100 couples reprise nuptials at villa montalvo ceremony – China Neodymium Speaker Magnets

Sunday, couples relaxed, enjoyed the garden and relived theirmemories. “I remember being at the door with my father” waiting towalk down the aisle, said Minji Wong, 32, who was married to WayneJin at Montalvo just two years ago. Then, the guitarist was playingJohn Lennon’s “Imagine.” “Your heart is beating so fast,” she said, “and you don’t noticeall the details that you put so much work into.” For Mojgan Sahbari, of Saratoga, just walking into the Grand Hallbrought back bittersweet memories of family members who attendedher wedding 17 years ago but have passed on since she marriedShahram Sahbari there. Rick Noodleman, of Saratoga, said the Sunday mega-ceremony remindedhim “how wonderful it is to be married.” “I didn’t know that someone would actually stay with me for 33years,” he said, gazing over at his wife, Arlene. Neodymium Disk Magnet

They married in1979. Better than a replay, in some cases Sunday’s celebration improvedon some wedding details. Rain forced Sherri and Arthur Douville tomove their garden ceremony indoors in 2009; this time, the LosGatos couple got to renew their vows in a sunlit oval garden. Doug Yorke, of San Jose, said the renewal ceremony was more funthan his wedding in 1980, when he was a bundle of nerves and thecouple’s photographer took pictures of the wrong wedding — onehappening elsewhere at Montalvo. China Neodymium Speaker Magnets

This time, he was happy aboutbeing able to wear whatever he wanted. “I looked up ‘garden party’on the Internet and I saw a guy looking like this,” he said,pointing to his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts. Did his wife, Fran, approve? Sure, said Yorke: “She picked out theshirt.” Love and patience But there was also plenty of lace, satin, sequins and embroiderySunday, on the vintage dresses exhibited from the collection ofLorraine Blackburn, of Los Gatos, and on dozens of former brides.Naomi Parker, of Campbell, re-borrowed the same long-train dressshe wore when she married David Parker in 1990 and had to choosebetween a new dress and live music. They chose the band. China Sintered NdFeB Magnets

And the day — which cost $50 per person — reminded many of whythey’re married. “I love my American husband,” said YuliyaVoroninskaya, a Russian who now lives in Portola Valley. She wasstylishly dressed in an Oscar de la Renta sarafan-style dress. Andwhat has seven years of marriage taught her husband, Chris Compton?”I’ve learned to say ‘yes’ in Russian,” he said, “and to bepatient.” Although he didn’t mention forbearance, the right Rev. William E.Swing, who officiated over couples reaffirming their vows all atthe same time, noted that the ceremony was a great compliment tomarriage and to the ability of people to stay married.

When Swing, former Episcopal bishop of California, spoke of loveand comfort, in sickness and health, forsaking all others from thisday forward, for many the solemn moment felt as moving as it did onthe first day of their marriage. “I was scared to death,” said Ken Keegan, of Los Gatos, recallingwhen he married his wife, Gretchen, 46 years ago. “But it was thebest day of my life.” What made it the best day? “My wife.” Contact Sharon Noguchi at 408-271-3775. Follow her at Twitter.com/noguchionk12 .


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