Australia. jet set for maximum thrills at sanctuary coveinternational boat show – Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Hitting the water at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, 24-27May, two southern hemisphere firsts that will wow the crowds– the JetLev and JetSurf. Visitors to this year”s boat show will be astounded at thehigh-tech gear on show, in live demonstrations that will run daily,at 10am, noon and 2pm in the demonstration area of Marina C Arm. Imported from Germany, the JetLev from Jetpack Adventures can reach10 metres in the air (30 feet) – the height of a three storeybuilding! Water is pumped from a jetski like device up a large hose to theJetpack unit. Up to 4000 litres of water a minute can pump through the jetpack.

Thatwould empty a household pool in 10 minutes! Powered by a petrol 4 stroke motor / 250 horsepower or 190kw, itcan carry a person up to 150kgs. Solid, yet light, the Jetpack ismade of carbon fibre and has an inbuilt throttle on the handle likea motorbike that allows it to hover, go backwards and turn on adime, up high or down low. It has a 5 point safety harness similar to a racing car and Pilotscan and will perform hands free at times as the jetpacks are sostable. The Jetpack has a safety lanyard stop/start like a jetski and youcan place your hands in the water jets without being hurt.

The JetLev can cruise up to 25 kilometres an hour for as long astwo hours. Best of all, beginners can learn to fly in under 10minutes Chief pilot, Jack Ellison was the First person in Australia to flythe Jetpack. Jack is renowned for his Water spectaculars worldwide,as well as Darling Harbour NYE celebrations, Red Bull Air eventsand Australia Day events using fireworks and lasers on Jet skis.More at .au or phone 1300jetlev. From Dubai, the Jetsurf is a motorized surfboard designed andmanufactured by MotoGP and Formula1 engineers. Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Totally unique, it is a monocoque hull made 100% from the highestquality carbon fibre. A specially designed high tech Two-Stroke 86cubic centimeter engine provides an amazing 55Km/h with only 14kgin weight! JetSurf is equipped with an automatic electronic control unit withauto start function and a system for continuousness running of theengine. Power to the starter motor and spark plug is supplied by 3Lithium Ferron batteries. Digital charger is included for chargingthese batteries. Rolling Shutter Roll Forming Machine

A patented high tech exhaust system ensures maximum power andreduced noise in a very small space. The 24th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is proudlysponsored by Club Marine. Exhibitor details, ticket information,accommodation packages and updated news about the 2012 SanctuaryCove International Boat Show are available at .au The $A2 billion Sanctuary Cove, located on the northern Gold Coast,is Australia”s leading and most successful master-plannedcommunity. Sanctuary Cove was acquired by current owners MulphaSanctuary Cove (Developments) Pty Limited in 2002. Downspout Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

MSCD, an arm ofMulpha Australia Limited, which is a subsidiary of Malaysian listedMulpha International BHD, has invested significantly in SanctuaryCove over recent years, resulting in a major transformationdesigned to ensure the pre-eminent community remains at theforefront of master-planned living in Australia. Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 May 2012 ).


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