Spread betting tools: use an economic calendar to plan your trades – China DVB-T Smartphone

LONDON , May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The financial markets can be an intimidating place for aspiringtraders, with many often struggling to understand why the financialmarkets move the way they do, and what makes a good tradingopportunity. Fortunately, financial spread betting provider Finspreads offers a free monthly economic calendar to help new traders learnthe ropes of the financial markets without having to make costlymistakes first. Here’s an overview of some key events that financial traders,including spread bettors , should keep an eye on before taking a position on the markets: Non-Farm Payrolls The Non-Farm Payrolls (NFPs) are a monthly figure released by theUS Labor Department and indicate the number of paid employeesworking in the nation’s business and government establishments. The employment rate, another survey released along with the NFPs,indicates the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the USlabour force. Both figures are released as part of a single report in the US onthe third Friday of every month, and are considered a vitalindicator used to measure the economic health of the US. Dual SIM Dual Standby Smartphone

GDP Data GDP or Gross Domestic Product measures the monetary value of allfinished goods and services produced within a particular country,by both the private and public sectors, for a specific period oftime. GDP figures are measure a country’s economic growth. A positive GDPreading indicates strong growth, and would therefore have apositive impact on the markets, while a negative reading oftencauses pessimism among investors, triggering a sell-off. CPI The CPI, or consumer price index, is one of the most popularindicators used to measure inflation in a country’s economy. China DVB-T Smartphone

CPI measures the average price level of a fixed basket of goods andservices that are purchased by consumers in an economy, withquarterly changes in CPI indicating rising or falling inflation. Simply put, inflation is an increase in the overall prices of goodsand services. Summary Financial spread betting enables you to take a position on themarkets, irrespective of whether prices are expected to rise orfall, giving spread bettors the perfect opportunity to benefit frommarket volatility. See the Finspreads Economic Calendar for a detailed explanation of key market moving indicators, andhow they impact the financial markets. Spread betting in the UK is currently free from stamp duty andcapital gains tax – another distinct advantage over other forms oftrading. Touch Screen Android Smartphones Manufacturer

Remember, however, that tax laws are subject to change anddepend on individual circumstances. Find out more about the benefits of spread betting with Finspreads, one of the leading providers of spread betting inthe UK. Alternatively learn more about the differences betweenspread betting and standard trading. About Finspreads: Finspreads is a leading online financial spread betting firm, offering access to thousands of instruments on the world’sfinancial markets. The company pioneered fully interactive online spread betting in1999 and continues to invest in technology to ensure that itsservice remains amongst the market leaders.


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