Lifesize introduces unity series, new all-in-one hd videoconferencing solution – China Rubber ESD Mat

LifeSize(R) Unity(TM) Series combines telepresence-class video,audio and presentation capabilities in a brilliantly optimized,integrated solution with a price point that’s within reach AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2012 — LifeSize , a division of Logitech (six:LOGN), today announced its Unity Series , including LifeSize(R) Unity 50(TM) and LifeSize(R) Unity 500(TM) . These sleek, all-in-one HD video conferencing solutions aredesigned specifically for simple setup and ease of use, enablingcompanies of all sizes to reap the benefits of HD telepresencewithout the hefty price tag or the need for a room makeover. Traditionally, telepresence solutions require various components for optimal functionality,including a video system, mounted display, audio device (such as amicpod or phone), and camera as well as furniture and coordinatingroom makeovers for uniformity in each office. The LifeSize UnitySeries removes the complexity from this model by offering anintegrated solution that takes only minutes to assemble without theuse of tools and without sacrificing quality. This new product lineboasts best-in-class video, audio and presentation capabilitieselegantly designed and powered by superior LifeSize videotechnology as its engine.

Easy to deploy or redeploy anywhere, theUnity Series provides global uniformity for a consistent userexperience across sites. “With the LifeSize Unity Series, the telepresence experience is nowin reach for companies of all sizes,” said Michael Helmbrecht, vicepresident and general manager of video solutions at LifeSize.”Let’s face it, businesses need to speed decision making andimprove productivity across the entire organization. By creating aseries of products optimized to provide a telepresence-classexperience, yet simple to deploy and use, we are making HD videoconferencing easier than ever to bring to every home office,executive office or conference room. For companies who need toconserve their IT resources or have traditionally thought videoconferencing was too complex or expensive to deploy, the wait isover.” LifeSize Unity 50 is a True HD 720p30 tabletop or wall-mountedsolution with a 24″ LED display for executive offices, smallworkspaces and home offices.

Engineered with simplicity in mind,the LifeSize Unity 50 is ideal for companies who want to deploy thetelepresence experience quickly, requiring only two cables forquick plug-and-play setup. LifeSize Unity 50 is powered by LifeSize(R) Passport(TM) . LifeSize Unity 500 provides Full HD at 1080p30 with a 40″ LEDdisplay. Ideal for executive offices and small meeting rooms, thesolution provides immersive video communications in an all-in-oneturnkey system, requiring no tools and can be assembled in fewerthan 10 minutes. LifeSize Unity 500 is powered by LifeSize(R) Express 220(TM). Sticky Silicone Roller

Pricing and Availability LifeSize Unity 50 is globally available today and starts atapproximately $3,999 U.S. MSRP. LifeSize Unity 500 is globally available today and starts atapproximately $19,999 U.S. MSRP. China Rubber ESD Mat

LifeSize Unity 50 and LifeSize Unity 500 are the first in a line ofinnovative products in the LifeSize Unity series. Additionalproducts within the series will be announced within the comingyear. Additional Resources LifeSize Unity 50 datasheet LifeSize Unity 500 datasheet LifeSize blog About LifeSize Communications LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition videocollaboration. Designed to make video conferencing truly universal,LifeSize solutions are simple to buy, adopt, support and use.Offering video conferencing systems and software applications aswell as a full line of video infrastructure, available on premiseor in the cloud, LifeSize is committed to universal videocollaboration. Cleanroom Paper

With LifeSize, customers can participate in largemulti-party HD calls, live streaming and recording, collaborationon any mobile device, on any network, all at the highest level ofquality. LifeSize was founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in2009. For more information, visit . LifeSize, the LifeSize logo, Logitech, the Logitech logo, and otherLogitech marks are trademarks of Logitech and may be registered.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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