Philips dynalite dimension dealer program launches at awe expo(3/5/2011) – China Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Tube

News Philips Dynalite Dimension Dealer Program Launches at AWE Expo(3/5/2011) Award-winning distributor, AWE Europe, introduces its new PhilipsDynalite Dimension Dealer program to support its exclusive supplyof the brand into the UK residential custom installation sector. Philips Dynalite provides high quality lighting control systems,capable of creating stunning effects at the touch of a button. Nocompany is more creative and impressive with the range of solutionsit offers than Philips Dynalite, available to Custom Installers inthe UK exclusively through award-winning distributor, AWE Europe. You can find out more about the Dimension Dealer program andDynalite products by visiting the trade only AWE EXPO at thecompany”s HQ in Epsom on 10th & 11th May. Presentationsare running throughout the day with an introduction to DynaliteLighting Control twice each day. Stainless Steel U Bend Tube

The one hour presentation issuitable for anyone interested in finding out more about PhilipsDynalite, including an overview of products, certified training andEnVision programming software and will be presented by Craig Thorne(AWE Product Manager) & Paul Shiner (Dynalite EU Tech SupportManager). A Philips Dynalite lighting control system can create the perfectambience for each and every room in a property and incorporatesfull compatibility with energy efficient LED lighting.Pre-programmed scenes can enhance an imaginative lighting design,providing focus, warmth and mood to suit different times of day,uses and ambience requirements. Easy to use customisable keypadscan be controlled instinctively; touch screens PDAs and PCs can beused to control the system. The soon to be launched PhilipsDynalite Dynamic Touch iPad/Iphone App provides easy system controlvia an Apple device. As Philips Dynalite products become more intelligent anddiversified, there is a need to provide a framework to support andtrain custom installers. China Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Tube

The Philips Dynalite Dimension programmeoffers certification in System Design, Programming and Installationand is designed to offer dealer training and accreditation with acomprehensive educational syllabus. The program provides trainingmodules which cover system design, product application and DynaliteEnVision Project software. The training will include updates forcertified Dimensions programmers and system designers with ongoingassessments to maintain certification. To be appointed as a Dynalite Dimension dealer, there must be atleast one certified System Designer employed by the company,although that person could also be the certified programmer andinstaller. Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

A Dimension dealer can also sub-contract to certifiedDimension installers and programmers, if required. AWE providescomprehensive support to its Dimension dealers, ensuring all areupdated on product training and software developments. To be partof the Philips Dynalite Dimension Dealer Programme in the UK pleasecontact AWE. For further information on Philips Dynalite in the UK,email, call 01372 729 995 or visit: Visit our featured links Visit our sponsors and showcases.


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