Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help prevent recurrent strokes inyounger people – Kingston SD Memory Card Manufacturer

New research indicates cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins may help prevent future strokes among young people who have already had a stroke. The study ispublished in the August 2, 2011, print issue of Neurology®, themedical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. “Because the cause of stroke in young people can be hard toidentify, cholesterol-lowering drugs are often not used to preventfurther strokes or vascular problems,” said study author JukkaPutaala, MD, PhD, with the Helsinki University Central Hospital inHelsinki, Finland. “This study suggests that the drugs should beconsidered even when the cause of the stroke is unknown and thecholesterol levels are not high.” For the study, researchers looked at the medical records of 215people between the ages of 15 and 49 who experienced a first strokecalled an ischemic stroke and were then followed for an average ofnine years. One-third of the participants had taken a statin at some pointafter their stroke. Unlock Huawei Dongle

Of the 36 people who continuously took astatin, no one had a second stroke or other vascular problem. Ofthe 36 people who took a statin at some point after their stroke,four people, or 11 percent, had a second stroke or other vascularproblem. Of the 143 people who never took a statin drug, 29 people,or 20 percent, had a second stroke or other vascular problem. The study found that those who were treated with a statin at anytime after the stroke were 77 percent less likely to experienceanother stroke or vascular problems compared to those not treatedwith a statin at all. The results were the same after adjusting forfactors such as age, high blood pressure , and taking high blood pressure medication. Kingston SD Memory Card Manufacturer

“While the study may be limited by the small number of people whowere treated with a statin, at the very least, young adults whohave experienced a stroke for unknown reasons should be consideredfor treatment with cholesterol-lowering drugs,” said Putaala. The study was supported by the Helsinki University CentralHospital, the Finnish Medical Foundation, the Finnish BrainFoundation and the Emil Aaltonen Foundation. Source: American Academy of Neurology Additional References Citations. Huawei Data Cards Manufacturer


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