Lasersabers: like lightsabers but no whooshing and no hittingpeople – China Genuine HTC Car Charger

Yes! Watch the above video! Real lightsab sorry, LaserSabers! They’re “notaffiliated with Lucasfilm or Star Wars,” according to the product page , even though they’re “harnessing the power of theforce.” And the music in the video sounds mighty Star Wars -y. And they’re just in time for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you). Also, “no sound effects.” And we’re warned to”not participate in any form of fencing or swordplay,”like the guys in the above video. “Fencing or swordplay willcause serious damage to people, pets or property,” being thereason why.

But for $99.95, that’s one sweet lightsab sorry, LaserSaber,even if it’s for decoration. Oh, whoops: “The LaserSaber is interchangeable and willattach to any Spyder 3 model” is the Spyder 3 includedthen? Ah: “Spyder 3 sold separately.” But you can get a deal on a Spyder 3 laser if you order theLaserSaber $289.95, $379.95 or $969.95 depending on the wattage.Plus another $99.95 for the LaserSaber. Oh, and you should only usethe LaserSabers while wearing protective LaserShades. Yours for $29.95.

This is starting to sound serious, but there’s a reason forthat: Here’s how it works, the laser energy that enters theLaserSaber is first diffused by a built-in optical element. Thenthe diffused laser enters the internal diffuser tube, whichdistributes the laser’s energy evenly along the blade. Inside the diffuser tube, there is a metal sphere which issuspended permanently inside. This sphere’s movement causedby gravity creates the beam grow effects. Samsung Galaxy S2 Chargers

There is a magnet hiddenin the tip of the blade, which causes the ball to magnetically lockin place. The magnetic lock can be disengaged by bumping the S3laser with sufficient force. The blade is constructed from a 32″ long, 1/8″walled polycarbonate tube, made in the USA. The blade is strong andhighly durable, however, they should only be operated in acontrolled environment by professionals. Unlike lightsaberreplicas, LaserSabers are powered by highly powerful and dangerouslasers. China Genuine HTC Car Charger

User and observers should wear safety goggles at all times. Just a thought: If these things “are powered by highlypowerful and dangerous lasers” and “will cause seriousdamage to people, pets or property” and “should only beoperated in a controlled environment by professionals,” whynot turn this into a sport? You’d have to add sound effects, but that’d be trivial.And just call it “fencing” the sport could use morefans. Something has to be done wherein it becomes okay to swingthese things around, because nobody nobody will be able toresist the temptation. The safety of people, pets and propertyhangs in the balance. USB Connector Kit

LaserSaber [Wicked Lasers via Gizmodo ].


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