Usa swimming looking for help to get word out about logo placementon caps at trials

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, June 9. RECENTLY, USA Swimming hascontacted the online swimming community to help get the word outabout rules for logos on caps at the U.S. Olympic Trials later thismonth. The meet, which takes place completely under USOC rules, willrequire much stricter adherence to logo placement on caps. ISDB-T Receiver

USASwimming has relaxed its rules in the past years to allow swimmersmore sponsorship real estate in terms of caps, but will have toenforce the stricter USOC rules in Omaha. In February, the USOC sent out the following letter reiterating therules within the USOC: With the U.S. Olympic Trials quickly approaching, together with USASwimming we are sending an important reminder to athletes, agents,coaches and staff regarding apparel and equipment identificationduring the U.S. Olympic Trials June 25-July 2, 2012, in Omaha, Neb. The U.S. ATSC Digital Receiver Manufacturer

Olympic Trials is an event property owned by the U.S.Olympic Committee, so the rules regarding corporate recognition oncompetitive equipment vary from other USA Swimming events and willfall in line with International Olympic Committee regulations.These will be the same regulations utilized at the Olympic Games inLondon. Below are the guidelines for the U.S. Olympic Trials –Swimming. Manufacturer Recognition We will be utilizing the IOC rules distributed in the “GuidelinesRegarding Authorised Identifications: Games of the XXX Olympiad,London 2012.” The appropriate section for the sport of swimming islocated on page 25 of the attached document. DVB-T Set Top Box Manufacturer

The full language of the rule should be referenced. Forconvenience, below is a brief summary of the major provisions: – Swimsuits: 1 identification of the suit manufacturer will bepermitted, to a maximum size of 20 cm2 when worn (one manufacturermark may be located above the waist and one manufacturer mark belowthe waist on women’s suits will be permitted) – Towel/Socks: 1 identification of the manufacturer per accessoryitem will be permitted to a maximum size of 6 cm2 – Swim Cap: 1 identification of the manufacturer will be permittedto a maximum size of 6 cm2 and placed above either one of the ears – Goggles: 1 identification of the manufacturer will be permitted,placed on one of the arms and to a maximum size of 6 cm2;alternatively two identifications of the manufacturer mark will bepermitted, placed one on each arm and to a maximum size of 3 cm2each With the exception of the standard manufacturer’s logos permittedby Rule 50, as outlined above, of the Olympic Charter (or the NGB’sIF rules with respect to manufacturers’ logos, if applicable), thecompetitive equipment of the competitors and officials at the U.S.Olympic Trials may not bear any commercial identification orpromotional materials of any kind. Swim Club Marks Competitor swim caps may bear the logo of his or her swim club,provided the club is in good standing with USA Swimming and hasbeen approved by the USOC. Under no circumstance can corporateidentification other than that of a swim cap manufacturer or ofyour USOC and USA Swimming approved club team name be visible onthe swim cap or undercap while in the pool or on the deck surface.

Any violation of the rules may result in forfeiture of yourqualifying position or disqualification. We appreciate yourattention and understanding to these rules that will be enforcedthroughout the 2012 U.S.Olympic Team Trials — Swimming. Swimmers competing at the Trials need to make sure that their swimcaps are in adherence to the USOC rules to lessen the chance of adisqualification.


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