The bachelorette: emily maynard worries ryan is “too perfect” forher – China Customized Cell Phones

Forget fancy helicopter rides and lavish dinners! On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette , Emily Maynard decided to take contestant Ryan on what proved to be one of the most meaningful one-on-one datesin show history: She took him to her home to experience hereveryday life as a single mom. VIDEO: Emily’s home life with her daughter Ricki, 6 “Usually these dates are over-the-top and glamorous, but as asingle mom, things aren’t always as glamorous,” Maynard, 26, saidbefore she welcomed 31-year-old personal trainer Ryan into herkitchen to unpack groceries and bake cookies for her daughterRicki’s soccer team. For his part, Ryan couldn’t have been happier with his domesticdate, which later included dinner at Charlotte, North Carolina’sOsso and a Gloriana concert. “I feel pretty good about how thingsare. Huawei Wireless Router

Just spending the time I did with Emily today, I found herattractive as heck dressed down in her ‘mom wear,’ as she calls it,just being herself.” VIDEO: Ryan flirts with Emily during their baking date Though she was smitten by Ryan, Maynard kept her guard up when theduo discussed their relationship histories over dinner. “I don’twant anyone to see this as a competition, but I don’t want to bethe prize that you win at the end,” Maynard reasoned. “I don’t wantto be the game.” Maynard also couldn’t help but compare Ryan to her Bachelor ex-fiance Brad Womack , who proposed to her in 2011. “I really like Ryan but I almostworry that he’s too perfect,” she said in a voiceover. “He remindsme of Brad in that way and obviously that didn’t work out for me.” VIDEO: Inside Emily and Brad’s messy split Hitting it off with Ryan enough to give him a rose during theirdate, Maynard didn’t have the same luck with Joe , whom she she wined and dined in West Virginia, her home state.Eliminating the 27-year-old Matthew McConaughey look-alike over dinner, Maynard argued that the duo were headingin different directions and she couldn’t see her or her daughter,6, fitting into his life. China Customized Cell Phones

PHOTOS: Bachelorette star look-alikes Later, the woman of the hour met up with her remaining suitors atthe Bachelorette mansion after having participated in a variety show group datealongside Muppets Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Sent packing this week along with Joe: biology teacher Aaron and financial advisor Kyle . Tell Us : Is Ryan “too perfect” for Emily?. China Android USB PC


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