Greenpeace occupies icebreaker to block shell arctic drilling – ESD Wrist Strap – Cleanroom Paper Manufacturer

Shell has committed to provide for the availability of a cappingstack to shut off any flow of oil if other shut-off systems fail;the capability to capture and collect oil from that stack; andaccess to a rig capable of drilling a relief well that could killthe well, if necessary. In its statement of approval, the BSEE said “ready availability ofa capping stack and an oil collection system are new commitmentsthat apply lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon tragedy tooffshore oil and gas production activities.” On March 28, the BSEE approved Shell’s oil spill response plan forthe Beaufort Sea. “We have conducted an exhaustive review of Shell’s response planfor the Beaufort Sea,” said BSEE Director James Watson in astatement. “Our focus moving forward will be to hold Shellaccountable and to follow up with exercises, reviews andinspections to ensure that all personnel and equipment arepositioned and ready.” Shell has spent nearly $4 billion and five years preparing to drillin the Beaufort and Chukchi seas. Sticky Silicone Roller

The company plans to haltdrilling operations during the late summer hunt for bowhead whalesby native Alaskans. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said in February, “Alaska’senergy resources – onshore and offshore, conventional and renewable- hold great promise and economic opportunity for the people ofAlaska and across the nation.” “In the Arctic frontier, cautious exploration – under the strongestoversight, safety requirements, and emergency response plans everestablished – can help us expand our understanding of the area andits resources, and support our goal of continuing to increase safeand responsible domestic oil and gas production. We are taking acautious approach, one that will help inform the wise decisions oftomorrow,” Salazar said. But Greenpeace and its supporters are not satisfied with thatassurance. Shell is the first major international oil company to makeexploitation of the Arctic a serious corporate focus. ESD Wrist Strap

If it strikesoil this summer, other global oil giants will quickly follow andspark a dangerous Arctic oil rush, the campaign group warns. “For the first time in our history we are faced with thepossibility of a world without ice at the North Pole, without ahome for polar bears, narwhals and walrus,” said Greenpeace today.”It is fundamentally wrong that Shell is making money drilling formore of the oil that has caused this melting in the first place.” Copyright Environment News Service (ENS) 2012. All rights reserved. Cleanroom Paper Manufacturer


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