Company tests electro magnetic field exposure – Antenna Magnet – Two Way Radio Accessories

Satimo is involved in monitoring and measuring electromagneticfields in the microwave frequency range. They test and certifyequipment from automobiles to mobile telecommunications, includingthose cell phone antennas sticking out of everyone’s ears. Satimo is part of Microwave Vision Group. They are involved inseveral research projects concerned with the design and measurementof MIMO (Multiple Input/Multiple Output) antennas.

MIMO, pronouncedmy-mo, uses multiple transmitters and receivers (multiple antennas)on wireless devices. Performance is supposed to be enhanced whentwo transmitters and two or more receivers are used. It allows thesending of two simultaneous data streams doubling the data rate.MIMO is essential to WiMAX and 4G mobile broadband. The data throughput of mobile and other wireless terminals isaffected by fading, due to multipath propagation in both urban andindoor environments.

The result is the familiar Can you hear me now? syndrome. Satimo’s product line, StarMIMO , uses a circular, multi-probe arch, paired with an ampli cationunit, a MV-Cal calibration unit, a spatial channel emulator and aradio communication tester. The MV-Cal unit greatly reducescalibration time required for MIMO measurements. Selection of 4 to32 dual polarized probes to form clusters of direct signals,scatterers and interferers makes the system quite flexible. Body-worn antenna is tested on a live person in an elaborate testlab Antennas worn on the body can be measured in place with MVG measurement systems.

Telecommunication products can take advantage of the linear arrayantenna measurement and wireless devices Over The Air (OTA)testing. Multiple prototype measurements are necessary in designing antennasfor telecom In addition to telecom, Satimo measurements and design are used foraerospace, defense systems, and satellites. The automotive industrytakes advantage of their anti-collision radar testing. Universitiesand institutional research facilities also make use of thecompany’s expertise.

In addition to Satimo, Microwave Vision Group also includes Orbit/FR and AEMI.
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