operation. “As part of the startup process, we will begin turning on andtesting systems and equipment, and people will begin to noticeactivities they have not experienced in a while. These will besimilar to the sights and sounds of our past operation,”Magness said. The smells, too. DVB-T2 Digital Receiver

Julie Brennan, International Paper’s spokeswomanin Franklin, confirmed that the pungent odor associated with paperproduction will return. Mill workers are clearing debris and buildup from the steam linesbefore starting power-generating equipment. Steam and noiseassociated with line clearing will be intermittent over the nextseveral weeks. “It’s not like turning on a light switch,” Brennan said. The mill’s woodyard – wood de-barking and chipping systems – ishumming again. ISDB-T Receiver

Logs are processed so they can be turned into woodpulp, the raw material for fluff pulp, she said. Magness said in her statement that the mill will use one-third ofits former manufacturing capacity when it opens next month. Logtrucks will carry rolls of pulp out of the mill daily, she said. The company has been considering options for other firms that haveshown an interest in other parts of the mill. DVB-T2 Digital Receiver Manufacturer

Perry said she hopesthere will be something to announce in that regard within a fewweeks. Stacy Parker, 757-222-5558