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A flip phone with large buttons may look like a design fromyesteryear but Telstra’s EasyTouch Discovery 3 is in fact brandnew. It’s a 3G mobile phone specifically marketed at seniors andolder Australians. Although we feel it’s a little expensive, theEasyTouch Discovery 3 is a good option for those who just wantbasic functions. • Telstra catering for seniors with EasyTouch Discovery 3 phone • Telstra EasyCall 2 review Telstra claims it worked on the design of the EasyTouch Discovery 3for over six months, with the main focus being a simple menu forease of use. It also put plenty of work into the physical design— the end result is a simple yet attractive case, highlightedby a gloss black finish on the front and a soft, rubber stylefinish on the back. Female Body Piercing Jewelry

The glossy finish does attract plenty offingerprints, so you’ll be constantly wiping it to keep it clean. The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 feels like a pretty wellconstructed phone despite being made of plastic. The flip mechanismis solid and doesn’t rattle or wobble and there are no creaks inthe plastic when pressure is applied. On the left you’ll findexternal volume controls, while a camera button and a standardmicro-USB charging port (concealed by a plastic flap) are on theright. Flipping open the phone reveals a bright, 2.4in colour screen andextra large buttons below it. Fine Gold Jewellery

The buttons are easy to press,provide good tactility and sound audible feedback (a voice readsthe numbers out loud when the keys are pressed) to aid hearingimpaired users. The screen displays large fonts, has surprisinglygood viewing angles and is easy to see in sunlight, making theEasyTouch Discovery 3 very pleasing to use. The menu of the Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 is a simple list thatis accessed by pressing the large OK button. A colourful icon andand large text describing each menu function aids the userexperience and these descriptions are found in all sub menus. Weparticularly appreciated the ability to view missed calls and newmessages by flipping opening the phone — there is no need tobrowse through the menu. China Bangle Bracelets for Women

The Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 3 has excellent voice qualityduring phone calls. The speaker is clear and of a good quality, andthe volume is louder than most other mobile phones we’ve reviewed.Telstra has given the phone a Blue Tick rating, which means itshould deliver enhanced reception and coverage in regional andrural areas of Australia, and it is also compatible with mostT-Coil hearing aids. The Telstra EasyCall 2 is a relatively basic mobile phone but itstill has a few extra features. Bluetooth connectivity means youcan pair the phone with a portable speaker or wireless headset, andthere’s also a basic 3-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, hands-freespeakerphone capability and a microSD card slot for extra storage.The EasyTouch Discovery 3 will send and receive MMS messages, haspredictive text input for typing messages and comes with an FMradio, an alarm, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, world clock and aunit converter. The Telstra Easy Touch Discovery 3 is available now for $240outright, or $0 upfront on a $20 Telstra plan.


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